Israel: Rockets fired on Golan Heights from Syria


דיווח: מערכת כיפת ברזל יירטה רקטות שנורו מסוריה לרמת הגולן >> חדשות באזזנט

Posted by ‎באזזנט‎ on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Weds May 9th, 2018: At just after midnight tonight (Israeli time), the Israeli Rocket Alert App Reported two incidents of Rocket fire in Northern Israel at the Golan Heights.

Shortly afterwards, footage appeared online, reportedly of the incident, as the Iron Dome intercepted some of the rockets launched from Syria. The Times of Israel reported this incident involved some 20 rockets fired by Iranian forces from bases north of the border, amidst sirens warning local residents to take cover in bomb shelters.

Video source: באזזנט




Alerts on the Rocket App showed pointers to the East of the Sea of Galilee,

and by the Northern Border of Syria




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