#5 What’s in THE BOX? | Mocking Christ on UK TV

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  1. BTW, if you are a sinner, how are you saved? If you are saved, you're no longer a sinner, that means you're a Christian? O.o

  2. How the hell did you conclude this has anything to do with the Scripture??

  3. What is this crap,46 +000 subs and 17oo views,tells me its crap,people don't want to know,how have you got so many subs??????????????//

  4. People actually watch stupid shows like this one ?

  5. Just like the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (box). Also reminds me of an episode of Futurama wherein Fry is "chosen" by a three eyed black aliens who feed on dark matter to sacrifice himself in order to "save" the universe. Instead he travels back in time doing his own will and presented a choice. The aliens destroying the universe are al knowing brains searching for all the bits of information in the universe opening a their sphere>portal, gateway. I have a feeling that these dimensional enitites will sell this same lie to humanity, either on a mass scale or personal scale (reincarnation, stairway to heaven, toiling of the earth, etc). And those who haven't built their house on solid rock or know of the loving grace of Jesus Christ will perish or doomed to repeat their mistakes for eternity cut off from Gods presence. This is what insanity is…madness, lunacy.

  6. Great vid

  7. and notice the demon looks like yoda