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  1. What Good fruit does this video bear ?

  2. I would encourage you to explore Mr. Bono from U2 . Very interesting stuff going on there

  3. Thank you David for everything !

  4. Stupid new age crap. The door knob is special. Bullshit. I don't know who follows that

  5. Can I get a copy of that chart you put up in there? I'm was just putting together some stuff on the Fallen angels and Nephalim what ancient deities they might have been.

  6. Thank you for being a valuable resource in my journey towards truth. I encourage you to check out "Torah for the Tribes" on YouTube, or "Matthew Nolan". Good stuff. ūüôā

  7. also FYI X in Paleo Hebrew is a word picture it's an X within a cirle symbolizing Tet snake, surround X= tet

  8. I read something about ether and air and Hebrew translations into two different areas of atmosphere and also the ether is where the fallen angels dwell. Do You have insight into this ?

  9. internet comes from SATURN and SATURN controls our weather.

  10. nothing will happen you stupid ‚ėļ

  11. great teaching.. and YES to what you discovered in 2 Peter.. we know that even Michael (the one obedient and high service to Our Lord) did not even slander Satan when they disputing over the body of Moses.. Jude 1:9 Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee. He said THE LORD rebuke thee.. not I rebuke thee.. good catch seeing that in 2 Peter.
    and about this double way to read scripture.. ohhh man Satan has been working overtime on me. I began seeing this "double" Jesus in God's Word.. but with much prayer and pleading and begging father for Truth I'm sure I will get thru this. I know I belong the the Father and I know Satan is a LIAR so.. thank you for sharing your teachings. I am fellow servant of the living God.. Amen

  12. I am happy you follow Messiah and believe in His Word. Do you see the word "cross" anywhere in the Greek NT? I do not. I see the word representing "stake" or "pole". Also, do you really believe the Latin/Greek name "Jesus" is valid for our Hebrew Savior? I think that name is more tradition and dogma of man rather than the truth.

    Do you view Lucifer (his name before his fall) as a different being than Satan (renamed after his fall and synonymous with the Dragon/Draco)? HaSatan is his real name as far as i know but i do not normally honor him with it.

  13. One of the Devil's biggest deception is that he changed the Messiah's real name His real name is Yahusha. Yahusha means Yahuah is Salvation. The letter J is only about 600 years old. If there is only one name to come to the creator through, why are we calling on a 600 year old name? Jesus means swine in Hebrew. The pig is an abomination! Boy did the Devil do a good job on this great deception. It says in scripture that even the elect will be tricked!

  14. KJV 2 Peter 2:10 But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government (Authority Laws & Rules). Presumptuous are they, self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of DIGNITIES. 11) Whereas angels, which are greater in power and might bring not railing accusation against them before the lord. 12) but these as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not: and shall utterly perish in their own corruption.

  15. OMGOSH…. I cannot understand how people do not, CANNOT understand this…I suppose it's what Jesus referred to as "for those who have ears to hear"…however, it still hurts because we are all children created by God…deceived by satan…. it hurts, why? because as I speak of this, people thinK I'm insane… I pray to God that when the meltdown occurs, He hooks me up with those that I need to be with, whY? Because I AM NOT WILLING TO GO DOWN IN THE LIES AND i NEED TO MEET UP WITH THOSE WHO CAN HELP MYSLEF, MY AGING PARENTS, AND MY DAUGHTER…AND i WILL NOT BOW TO THE ENEMY!!

  16. I just ran across this article about Bruce Willis tipping his waitress. Look at the amount. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=11447365

  17. 23 September 2015 has been pushed by many, many people who call themselves Christians, too. Personally, I think that there's a concerted push on all fronts for this date for a reason, and it has nothing to do with God, the "cosmos" or anything Divine; it's purely a man-made agenda, for whatever reason

  18. i dont get it are you mormon? and whats up with the round saturn eyeyou use as your handle? l thought saturn is satenand round eye is illuminati!

  19. there sure is ALOT happening with in the next month! DOOM n GLOOM being preached everywhere!!

  20. Wow 2Peter,  the whole book,  I have been in that book all day,  all day,  Bless you brother , amen

  21. Bless you brother

  22. You helped me find Christ. Keep up the good work and know that with Jesus you're helping those who are seeking the truth!

  23. Every other being on the hierarchy is definitely fallen, just not Buddha.

  24. RSE, this "love and light" BS reminds me of Foster Gamble and¬†his wife's "Thrive Movement". A few years ago I sat through that 2 hour long pile of crap called the Thrive Documentary. Oh it was enlightening (no evil pun intended but certainly implied!) alright, he chased the money trail and even pointed to his own family and their involvement in the power grab of big industry. Yep, he exposed the banking system and the Illuminati pyramid system too. All in all¬†his free energy and clean water etc.¬†sounded pretty good….his idea of¬†a "live and let live" global lifestyle. Reading through the posts that followed there was a lot of¬† "Love and Light" wishes from the followers to one another. Then it hit me…..there is NO TALK OF GOD HERE WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!So He is no different than his Father or Grandfather (Clarence) whom worked with (developed and pushed birth control meds, etc.) and kissed up to that evil population control freak¬†Margaret Sanger!!!!These people are pure evil hiding in an enlightened state, passive and permissive, until someone questions their "movement" and the lack of God's involvement.¬†Be VERY careful people, it will look good and sound good but is meant to entrap you for eternity!¬†Whatever is coming has my dogs worked up. They can sense something and it has manifested in their behavior and actions.¬†Be aware, be sober, be blessed!

  25. stupidity smh we cant even go in space and bring that platinum rock home

  26. Hi David i've been watching your videos for past few months and some of them few times, cause the things are pretty deep sometimes. And i want to thank you for the truth you are spreading despite all spirtual and real life attacks. I pray everyday for God to show me and my friends and enemies the way and the truth, and i'm trying to wake up my family/ kin and i know how it's hard to do so… Be strong and God bless.

  27. This video has no pictures about 9/23!!! So I didn't even watch it. I skimmed it in a few seconds! BOO!!!!! Pick a Plot Line!

  28. Another big question I shall ask on your channel, another question that I will assume will not be adequately answered. You keep talking about Christianity's prophecies, about satanisim. Isn't it weird how you don't hear about satanisim in other religions. However ISIS, is the extremist group of Islamic state. Using the Muslim religion for evil. Genuine evil. Full on in your face evil. They claim that it's not. The energy ISIS are created is FAR more negative than anything the western media has done. If there is a satan, he will be historically laughing in evil at the actions ISIS do. And yet no one ever talks about this on your channel? Why is your channel so heavily biased towards Christianity?

  29. David excellent video my friend..God Bless!

  30. Thanx for the video rse.

  31. the trinity teaching is a pagan doctrine. the Bible does not teach the trinity….

  32. Satan would have us believing that there are several archangels. …
    his deceit runs deep.

  33. Yahweh is God. Jesus is God's Son, our savior. Michael the One and Only Archangel was Jesus before he was sent by his Father to earth to proclaim God, s coming Kingdom and then die for fallen humanity. Before Jesus was sent to earth, he was Michael the Archangel. After fulfilling his mission on earth His Father Yahweh glorified him and elevated him to the highest position of all. Jesus is now King……the Bible is clear that at the end of all this mess, Jesus will hand the Kingdom as a gift back to his Father.

  34. look up crrow777 its to do with waves on the moon. the two link good next ones around sept 23

  35. Can you do a video about how England is the most evil country besides Israel in the world?

  36. Love your work brother as always! If you want to expand on this I would recommend looking at ACIM. Which is A Course IN Miracles. My friend got into it and I'm trying to pull her out of it. It takes the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but elimanates Jesus and what he did for us. Also makes it out that we are not responsible for our sin. What and how it teaches makes it difficult to argue with scripture, because they believe Jesus came back to rescribe his word and teachings to this woman in 1963. So they all believe we got it wrong. Whole thing is sick and written by Satan. Look into it. I feel some 50,000 people or more are being deceived by this ACIM. I title with "why ACIM is wrong would be one of the first. Please consider. I can send you some info in how I know it's straight from hell.

  37. Round , Do you think the Earth is flat

  38. @R$E please have a listen to Miley Cyrus' song, 1 Sun https://soundcloud.com/mileycyrus/1-sun/s-ZquVe and please make a video and share with the other bloggers. She released this song and a whole album at the VMAs Sunday.

  39. Religion created d'evil

  40. Where can I see the pyramid chart with the numbers and meanings? Did you make it?

  41. Welcome back – you were missed, R$E! ūüėä

  42. Born from above, not "born again". peace

  43. Thanks David.. hadn't heard about the September wave.. think the 9/23 thing is very fishy personally…