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755 rue Hains, Drummondville, QC, J2C 7Y8, 1700 Boulevard Lemire, Drummondville, QC, J2C 5A4, Canada J2C 7Y8

A fellowship that believes in the church as a group of people, not a building. Who believes in spiritual gift, that are able for everyone, as the gift of healing and speaking in tongues.

The leaders are really careful for his brothers and sisters, and they don't want or need to be superior than any other believers.

I believes this is the best church in our city, a one who as a good potentiel to growth. By the way it's in french, and they are very close to preach the real gospel, wich is repentance, baptism in water and baptism in the holy spirit.


Please pray for this church and God bless you with you ministry :)


(please check out this website that is one of the truest christian "movement" in the world : )

Thanks for all your help in my life David. Keep on ;)

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