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(2016) Shocking Scenes of CHAOS in LONDON as Anonymous battle with Police – Exposed Full (1080 HD).

Illuminati Jesuit Social Engineering Revolution Agenda Exposed.

An R$E Production at:
Million Mask March – Trafalgar Square, London – November 5th, 2016.

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Song: The Judicator
Artist: Krale
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Song: Rise of the Ice Queen
Artist: Krale
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The Jesuit Treason of 5th November –

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  1. I don't know much about Anonymous. I only ever heard of Anonymous because they exposed some bad people. I saw the videos they posted that promoted justice about cases that weren't receiving justice. For example, they exposed evidence surrounding the death of Kendrick Johnson. I had no idea they were about chaos.

  2. Your videos are amazing. Thank you so much.

  3. arrogant losers.  Fools.

  4. that fool must be on drugs, in the first clip

  5. Smash the Picnic Up……………..

  6. the "we are legion" anonymous saying is extremely similar to mark 5:9 when Jesus Christ before casting out the demons of the demon possessed man, He ask what it's name is and the demons said legion. mark 5:9 (kjv), And he (Jesus Christ) asked him, "What is thy name?" And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.

  7. Jesus Christ is Lord!

  8. what do you suggest everyone should do then?? when u come up with a better idea for the betterment of humanity….i might take your BS seriously though till then good luck with all that BS you puke out

  9. what do you suggest everyone should do then?? when u come up with a better idea for the betterment of humanity….i might take your BS seriously though till then good luck with all that BS you puke out

  10. March of the cuckolds.

  11. Cool.. he's outside the law. Can we drop kick him into the Atlantic?

  12. Same type of march same tactics same route same rdv,, yawn yawn get real attack in daylight everywhere 24/7

  13. You're chatting so much shit in this video, so much…

  14. 8:16 ''The spirit behind this, is the same spirit behind ISIS and all that''
    Are you stupid, or are you that much brainwashed?
    People protest because they dont want their live to be controlled by the government, if you pay your taxes, your bills – you obey to the government, if dont obey- the government cuts the money you earn, takes your house, everything you have and make your life miserable so you can understand that they are controlling your freedom and life!

  15. Simply don't feed the energy of the new world order. Order out of chaos means through fighting, arguing and finding no love and peace. Overcome evil with good. The new world order is staged by the Elite and the Establishment. They want to on purpose annoy people so they rebel via rioting and using anarchy and lawlessness to empower their reasons to have control over society and claim that the people are rebellious and reckless. Live with love and peace. Don't argue or fight people. so many people cannot turn the other cheek because they believe if you don't seek revenge you're weak. The truth is a wise person stays silent and moves on and lives their life with love and peace. Whereas people that are vengeful are never satisfied nor content with their life for they are those people which will never find peace. Few people know the truth and sadly when people use knowledge of what is good and what is evil to allow people to understand love and peace is how you end arguments and fighting. I could go on but will end this here with this statement: Don't conform, be wise, stay silent against evil people, pray for them and forgive them and learn to overcome evil with good.

  16. You are 100% true my friend!!

  17. Now how are you even coming to the conclusion that the 99% are being tricked by the devil? Your reasons are wet, you've no solid evidence have you? I guess you best go baa being a sheepeople who clearly hasn't awoken from his hippy haze to realise that his hippy human rights are being protected for by the human beings he's hating on…poor bloke

  18. fools so blind are just playing straight into the trap…..its very sad to watch

  19. What you should be worried about most, that StormCloudsGathering pointed out is people who think it is okay to kill with impunity, or just taking what they want. The King James edition of the bible isn't accurate anyway, Roman policy before and during the corruption of the original Sinai bible was to destroy from within other populations outside of their own dieties, and although some actually do wish to follow the path of Jesus Christ, they served us a pincer move. Satanism as we know it is written in latin and hebrew, and the pentagram is wiccan… And the parts of the bible that were not changed when referring to evil I think are referring to psychopathy. We need both spirituality and to keep our feet on the ground. And we certainly do not need people in a killing mood. The bilderberg group has failed, the rich and emotionally bankrupt are out of road. And they will pull any stunt they can to keep the ball in their court. Plus the vatican has owned Britain since King John signed it over during the 14th century to stop the rebels (all calling themselves Robin Hood). The whole thing is a curveball. But we cannot go on the way we are, something has to change, too many are suffering and dying. And no one can stop it now. As for the real Satan, he represents punishment and torment as anti matter, who will trip us up as much as we will allow him to, just to teach us a lesson. Demons in the tibetan book of the dead represent punishment for terrible acts. Which is a pretty good deterrent from making further mistakes. A black stone of torment is given for each act. Good deeds are given a white stone of joy.

    Don't let them dupe us anymore. Leviticus and Deuteronomy give people license to kill with impunity, porn to a serial killer, and murder is the ultimate sin. I am curious to see if either are actually in the original bible. It doesn't matter which side of the fence you are on in our millions of divides, all that matters is where your heart is.

  20. This sort of thing really worries me. I don't like violence and swearing at all. Is this antiglobalisation and/or anticapitalism? We do have to follow the laws of the land if we live in Britain! Britain is a capitalist country. I bet a lot of the people in the protest come from educated middle-class families who benefit from capitalism. They got their masks from a mainstream Hollywood film that is interesting! Also I follow God's law which is different to the law of the land but I follow the laws of Britain as well if that makes sense. God bless.

  21. +Round SaturnsEye I feel like a number of facial symmetries can be alligned to the sigil of lucifer. I don't think there are enough significantly aligned geometries to cite that observation with any credibility. Thanks for the upload, all the same. I enjoy your work.

  22. Anonymous describes itself as LEGION

  23. Social engineering at its best

  24. Your video is bad and you should feel bad

  25. David, have you posted a vid explaining the name of your channel [Round SaturnsEye]? I don't remember reading why or how you chose that name. Would appreciate a clue please.

  26. Why do you think that, they always try to push the idea of when people can't get certain things done in their country, they scratch the itchy ear and say, "the U.N. will help you/us!!!!!!", there were citizens in Detroit Michigan, that wrote a letter to the U.N. to help them to keep their water utility on because the city of Detroit wanted to sit the it water off for nonpayment'!, a water bill of all things, when they could have gotten enough people to sign a partition & go through their own court systems to rectify the matter, but no'?, they ran to the fu**ing U.N., like it's going to help, it smells of the N.W.O. all over it'!!!!… Even with Julian Assange when he stands outside the Consulate of the Ecuadorian Embassy, he holds up his booklet with the U.N. mark on the front of it'?, I could go on and on with multiple of instances & type's of scenario's, but you get what I'm getting at and you heard it on thus video ALSO'!!!!!!!!!!!…???…!!!…???…!!!..

  27. +Nadia Bene please excuse me for putting my opinion in but what he is saying is very true as hard as it is to swallow it's the truth look into it for yourself this rabbit hole is deeper then we know as far back as the lies of human creation and god or Jesus , I don't disagree with the protesting though these animals (elite) are gonna see bad day's its inevitable

  28. You explaine youreselve… Sad, that the people trust you.

  29. Ephesians 5.10: "Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord."
    Romans 12.2: "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."
    Be careful to temptations.

  30. I really enjoy your videos, but may I ask why you use the name "Round Saturn's Eye ( and with the $ sight?"  Probably a silly question, but I am just and have always been curious as I see what your beliefs are…

  31. ohh

    wow is all I can say.. that's terrible:(

  32. You're talking complete bollox.

  33. Don't forget, the highlight of the night is supposed to be the Guy burning on the fire…

  34. HDS

    I am a bit of a rookie concerning Anonymous. Thought they were anti New World Order, but the reporter in the video suggests differently in my view. Also I don't understand why they have a problem with Trump, who is anti NWO. What did I miss?

  35. Greetings from across the pond – I just wanted to tell you that your channel is one of the very best channels on YT; you're doing an excellent job, keep up the good work! God bless you my brother.

  36. Jesus christ the music is giving me goosebumps dont yall agree?

  37. You are right. "We are Legion" gives it away.

  38. we do not have to fight.. nor do we have to follow the law.. but we do have the right to defend ourselves. My personal speech for all 🙂

  39. Wow! Crazy sh*t!!

  40. It'd be interesting to know how many of them have gotten a hold of a Ouija board; or how many have been gotten a hold of BY a Ouija board.

  41. That's like a conspiracy theory on top of a conspiracy theory.

  42. total kookiness. How do people still believe such nonsense in 2016? just wow.

  43. The powers that shouldn't be know people's consciousness is waking up so they create order out of chaos, A revolution will happen but we need to be careful whom the leaders of these revolution's are, The intelligence agencies try controlling them to control the outcome and place there pawns in there for the change of powers to own all forms of establishments , banks , media, medical, education, etc.

  44. Warner Bros. Key people, as of 2015
    Kevin Tsujihara
    (Chairman and CEO)
    Edward A. Romano
    (Vice Chairman)
    "Company history". Retrieved April 9, 2014.