How a Jezebel manipulates you in a Relationship (R$E)

Please note: This video is not intended to promote or endorse divorce, by any means whatsoever. The Bible is clear that divorce is not appropriate for Christian believers. Neither is the video meant to replace professional advice, if you are in a difficult situation please seek council from a mature trusted elder or someone qualified in these matters. If you are in a situation of imminent danger, please find somewhere safe and secure as quickly as possible. I hope the video can give some perspective on cycles of abuse, whether male or female. It is an overview / framework of these methods of deception & tricks designed to subvert, control and undermine the partner in a relationship. We all sin, but this video is about those with their whole lives and every action shrouded in a shame-based personality disorder who operate with a “Jezebel spirit”. Pray for those you know who are afflicted with a narcissistic personality disorder and are themselves in chains and a slave to its demands. The only healing for these deep rooted hurts and fears are through drawing close to and dwelling with Jesus Christ. Jesus understands you as He Himself was tempted in the wilderness.

One very valuable lesson I’ve learned in this life is that idolatry requires a sacrifice. Sometimes its important to search our own hearts in the matter, as sin is a gateway that can lead to much suffering.




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