A few thoughts on the Truth Movement…

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Speaking candidly from the heart about recent goings on online and the truth movement as a whole… Admitting my own shortcomings and hopes for the future. These agendas in the media clearly exist and exposing it is one thing, but let’s not get sucked into the attitudes and mentality of mystery babylon.

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  1. Thank you brother❤

  2. it saddens me that you had to make this video to explain yourself, this information isnt for everyone. im late btw lol, thank you for making these videos

  3. David you are taking flak because you are right on target. I am extremely grateful for the knowledge and direction that you have given to me.

  4. we do not have to have a religion to believe in an know our Lord Jesus Christ Christ is within our Hearts he never left us we just need to open our Hearts an make that connection with our Messiah

  5. agree do not judge less ye be judged we are all so quick to judge even if it's wrong what others are doing let he who has not sinned cast the first stone we should follow the teachings of our Messiah

  6. HAHA 40 ppl are offended by truth =)

  7. I like this person and what he does a lot, but I still can't understand or accept the name that represents him – Round SaturnsEye. I have seen, and it makes sense to me, that people usually represent themselves by what they want to convey, so a name like "Faith in Christ" or something else would have been a lot more appropriate for what he does. Why would he choose to be represented by that name and symbol, which is exactly the opposite of what he believes in?

  8. Thank you brother, for your honesty and humility. May you continue to grow in the Lord and let the Lord guide you in your calling. God bless

  9. Amen and Amen!!

  10. David. You are a true brother in Jesus Christ. Thank you for what you do, and for baring your heart to us.

  11. God bless you and your openness! I completely understand that passion when you first discover truth. That overwhelming want to wake people up and express ourselves. I,for one, think your videos are brilliant and to be honest, I've been sharing them to my family in the uk praying they drop seeds. Your videos above all others, are the ones I send because they are so well done. So just want to say thank you for your channel

  12. +Round SaturnsEye Out of love brother I must correct you at 23:0023:08. It's a very serious gospel flaw that I hear a lot these days that we must repent from sins prior to salvation. That's actually the addition of works to the gospel message. You're adding something that you do, the repentance from sins, to the perfect gospel message.

    Faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ is enough to save. It's impossible for a sinner who is not saved and regenerated to repent from sins. Only after salvation and the new birth can we repent from our sin.

    3:19 Repent (towards the gospel – change your mind about the message of Christ) therefore and be converted (saved), that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord,

    Nowhere does it say we repent from sins prior to salvation in the word of God and I challenge anyone to show me that it does. It's not even logical that a sinner can repent from sins prior to salvation without the power that the new birth provides.

    Repentance is used in two ways in Scripture. Repentance simply means to have a change of mind.

    1. We repent (change our mind) as sinners towards the gospel of Christ in order to be saved.

    2. We then go on to repent (change our mind) about committing sins as born again believers and children of God because we've been regenerated and we want to do those things that please Him.

    I hope this helps.

    Peace Brother

  13. great message. you really have an amazing gift.

  14. Thank you brother for the reminder

  15. Thank you , for your honesty ,your one of few whom has given me a sense of sincerity ,true, and trust . Your right we ALL need to drop all the pettiness and realize that we have all come short of the glory of God, and try and help each other find the truth in love humility and unity . May God CONTINUE to use you as an instrument of faith, hope, peace , guidance , Gods word and his gracious and unconditional love . May God bless you greatly in the name of Jesus Christ I PRAY AMEN .

  16. What is this all about? Has someone been accusing R$E of something?

  17. @RSE God bless you brother. truly appreciate your videos.

  18. It hurt my heart hearing you talk about being mistaken or your words misconstrued. Christians have a responsibility to discern. If something feels wrong, research. They have the same Bible you do. We can all be wrong, stumble, fail. But I have learned here, from you after 20 years as a Christian. I believe you have a heart for Christ. Thank for what you do. Seriously. Be encouraged. And your accent is nothing to make fun of, either. 🙂

  19. You do a wonderful job at what you do, and sometimes we go into something thinking we will only be covering one thing or a certain area of things but the next thing you know the lord will broaden the horizon for you. It's good to expose the truth when it comes to leading people to the kingdom and exposing the truth in this delusional world we live in.

  20. I completely agree. I like Mario's channel enough though I probably enjoy yours a bit more. maybe because you do take it farther. I understand your perception a little better than most so to be able to sit and listen to someone say what I was thinking is always incredible. its abstract and has definitely helped me piece things together in my own way. I did watch his videos of you though to see if he had anything, since I watch your channel so much. But I gave it no credence. I don't care for petty disputes, and I think most viewers probably understand what you're saying regardless of how people perceive it.

  21. Yo I like you =D

    Thanks to you, I've looked a little deeper into this stuff and increased my understanding of it greatly

    Though can you explain to me how to be saved by Jesus? Otherwise the pull of the occult will win me over eventually to become a magician.

  22. What do you think of— UnderstandingConspiracy?

    seems very bright, but I've heard him say he wasn't a Christian to please an atheist or not see stupid. Nothing against non Christians but I try not to be deceived, an example would be how I found you.

    btw- this is really ronald shannon

  23. i think we are to "work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.." , we can't do much about what others do with theirs. Take care.

  24. Edifying Others, right?  That guy is probably the worst of them all..   Good scriptural video here R$E..  🙂   We are not to bite and devour one another..

  25. Spiritual Redemption and Spiritual salvation….carnal minds will not understand. I learned that it is the New Worldly Order (Secular order)carnal, fleshly.