ARCH of BAAL erected near CERN 2017 (R$E)

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Shocking!! “Arch of Baal” to be built near CERN on March 25, 2017.

Illuminati anti-christ ritual exposed, Palmyra Arch.
This agenda is using “imititative” and “symbollic” magic to represent ‘the gate’ or ‘portal’ of Baal/Nimrod/Babylon rituallistically.

An R$E Production –

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  1. 666

  2. WAS RBG 3 FOLD RET 10

  3. I wish great blessings upon all those especially with open mind the truth lies on inside of you all may anu bless u all

  4. Nothing is done with out 2+2=4. Why are they put in these certain locations? There must be something to this. NYC and Washington DC now as well.. London.. Italy …. there is going to be pattern. And if Cern is opening up the abyss as some say… what better way to loose demons on the earth then through the gateway of the Baal. Just a theory.

  5. Please do not spread hate about something you obviously do not fully comprehend, you sir are a troll.

  6. you think the arch is disturbing, and that crucifiction is all fine? bloody man hanging on a stick in a public square??? fuck off…

  7. The world agenda knows what they are doing!

  8. Can you put the number you called in the description? I would like to call them and tell them they are liars.

  9. S S

    Really good video! It is shocking to look around this world and see how Satan has his minions put all these symbols in plain sight. You must have spiritual eyes to see it and understand. Most people never really notice or care. Then there are Satan’s evil helpers that know what is going on. Come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

  10. When you think that the Spanish exterminated the native South Americans in the name of Jesus, The North Americans exterminated the native Indians in a land grab Christian crusade, Christian cruelty being a historical fact around the world. You soon realise religion really is a form of insanity. It leads to so much paranoia and anger. Christians seem to me just as angry as Muslims, only the governments do the killing…I bet you wouldn't hesitate to kill a decent, kind, harmless, vulnerable human being in the name of Jesus if push came to shove. Think about that for a moment…you know you would…

  11. 88

  12. "Yet I have left me 7000 in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him." (1 Kings 19:18)

  13. hi i want to know whos the narrator that reads the bible?

  14. Jesus was a Buddhist that harnessed chi energy and reached ascension. It's the only way out of the reincarnation soul trap. Knowing the truth means you can't be fooled by Project Blue Beam.

  15. The gates of Baal in Time Square and Trafalgar Square was for the singer Prince's character sacrifice for Queen Elizabeth's birthday.. apparently Prince, Victoria Wood (who also was sacrificed) and Queen Victoria (not Elizabeth) makes the trinity.. all the dates match up.. I checked.. they even made a beer in Queen Elizabeth's honor called "Purple Reign"..

  16. Yeshua Ha'Mashiach the Way the Truth and the Life is coming!

  17. this video has bought me up to date with cern and the Ba,al arc the tower has feathered heavily latly somewhere it is all in even people who are not aware minds a bricklayer told me with in the last week did i know that the tower of Ba,al was made of bricks then proceed to give me the dimensions and some other things i have long since stopped watch the BBC or any of the media outlets owned by the 1% and the news they create not report i have first hand witnessed them do this after a while even i didn't know what was real after they report and i was their its clever stuff their cameras can change any truth to lie disappear thousands of people just like they are not their but they are but not to viewer at home.Do you remember when jesus smashed up the market/church the money lenders your modern day Wonga thats funny when you look at who owns Wonga now ? and again the others if it is not the !% then the church own them ? who killed jesus and nailed him to a cross well it was instergated by the Jews we understand because they did not like his teaching and didn't show fear he turned those tables over with the gold on theirs no mention of security attaching him seems like they all must have been a little scared not good for profit at any account so the romans agreed to kill and toucher jesus put on the crown nail it to his head and he is mocked for being king of the Jews who hated him jesus put up on the cross and dies unusually quickly a few different accounts of why from a merciful solider or a another 100 things that could happen when you put thorns nails and the like through a body. so we know jesus lived by the ten commandments but after his death when st Paul the roman soilder wrote the book and edited it still under rome he says from Matthew you don't have to stick to the commandments any more you have jesus he will save you if you read this book we have just wrote forget about doing any of that yes eat meat thats fine forget the 6th commandments its fine you are born again any questions read the book again it explains all so who published it oh the same media owners as today the same 1% oh but have not the jews been kicked out of every country in the world certainly all in Europe why ? human sacrifice bleed children to death and some times adults if it is hard to get children and then do rituals like seen at cern. yes i know what they are you do. if i walk in my wonga owned church look at the stain glass windows depicting all things now in heaven and look at a gold cross with the son of God nailed to it with the mocking crown nailed in his head blood dripping down a priesy stands in front of me and asks me to kneel to him? then offers me some of the blood in the form of red wine of course i don't drink so how am i now going to drink alcohol but worse its meant to be the victims of the man this priest is asking me to worship and kneel then he offers me bread thats fine but know he changes that in to flesh i should not kill any thing full stop now i have to pretend to eat his flesh. this occult symbolism run deep i see where that priest is looking now right at my children like now they was his meat as i have just gave this man my soul no i did not i did not kneel before false idol or a man. i read Anne Franks i was told it was a diary i cried but knew their was some thing wrong then it turn out its a fiction book paid for $50,000 and i only know that because of the court case this open my eyes i went and looked for myself what is truth and lie. look what happened to Germany because he made the most successful economy in history in almost no time getting out of the central bank was his first move before bringing in animal rights and stop people bleeding cows and all animals to death of being cruel to them as he was vegetarian he was big on animal rights. he talks of when he was negotiating for making Germany stable again by the 1% 20 million germans had to go had to die. i ve had enough go back to that book read it again and again its called programming eat you meat drink your wine do nothing to help your fellow man let these rituals go on like the ones in your church mock jesus all your lives do nothing to help don't have the courage to speak the truth but continue with the lye you all feel justified to rape an entire country and kill a lot more than the 20million asked for still now you try to justify i tell you now jesus will not save you it was you who turned your back on him not the other way round.

  18. Lucifer an his demon children are going to come here to destroy the wicket under God comand there dumb they have no idea Lucifer the fallin angels and the demond children are locked under earth in chambera using them dummies

  19. If you want to know the truth of what those symbols and shapes , and whatevers actually mean, then research it yourself. Don't take this guys word for it cause he is doing the same thing as ITS A FACE ON MARS AND NASA IS LYING!!!!! So do your own research.

  20. Crucifixion ceremony before inaugurating their arch of Baal..
    nah just coincidence.. everyone is dumb. I'm proud to be a sceptic ignorant and pretentious twat.

  21. what about the ones that dont belive in religion i think its aload of bolloks all your proof is panting of peoples imagination no actual evidance that your crazy video is correct

  22. Just a comment to change to number of comments from 666 to the next….

  23. When the money dries up, so will the Jeesus myth

  24. Interesting interpretation. You can take any ancient story and symbolically use it to interpret random events.

  25. There's a reason the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is in the Bible. The Enlightened Progressives think it was about homosexuality. It really wasn't. It was about the fact Sodom and Gomorrah practiced child sacrifice more than anything else. I'm not even sure the physical act of homosexuality per se was even considered sinful back then. The Romans didn't care nor did King Herod. Paul talks about homosexuality but Jesus never mentions it. The only conclusion I can make is Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their worship of Baal not for a man lying down with another man. Far from the "consequence free" the decision of the Elite Pagans to bring back Baal could have dire consequences.
    Ah-hem. Anyone ever hear of the Reign of Terror? French Revolution? Marquis de Sade being the poster boy for the depravity of the French nobility?

  26. This is where the human sacrafice will be done in public.

  27. Hail ba'al hadad!

  28. Sick evil demonic shit, plus I had to comment the reader was at 666 comments. CERN will be the end of this world.

  29. Fake News!

  30. Operation Terra

  31. All of you maggots right to the top- the lake of fire awaits you all!! Murderer, child molesters, you sacrifice & eat children etc., and us Christians are the problem?! You people are all gonna burn for what you've done to so many innocent lives forever now. You won't kill us all. Many of us Christians will be here when Jesus comes back. It's God's plan not yours. And God's creation not yours! Good luck trying to live forever you losers! You can't out smart God. But the fact that you're trying to just shows how pathetic you all are. Lake of fire losers . lake of fire!!!!

  32. It's the antichrist. Think about it.

  33. Thank you! But what has apple cider to do with Nimrod? This misleading bullshit at the end makes the whole video untrustworthy. And beside of this: You show a lot of images, but don't eplain enough. And you have a wrong title, because you show nothing about the Arch of Baal at CERN or at Geneva. And you even mention not, where it has been erected in Italy. In sum a terrible superficial work!

  34. GOD BLESS the fool's!! So many have fell under the EVIL ONE,and his spell. The days of man are numbered. CHRIST will intervene! THE final war the HOLY TRINITY and the faithful believers,against PURE EVIL. We will triumph,GOD will prevail!!😇✝🙏✝

  35. 667th comment,,, shew



  38. Figures, Jesus Christ and I fought against Baal and Lilth last night and won.

  39. just change the name see? and same but different see? people are dense see? open your eyes stop being sheep!! this man is trying to educate us listen eyes to see ears to hear use them!!!! Thank you and God bless you. shamefully your doing more then me, but I can and will pray for you and your family. ty again

  40. Glad someone else is on top of this. Also note that before the Arch of Palmyra went up in NYC, Shiva was lit up on the Empire State Building!

  41. We get so hung up with pride and ego about which God is THE God, that it's no wonder there's so much religiously motivated violence going on right now. The Devil doesn't need to do anything.
    Christians and Muslims will continue to kill each other long after we are all dead and buried.