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Everett, Washington state, USA 98204

This Christian fellowship has grown out of a demand for sincere believers of the Gospel to find community in a world that has increasingly become hostile to the foundations of our very faith. In our modern culture the body of believers we call "the Church" has also suffered to maintain a viable, functional and relevant presence in a world that has been saturated by new age teaching, cultic and occultic manifestations and teachings masquerading as "truth and light."  Technological advances in our world have aided in lifting a sort of veil of spiritual significance rooted in the history of mankind itself. More than ever, through this technology we are made aware of an agenda that permeates all cultures and highlights the teachings we follow in Holy scripture and know to be God's truth.

Join us as we gather together to examine God's word, investigating the nature and intent of information we are inundated with daily. Let's gather and ask the tough questions, who, what, when, why, how are we as Christians being impacted and harmed. How can we live in this defiant worldly culture and become overcomers? Furthermore, with the enrichment of fellowship and discernment how can we then thrive just as the early Church, as Believers of the Way?

Let's join one another, cheerfully walking about every corner of the earth, being prepared with the full armor of God, standing in Truth and abiding in the assurance of his soon and eminent return!

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Phone: 2105384732

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