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  1. I love satan

  2. Does this mean selfie is part of self love or something?


  4. Thank you for your videos <3 
    God bless you!

  5. Praise God ! Thank you JESUS! God bless you brother. Keep on the straight path. C you in Heaven. I'll look forward too a million hug's from all the brother's and sister's in Heaven.

  6. One of the biggest misconceptions about the peace symbol is the upside down looking cross within the circle is peace but what they, the Illuminati, don't want you to know is that that symbol is the false messiah on an upside down course. So let's say fuck you to whoever individual or organization invented this. The peace symbol should be facing upwards in reality like in this video, representing Jesus on a upright cross.

  7. Im not a christian but I believe there are suspicious men and women who dedicate to ruin people's belief. Im not a religious believer but those men and women are not allowed to ruin your any beliefs. I hope your beliefs will protect you.

  8. god is not a white man.. u shouldn't show god that way.. that y black's not believe in him

  9. Your message is very moving. Great presentation. I will pray people's hearts will receive this message.

  10. Thank You

  11. Thank you

  12. Moving a mountain was not literal. He meant we can do anything, through Christ. However, what we do, must produce fruit. Good fruit. Moving a mountain would be vain, it would be pride. I feel like you are moving these people to a false Jesus. You say things, then flash imagery that contradicts what you are saying. That imagery is not helping, it makes a person confused, to see what they are hearing is false. it is the same principal of flashing blue and red lights, it causes alarm and confusion. Like police lights, or that pokemon episode that caused seizures, done by you and your friends. The Queen of England, will fall under the POWER OF JESUS. THE PRINCIPALITIES WILL FALL, AND RUN TO THE MOUNTAIN AND THE ROCKS, AND SAY, FALL ON ME, FALL ON ME AND HIDE ME FROM THOU WHO SITETH ON THE THRONE. Your power is short-lived. You fell into the deceptive trap, and have allowed disembodied evil to lurk in your soul. Pray to Jesus, ask him to forgive you for your sins. Say it, in a video. A real prayer, show your face R$E. SHOW YOUR FACE.

  13. Are you just put here, to mislead us? Why say Jesus, then show us a scene of the sun? Sun worship is esoteric religious doctrine.

  14. Uff; excelente vídeo; que gran mensaje. Dios los bendiga.
    "buscad la verdad y la verdad os hará libres".

  15. GSC

    This video is also contributing to the confusion and enslavement. Stop looking and waiting for someone to rule you or save you. Yes, the ego may be present, but it is also there for us to support our focus of intent. The deception on this planet required humanity to at one point embrace and in return contribute to their own enslavement.  The war is too great now, to bombard your mind with too much information. You will end up where you started. Regardless of what you believe, you still have the free will choice to take a positive and peaceful action. Sitting around and praying and waiting for your savior is the same irresponsible species that allowed itself to be placed in this situation to start. There are great flaws with all the writings. Your heart should empower honesty, love, acceptance, humbling, respect, and guidance.

  16. Brother, you do incredible work. May Jesus continue to be with you. adadoligi.

  17. Using the word Illuminati is so generic. Love this video. Thank you & God bless.

  18. So what about the muslims? Are you saying we are damned when we hold jesus as a prophet of Allah?

  19. you are gnostic

  20. facts bro you got it down that was deep!

  21. 666
    Come at me Christians

  22. do a video on the skin wars commercial

  23. there's no god except Allah..
    the creators of the heavens and the earth and everything between it..

  24. british royalty .. end of comment .

  25. Beautiful, thank you!

  26. The 3 "Nails" on the Monster drink are the hebrew letter "vav" which is associated with the number 6, so 3x vav = 666.

  27. question: what does the Jehova Witnesses believe in? I have wondered for years and would like to know.

  28. wtf. Jesus Christ. why are you on about Christian shit? show me proof of God please?

  29. Yet he uses technology. Nuff said!

  30. JC

    Thank you so much for these type of videos. You have no idea how this has touch my soul and how has open my eyes to see the Lord Jesus. I'm also Christian but I have struggle and have let down my faith for several years now but I know that God has spoken today, and has called me back. I must return to my father Jesus. Jesus is my father!God bless my brother for your great work. I bless your life for this… amen!

  31. to late mate, I have won

  32. Jesus said: have no Fee of them for nothing is Covered that will be Revealed or Hidden that will not be Know (Mt 10:26-28) The Bible said: just as a Body though one has Many parts, but all it's Many parts form one Body, so it is with Christ, if the Foot say, I am not the Hand and the Ear say, I am not the Eye, I am not of the Body, for the Body is not one Member but Many (1 Cor 12:12-18) U, Me. & Others R of the Body of Christ, U R Light. The Bible said: as iron Sharpeneth iron, so a Man Sharpeneth the countenance of His Friend/Brother (Pr 27:17) 1 Love Bro

  33. You are not a monkey. You are human. If you want to be taken seriously, stop twisting the theory of evolution.

  34. Good video, LOVE the music!

  35. What i don´t get with you is that you don´t show and tell who the real Israelites are, you never mention in a sentence or word the real origin of Jesus Christ, that he was of African descent. All imagery you show is showing the false white washed bs we´ve been programmed with. Why do you leave the Khazar story out of the picture? Please explain why you leave such essential information out of your videos?? For every ony who´s really looking for the truth in one way or the other he/she came across this information but in not one of your videos this topic is touched. Why is that??

  36. when you stop your lies publicly? Jesus is alive and when he will return one day to tell us the truth that Islam is the right religion

  37. This video made me cry :'(

  38. I'm sick of seeing my fellow christians suffer. We have been trying to fight these evil energies with faith alone but we are losing. They are winning. I have found a way to combat them, but I cant do it alone. The first step is to keep god in your heart no matter what, the second is to expand your mind. We need to spiritually awaken and break free of the matrix. Let god guide you but use your brain, use their weapons against them. The third eye, meditation, certain psychoactive drugs- all of these things can easily lead you into the dark side but if used properly they can bring us closer to god. They used spiritual enlightenment to get the upper hand on earth but we can use it to get it back. Jesus will likely make his return, but so will the anti christ. We cant take anyones word anymore, we have to fight for ourselves. Join the indigo army

  39. Showing the "globe" earth in your videos is simply propagating more lies. Millions have already awakened to the NASA conspiracy and the numbers are exponentially growing each day. Maybe you should begin to do your own research on the "flat earth conspiracy" because there is much evidence to show we have been lied to about the "planet" we supposedly live on. These "heliocentric" lies come from the same Kabbalah boys club as the Jesuits, Freemasons hence "Illuminati."

  40. so why are there not any Christians with enough faith to move mountains and do more than Christ like he said we could? If just one Christian had that faith the world would be changed…so why don't any Christians-you-have enough Faith? it means you don't really believe and are full of doubt-yes or no?

  41. What is "EGO" but a secular, mythological construct which you talk about as if it is something tangible and real.

  42. Beautiful Speech Amen!

  43. this video has a lot of lies mixed with very little truth and also sneakily entices a person to become curious about Satanism