Jeremiah loses battle with cancer, wins victory in Christ

“Warrior Down! Jeremiah has finished the last lap of the race of faith. He crossed the finish line at 7:20 PM. The battle is over and Christ has won. He lived well for His Lord and died even better for Him.

Death where is thy sting and grave where is thy victory? Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the Life! To Him be glory without end.”

~ writes dad Rusty Thomas




“As the fluid and blood filled his lungs…
Jeremiah would grip the post above his head, vainly trying to pull himself up so he can breathe. In those moments, we couldn’t help but think of our Lord who struggled for every breath he had when he died on the cross for us.

This fight was torturous, not just physically but for the hearts those of us sitting beside him watching him. It’s hard to describe the feeling of watching someone you love deeply drown in their own body.

Thank the Lord we have You to cling to! He is with you, perfect, whole and more alive than he has felt in a long time!!

Jeremiah, you not only lived well, you died even better. You fought to the VERY END and there really aren’t significant words to express the deep admiration I have for you. I’m thankful I got to witness you, a champion and hero pass into Jesus’ arms. You’re what movies are made of! What an honor it is to be your sister.

I love you baby, I can’t wait to see you face to face!
I’m sure you’re looking down at us and giving us your thumbs up with a big smile saying “I did it”


Obituary / funeral service

Lakeside Funeral Home


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“Jeremiah showed us how to die well”





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