Strange Satanic Ritual in Jerusalem Exposed

R$E News Exclusive:

Another Pagan festival descends on Jerusalem over the next 3 days.

Again, the timing of this ritual is very ironic with everything that is converging during this month of May. There is a clear spiritual war taking place. The regal symbolism seen at this event promotes opening the third eye, portals and “reign” of the anti-Christ Kingdom.

Darkness descends on the Old City of Jerusalem. This festival is taking place on public streets and at holy sites, encouraging people of all ages to join in the Kabbalistic Spirit, with symbolism that reflects the kundalini awakening, and birth of the new age of the Anti-Christ. Many Christians have been shocked at the openness of such evil, without any protest from passers by or local religious groups. Some have speculated the tooth refers to a “wisdom tooth”.. and that in Hebrew the tooth is related to “Shinar”. It’s clear that the agenda of this privately funded festival is Talmudic or Kabbalistic in origin.

The Satanic Law of Reversal is a wicked method of the Sabbateans. Turning everything upside down at this demonic ritual performed tonight in the center of Jerusalem.

Location: Tower of David


Here are some pictures we took of the public event:












Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that it is near, right at the door.

Mark 13:29





The Symbolism is reminiscent of ‘Tomorrowland’ – another festival that became

very popular in recent years and was riddled with the promotion of a Golden age anti-Christ Kingdom.

This event also used the key and all seeing eye in the promotional trailers.


The King of fools arrives on a throne in Jerusalem

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