Beware of the FALSE Gospel of Anti-Christ (R$E)

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Signs of the Rise of Anti-Christ 2016-2017.

Illuminati Luciferian Agenda Exposed.

So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
Matthew 24:33

Voice of Pastor Cooley (Old Paths Baptist Church, MN)

Music: Kaj – Left Turn

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  1. Yes Catholic 100% are not Born again Christian, because there heart has two rulers

  2. Tears coming to my eyes as I watched trying to bring people in my life to Christ and it hurt not me but it hurt me that they don't want to hear the truth about God are want to continue in witch craft and do what thou wilt. I'm making a friend I worked with mad. I know. Because I continue to send her these videos and she send me Celtic videos. But I'm going to keep pray for these lost souls. Because I love them. But not as much as Jesus and the father. That what I tell my mom everyday when I visit her at nursing home. She smile, she always been strong in God. She lost her way for a bit when she became a Jehovah witness. But i continue to talk and pray for her.prasise the Lord she back in the fold

  3. Shortly I became a new born christian. Now I am here. God is coming soon. I am a very conservative christian from the Netherlands. I am amazed by all your videos. I trust you as a real christian.

  4. Thank you Jesus for this video! For so long I have felt imprisoned by addiction and sin, this video has brought me back on the narrow path to my true home with my real father, and may this journey be in the good fruit of the holy spirit which I pray may be always with you reading this, with those watching this video, with those seeking freedom! Jesus go get those in need of love and give them their new home!

  5. omg i cant wait to lick the antichrist's toes mmmm

  6. Is Elon Musk the false Anti-Christ?!d

  7. Very real, i talk to people about the things i have looked into, i started thinking God was just a tool of control. Then i started to see the evil and understand. I prayed to god to help me a better person, everyday my spirit gets stronger and stronger.


  9. PEOPLE read your BIBLE. Get THE knowledge of the one true GOD. REPENT OF SIN!! JESUS CHRIST WARNED US ON THIS.

  10. Repent of what? The church of today doesn't know what sin is, they don't know what it is to repent. Apart from the Torah we cannot know what sin is and yet the church declares the law of God to be bondage. The bible says those who are saved are those who hold to the faith of Yeshua and KEEP his commandments.

  11. but some of them claim to be christian ,forgive them father for they know not what they do

  12. Wow!😢😢😢😢 Jesus i thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Obama is the anti Christ it's too late for us

  14. what if satan pretends to be Jesus and all you religious people follow??

  15. Don't worry–whoever they are–I believe 'AI Intelligence'–draw black lines through any comment of mine they don't like! Incidentally–it happens to the 'Totally correct' comments all the time!

  16. I am sharing your videos! Thank You! Prayer is needed by all! Shame on those listening to those who have shunned scripture! They all signed a covenant-it is '501c3'–a contract the church makes for tax write off's–other business's do this as well nut why does a church need a write off! What it means is this–they must 'ALLOW AND ACCEPT SAME-SEX MARRIAGE, HOMOSEXUALITY–BOTH CLEARLY ABONOMINATIONS–AND AND THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD–JUST TO NAME A FEW–THEIR GOD IS NOT THE SAME AS OURS!

  17. she not lying

  18. she save us

  19. jesus is son of father god

  20. jesus she said coming back soon and she forgive us our sins of the world

  21. I agree! Its been an interesting ride hasn't it! More to come!

  22. The Anti – Christ already is in the world ! According to the Christian Bible whenever the Anti – Christ is mentioned it always contains an "s" so it the Christian Bible does not teach of an "Anti – Christ" but instead teaches of "Anti – Christs" ! So the Anti – Christs will be not only one person but instead more than one person ! The Christian Bible says that the Anti – Christs will set the whole world up for dictatorship and that an evil world dictator is expected to arrive in this world that will be a dictator over the entire world ! Every indication is that the "Anti – Christs" are the Jews and that according to the Christian Bible the home of the "Anti – Christs" will be Israel ! It is Israel that will be the dictator over the entire world ! In 1948 A.D. the evil Pharisee Ashkanazi Jews of Europe and America militarily took over Palestine ! Today it is the evil Pharisee Ashkanazi Jews who occupy Israel ! Whenever the Christian Bible mentions Israel it is not referring to the state of Israel in the middle east ! Whenever the Christian Bible mentions Israel it is referring to the people of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel that migrated to northern Europe and then to the United States of America hence the united States of America is the new Israel ! Christopher Columbus wrote in his diary that the "New Jerusalem" would be built in North America ! In the Christian Bible it says that their will be a gigantic Applocalyptic War between Magog vs Gog ! Magog is in reference to Mongolia and Gog is in reference to the United States of America ! It is known that the people of Communist China are Mongolians and that the people of Communist Russia are also Mongolians ! The Christian Bible says that World War Three will officially start when the United States of America will declare War upon Iran ! The two largest enemies of the state of Israel are the United States of America and Russia ! The state of Israel is setting the United States of America up to Militarily declare War upon Iran and then Russia will declare Thermonuclear War upon the United States and Vice Versa ! This will be known as Thermonuclear World War Three ! With both the United States of America and Russia totally whipped off the map then the state of Israel is expecting to rise up and rule the entire world ! I have no doubt that this is exactly what is going to happen ! The people throughout this entire world through their own Evil are allowing this to happen ! The people in this world could curtail this from happening but I highly doubt that the people of this world are going to do that ! I can only see that the people of this world through their own irresponsibility are going to very soon bring Civilization to an End ! Best Wishes — Joseph Stefurak

  23. stfu bitch

  24. sounds like false prophet or a deceived person

  25. is seth mcfarlane is an atheist

  26. Oh my heart is heavy and tears are flowing. I have talked and tried so hard to speak to my children about God Jesus and the evil coming and my baby girl whom is almost 13 now and she looks at me and even tells me I am crazy.

  27. what is your religion? are you evangelicans?

  28. People shouldn't despise Lucifer. He was the one who gave us knowledge when God wanted to keep us blissfully ignorant. Lucifer knew that he couldn't overpower God, as he is omniscient and omnipresent, however he challenged God regardless, knowing he would be defeated, but he did it to prove a point: that absolute power should always be challenged even if it means our demise. This is the legacy of Lucifer.


  30. Thee Anti_Christ is very simply, feminism and androgynous males who have caved into its wickedness. EVE was analogous to this by obeying the snake's invitation to eat of the fruit of knowledge while Adam was sleeping, then she deceived Adam to eat also. Lesson learned is, when women seek then gain knowledge just as they have in droves today via Universities (ie. Women Studies), God and Jesus, one and the same, are cast out while these no-it-all arrogant narcissists, seek to manipulate through their own Equal goddess = Careers. Since its inception during the 1970s, it has destroyed children and their fathers. If I hear ONE MORE preacher on a pulpit full of shit, accuse men, I will stand up and shout out > YOU ONLY SUCK UP TO FEMALES BECAUSE THEY AS FEMINISTS PAY YOUR BILLS !

  31. Let's see Hitler and Stalin was the Anti-Christ. Then Castro was the other pick, then Saddam and Bin Laden . Now Trump and let's not forget Manson. There is no Anti-Christ and listen to this guy you should commit yourself. We need to 302 preachers and the Catholic church with all the boy lovers pope's and Cardinals Years and years will pass and the same lies and bull crap, now let's blame the bible for idiots like this guy. Gloom and doom preacher.You do not have to be saved bunch of nonsense.