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The beginnings of the saturnic ‘golden age’ in the UK. Shame it’ll only be golden for the ELite.

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  1. This is what happens when conservatives run politics.

  2. Strange isn't it, that even the supposedly 'conservative' branch of the UK's One Party State are now so enthusiastic about State enforced Inter-net censorship ?

    Back in 1960s the same University indoctrinated Political clique were marching the streets in protest at the introduction of similar censorship by the embattled South African Government
    Tens of thousands of Politically 'aware' students were seen carrying banners proclaiming the sanctity of Free Speech; that by it's very nature/existence, any form of State Censorship is:-
    Indisputable proof of Political failure.
    A crude attempt to conceal the truth from the mass population.
    Unarguable evidence of a Gov't's inability to defend their Policies in open debate.
    A public admission that Gov't doctrine no longer enjoys public support.

    The failure of censorship – tandfonline.com
    http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/03064228108533277 · PDF file
    The failure of censorship ' … admission of fear of the written/spoken/per-formed word, which naturally lends the weight of an action to the word uttered in a closed
    Published in:
    Index on Censorship · 1981
    Andre Brink
    Rhodes University

    Same situation back in the 1970/80s, when relating to the State censorship imposed upon it's unfortunate citizenry by the now defunct Soviet Union.

    The USSR's State enforced censorship was:-
    A criminal conspiracy by the State Media to conceal glaring political failures.
    A tyrannical attempt to suppress the truth by jailing those hero's such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Sakharov, Andrei Sinyavsky and Yuli Daniel; brave enough to speak it.
    A tacit admission that the Soviet Union's failures were so serious that the entire Regime was approaching political/financial/industrial collapse.

    Anti-Soviet agitation – Wikipedia
    Anti-Soviet Agitation and Propaganda was a criminal offence in the Soviet Union. To begin with the term was interchangeably used with counter-revolutionary agitation. The latter term was in use immediately after the first Russian Revolution in February 1917. The offence was codified in criminal law in the 1920s, and revised in the 1950s in two articles of the RSFSR Criminal Code. The offence was widely used against Soviet dissidents.

    Soviet dissidents – Wikipedia
    Soviet dissidents were persons who disagreed with certain features in the embodiment of Soviet ideology and who were willing to speak out against them. The term dissident was used in the Soviet Union in the period following Joseph Stalin's death until the fall of communism.

    Who were the Soviet dissidents? – Russia Beyond
    Who were the Soviet dissidents? Culture … and it believed that only criminals or the insane would engage in anti-state activity under the guise of …

    The Failure of Khrushchevism by Isaac Deutscher 1965
    The Failure of Khrushchevism. … which could not pass the censorship … conceal this move from the Soviet people and the world in the course of nearly four …

  3. While those vile pieces of excrement in government have orgies with little children literally f***ing them to death and sacrifice babies, they want to shut down the internet for the slaves/taxpayers to prevent from being exposed!
    The internet was FUNDED with tax money and thus is PROPERTY of the TAXPAYERS! People need to start realizing this simple fact. EVERYTHING payed for with TAXES is YOUR property!!

  4. Communication among the masses is a great danger to the NWO. That is why they control the mass media and now they are moving control the internet. Without communication among the mass the truth can not get out and the masses will be controlled. Fight to keep the truth. Keep the internet free of control.

  5. Familly friendly fascism! YAY! Fucking idiots in power.

  6. Ohhhhh i see! when he says ""porn" he means "truth about 911 and the building 7 coverup" FUCK CENSORSHIP

  7. This man is a wanker

  8. These are the biggest kiddy porn peddlers and pedos on the planet!  I seriously doubt this has anything to do with "porn"…

  9. i can't post outside of the uk… cunts

  10. "Though seeing, they do not see'':


  11. "Though seeing, they do not see'':


  12. I personally think that facebook/twitter/instagram etc should be sensored in all countrys lol.

  13. God forbid people find out how bad we are getting screwed; thats the porn they want blocked