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  1. So I know this video is old but please can u tell me or link me to the yt channel I can't seem to locate it

  2. Sir christ is abbadon himself.
    read the book…you will find that the book is abbadon…no savior inside..this is a predator..a mouse trap..

  3. How does at 6:34 the insert "Onderzoek 911 en Occulte voor meer berip" come in.
    I know dutch and it says: Recearch 911 and the Occult for more understanding.
    Right what you said. Christ is not of this world. So are whe if whe are death for sin and alive for Christ, something the Gnostics hate.

  4. Do you believe Abbadon is satan and if he's not, if Abbadon is the king of the bottomless pit then who is Lucifer or Satan to him in authority? Is it possible that a heavenly angel is in charge of the bottom pit cause he was strong enough not give in to Satan?

  5. I literally nodded my head yes the whole time I watched this video.Thumbs up.

  6. so because of the manmade twin towers bombing
    and a manmade book about prophesy [aka secret agenda]
    this is proof ''god'' loves you

  7. The scroll is DNA.spiritually speaking it is the marriage contract or ketubah. Examples found in book of ruth, jeremiah's contract, and yeshua is the bridegroom. He died to transfer the glory of God from the temple into our bodies fullfilling his part of the contract. The only sinless man to be able tpen all seals. Dna is the book of life, tree of life, marriage contract ,throne of god, and gateway into the kingdom of God. When the veil is lifted we will have access to all 12 dimensions because of our dna. Satan is spirit but when he joins with the antichrist he will have spirit and flesh , like Yahweh,but not quite. Unfirtunately he falls under the same category as man we are to be judged due to our flesh and so will he.

  8. I sincerely hope all who watch this listens to you at what you say at the end for it is so important and so true!
    We are fooled by the things of this world,iphones,fancy cars, mansions,boats,loads of $$$, etc, etc but it is all a LIE!
    these are the trappings of the devil to keep us apart from Jesus who really matters.  
    I am turning 50 in a few days and can die anytime by a natural or unnatural death???  I thank GOD he called me and wrote me in the book of life! I don't fear death because of that. and having jesus in your life gives you a peace while here on this world of filth. you are either on this world or in it?  I am on it,until God deems different but when you are in it you are a part of it and all its evils.
    No one knows when their time is up and when it is trust me NONE of those material things have any value anymore,
    but having eternal life does and only a fool at heart would disagree with that!

  9. Who was the guy you showed in the video?

  10. Maybe someone has already mentioned this, but at 00:39 that symbol also forms three letter-Vs in red. I think that V = 6 in Hebrew. I'm not totally sure about that, was wondering if someone might be able to confirm that.

    ps: I really appreciate these videos you make. They're eye-openers!

  11. I disagree with somethings he said….We are here for a reason and all the things are made by God. We don't have to be self serving…We can do what we can to help each other to make a better world!!!!! Also it's God who we should worship and nothing else

  12. Kindly visit  thewarningsecondcoming dot com

    "..His vapor spreads until it devours every nation, every weak soul, and powerful leaders, whose love of ambition will render them open to his influence…
    Your Jesus"

  13. I want to point out that Abaddon is not Satan. Abaddon is the Angel that God has given the keys of Hell too. God has appointed Abaddon King over Hell. But we should all know that God himself is the King of Kings. Second God instructs Abaddon to grab a hold of Satan, bind him and toss him in to the pits of Hell. So if Abaddon is Satan, then why would Satan grab a hold of himself, then bind himself, and then cadt himself into the pits of hell? He wouldn't. Lastly Satan is not the King over Hell. Hell was created for him as a torment, a punishment. Thats like saying a man was given life imprisonment and then made the Warden of that Prison. It does not make sense. Saying Abaddon is Satan is actually an attempt to give power and dominion to Satan. It is saying that the Devil is not subject to the punishment and wrath of God but is actually over it. If its unclear in human terms God is the Ruler of the Entire World and Abaddon is the Warden of the worlds prison, Satan will just be another prisoner.

  14. At 3:32 the guy at the whiteboard is that you RSE?

  15. Praise and worship the creator and you will hear from him and he will bring you peace.
    have not praise from man but from GOD alone. and he will give you rest.

     fighting evil with good is required so that truth can be known.  the chains of suffering are tied to a lie which enslaves those who seek not and care not to ask why.

  16. Just wondering have you seen the show on Netflix called the 4400. In in season 4 this show was created in 2004. Its bases has to be about jesus and the the returning of him. Symbols everywhere. Jordan Collier is supposed to be jesus christ notice the " jc " every episode is obvious if you have an awaken mind. Its crazy look into it give me your opinion.

  17. Is there a possibility that you could link the fallen angel pyramid? I just discovered the whole Mithraism situation and that a lot of the false religions of the world were created by the fallen ones. I started doing the research but this would save me a ton of time! Also are you on FB? 

  18. Thanks for the informative video's! 
    Cheers, keep up the great work!

  19. BRILLIANT, Yet again..

  20. Love, love , love your work!  Who is the gentleman at the white board?  Does he have a channel? Thank you!

  21. Much truth here RSE! Thing is we are all sinners and many x's I see myself wanting more or thinking I need things of this world when in reality I never did! GBY

  22. Who in their right mind would want this type of earth/world, things were even much better here before the flood of Noah.

  23. I agree with you, it is boring here. Others are partying thinking this life is just going to keep going on, never coming to the truth because it just might rattle their chains. Thanks again for another great video.

  24. Yeoshua is the Name that Christ had the letter J did not exist nor English at that time we must give honor to the right name above all names or not have the truth. Let's all get United and repent of the things we made man's hands are full of vanity some are of good intentions but all these have become unholy.I Need the correction of the Holy Spirit every day.

  25. Boring in comparison to Paradise with Jesus and our Father in Heaven is absolutely true. But, on top of that is is full of stress, pain, worry, fear, anger etc…..why would anyone really want to stay in this "reality" which is the system of the beast forever?? When God wipes the filth off of this world and makes everything new…again…now THAT is something to look forward to!! 

  26. Well heck if they are trying to gather to gather as much negative energy then that could explain why they are in such a hurry to start WW3 because you would get enough negativity to open their gateway the portal and unleash hell on earth. @Round SaturnsEye would like your feedback and God bless

  27. Deep stuff but after all this stuff is deep

  28. Great video!

  29. Where can I get access to that fallen angel chart RSE? 

  30. You have very interesting findings but could you address Jesus Christ more with his full name rather than just Christ 🙂

    How can we find the speaker in ur video ? He speaks about the tearing of the veil for the locust army, what's his name or channel ?

    We would also want to look at the fallen angel chart, how can we find it ?

    Thanks man, God bless you for ur efforts

  31. @Round SaturnsEye  Hi Friend thank you for this vid.  It was very enlightening and I have something that will blow you away.  It has to do with a Genesis vid from 1991, or IXXI.   I really want to send it to you because its sort of like this vid but I havent heard back from you since the last email.  This Genesis vid links directly to your last vid and shows you that Josef Goebbels was right.  You tell a lie long enough, long enough it will be considered the truth.  That is what the enemy has been doing for yrs.  Jesus is the God of this world Christs kingdom is not of this world.  Please email me

  32. It's truly sad that there are still those who reject God's Word as being His Will and don't believe that our loving Savior Christ as being The Fathers only begotten son.

    Someday soon I will write what God is to me as well as to what Christ is to me. I will put it on my google+ for anyone that is interested. If not so be it.

  33. Yes Michael's the warrior and Gabriel  is the Messenger

  34. awesome testimony. you have said what many of us are feeling. stay blessed. thanks to he Father.

  35. Can you upload a high res of that Angel pyramid Michael Gabriel thoth etc

  36. This is my truth: Jesus is a man, just like any other, he knows what being really is. He's the son of god no more or less than any other. I think of him in contrast of how things happen to me in life. It's not like in the movies.

  37. Wow. Amen brother. Christ IS! Your videos, and the message you put in them woke me up. For I was a sleeping Christian. Who loves to stand for Christ. You my friend have given me the tools I need to fight for Him. And most importantly. Your love for our Lord lifts me up. And makes me want to draw closer to Him. Thank you.

  38. Jordan wore #9 in the Olympics and when he came out of retirement he wore #45. His sign is also aquarius

  39. So somehow I came across this link to a new cartoon on YT called "Chainsaw Richard" and thought to myself, 'I wonder how long it will take before I see an occult symbol?'  Well less than a minute in I see the stargate or Abaddon's gate.  Its crazy too because I just watched this video.  Whats funny (well its actually sick), after the character enters the symbolic gate, there are marks on the wall with the words "Days in confinement".  I counted the marks and there are exactly 102.  I'm thinking that since 101 is the birthing of the beast or the gate, that by putting 102 they're saying the beast has already escaped.  Just another example of how this is everywhere. NEW CARTOON: "Chainsaw Richard" (Cartoon Hangover Shorts Ep. 7)

  40. You know when you put the IXXI in a vertical position it looks like a DNA strand. Maybe the GATE is both in SPACE (saturn) and genetically?  Is not Satan trying to open and duplicate what GOD did?  

  41. Great sermon brother. I too am bored of this matrix. I will see u in heaven one day and make a joke of this.

  42. D T

    what song did you use on the bookends of this video?  Thanks!