Atheist Dies & Goes to Hell… Turns back to Jesus (R$E)


Bryan Melvin dies and goes to Hades / Sheol.

An in-depth interview about his Near Death Experience (NDE) and how it impacted his life.


DISCLAIMER: Not all points discussed with our guest interviews are the views of the RSE channel. Please always use discernment.

Previous Bryan Melvin Interview…


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  1. RSE, your videos are truly genuine, as you visit the actual location of the place where books were written. Jesus is coming, how I long for it but at the same time the majority of my family is not saved. Even though they call me crazy I still pray for them . God bless you, your friend Ashleigh

    1. God bless you Ashleigh. Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King. I hope your loved ones come to know the Lord.