Luciferian Propaganda on TV Exposed! (R$E)

Key Point: They counterfeit the Bible!

This is how the anti-Christ religion works.. a copy / mirror / inversion of the truth. Every time. Seek the real Jesus of the Bible today!  His true character is revealed through sound doctrine in the plain understanding of the text. Pray for His eyes to see. Read about Him in the better translations, like KJV or NKJV.. Cry out to Him for salvation! Beware of lying signs and wonders from the deceptions of Babylon. They are everywhere today. Fellowship with other true believers in person!

Do His work while it is still day.. The time is at hand!

God bless you all in His love and grace. Thanks for watching.



Joachim Heinrich – Homeward


Cow Sound effect


An R$E Production 2018.

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