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  1. Can you make a video about the gospel of Thomas? I wanna see your thoughts on it.

  2. Some people change the history. So human cant find the truth or knowing it.

  3. What my mind registers At frame 13:45 during the short clip of some show: the falling fish (christians); the falling cross (blasphemy); and some kind of sound which to me is like that of (mocking)… it is definitely satanic.

  4. I'd like to know who is actually behind the production and direction of these commercials. Of course it's an Apple, I Phone 7 commercial and one would start research there. But who designed and directed this commercial? Whoever it is, they are behind other major productions.

  5. Where are you?? I miss ur vids

  6. I am pretty sure the antichrist has shown himself, we just didnt realize it before…I believe I know.

  7. Jesus is Satan, you monkey-f####r! 🙂

  8. I am and will allways be a christian and will give my life with the rest of the martyrs after im done allowing the antichrist his allotted time.
    I would rather die with the faithful than live with the faithless.
    For you whom have allready received the mark until the last soul has been judged by thier way there is still time to repent but know ahead of time god said not to willingly receive the mark!
    And if you did you may repent until the last free human is judged but it will cost you your life to repent!?!?
    And are you on your knees unwillingly and repentently doing the bidding of man until then satan?

  9. Donald Trump has declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, prophecy being fulfilled. Emmanuel Macron is The Antichrist.

  10. the tails of the stags are connected , to symbolize 2 snake heads facing each other

  11. Hello from Russsia!

    Listen, may be it"s a stupid assumption, but circle on 9:19 (not only at this exact moment) looks like draft drawing of ovule, and where the parts have a gap is polar body (i have no idea how to call it in English)? And all those firings is something like sperm hitting the ovule? I know I may sound crazy… So, don"t judge strictly))

    P.S.: When I think about THE apple from Garden of Eden, I think about sexual betrayal, where Eve had a sexual ritual relationship with the serpent, which afterwards made possible for evil live in flesh among us.

    But may be I am just another crazy person)

  12. Creepy!!!

  13. I believe the Antichrist is alive and is going to be revealed very soon! Thank God I won't be here!!!

  14. These people love worshipping the black cube which represents Saturn! Just insanity!

  15. Nimrod the stag, Ishtar the owl! Pagan worship just everywhere! It is just pushed everyday! It is so evil! Man worshipping the creation not the Creator! 🙏

  16. again the one eye symbol

  17. Are you Live or alive?

  18. Thank you so very much. Please keep up the good work. I will pray for you. Blessings.

  19. I dont know this gentleman who is doing these videos but I really appreciate these videos because he describes it so simply and directly … It is really easy for me to understand.. Thank you kind sir. I appreciate all your words

  20. The woods, like in fairy tales, where the half man/ half goat lives, etc. Usually depicted as a scary place often with Giants…things that make you go hmm

  21. excellent work! praise God for your ministry, have been watching now for many years and its crazy just how blatant it is all getting.  The body of Christ better get themselves ready because Jesus is at the door. God Bless

  22. Hello,

    I am here to protect you so do not worry eventhough I am lying and be smart also cannot help yourself infront of me so be my servant..

  23. These videos are amazing, thank you for them and God Bless you and your work.What do you mean when you say 'they' work with imitative magic, they imitate they mirror? Who/what is mirroring what?

  24. CJM

    As always God will use even their lawlessness to bring about his good and perfect plan.

  25. Hello, I’m new to your channel and have spent the last few hours fascinated and have enjoyed watching several of your videos. You’re very well put together but ultimately It’s the same info as 1000 other channels and I do not mean disrespect by saying that…it’s just true….albeit the names of chosen deities & key figures vary here & there depending on the religious or spiritual affiliation (or lack there of) of the youtubers building the videos . I am a Registered Nurse, was raised catholic, have raised 2 male children and have studied several religions in depth(which are all basically the same at their cores I might add)watched a gazzilion conspiracy videos from all sides of the fence, I believe in Jesus, gender equality , freedom of choice (I do not however agree with a six year old boy dressing and acting like a girl, I’ve drawn my lines before that absurdity, when he’s an adult he can decide that if he wishes to pretend he’s a she) and try to lead a life of honesty, kindness and empathy and do no harm. That all said I often feel that so much is read into these commercials, hollywierdos, politicians and everything else in between that just isn’t there or identifying symbolism, conspiracy, sin & ignorance that could just as easily be turned back around on the complainant. You pull out what works for you to prove your point but it is ridiculously biased to a fault and that goes both ways as well. It’s all just someone’s opinion…period! I wish we all put this much time and attention into feeding our starving populations, healing our sick, taking care of our elderly, our children, our planet! My point is we are all human and entitled to basic life sustaining necessities such as healthcare, food, shelter, safety and we should just learn to live, love and laugh and want that for each other and strive to help each other attain those things. Then imagine where we’d be!! Peace and love to you all is my wish!

  26. Yet you're here using internet, what a bunch of fanatic religious hypocretes. You fucked up mentally, and I think better you do soemething useful in your life rather than attacking something is Anti Christ. If it wasn't because of apples, you wouldn't be able to use computer. You are the one who pushing the agenda, making people think irrational.

  27. Do you think that maybe Apollyon is getting a bad rap?

    The fifth angel is the fifth angel of the seven that stood before the throne of God holding the trumpets from chapter eight. John then saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth. This star was an angel just as the star in the fourth seal was an angel. This angel has been given the key to the bottomless pit. Christ is the possessor of this key. He holds the keys to death; Hell and the grave and it would be ridiculous to believe that he doesn't possess this key as well. He has given this key to this angel and he is in charge of the bottomless pit just as Joseph was keeper of the prison gate in Egypt.

    Revelation 9: 11: And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

    Abaddon means perdition or destruction and the name Apollyon means destroyer and is defined as being the angel of the bottomless pit. The one thing to bear in mind is that it is God that is responsible for this plague of darkness and tormenting locusts. This is not the work of Satan but of the angel that God had sent to bring this destruction. Jesus himself taught that Satan was not divided against Satan. This he taught so that we would realize that the Devil is smart enough not to divide his own house. God is not guilty of using the Devil as a hit man to battle against the forces of evil. He has His own faithful angels who will do the job. This wrath is poured out on the nations that worship the Antichrist.

    This describes the one who has the authority to release or seal up these locusts, to open or shut the door to the bottomless pit. He is called king over them, not because he leads them but because he has complete authority over them.

  28. Why did you put a picture of Jarred on this video?????????????No mention of who, just more stuff that has been shown a million times.I think they call this clickbait?

  29. CERN…

  30. The things God gives us! Brother you have been given a great gift, may God shine upon you to continue exposing evil.. at His will, of course. <3

  31. I was walking through hobby lobby and saw a lot of Christmas decorations out and there was a lot of white stag symbolism. Amongst the other common blue pill pagan symbols that Christian gladly bring into their homes every year. Sigh 😔

  32. I just happened to click on your YouTube channel and I’m so glad I did!!! Thank you for such great videos and spreading the Truth about Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!! God Bless!!!💖👆

  33. Further to my black tv scrying screen comments before, I have just noticed this last fortnight that our two cats keep jumping up with their paws on the glass tv stand and peering into the screen, which is switched OFF.
    Why do they both do this all of a sudden when they didn't before?

  34. Be faithful till death
    Jesus is lord and is going to return to us