ATTACK ON TITAN: Nephilim Giants on Earth (R$E)

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New 2015 Trailer for the ‘Attack on Titan’ movie shows a tribe of giants from the Days of Noah massacring everyone in their pathway.

‘But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.’ Matt 24 v 37

‘There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.
And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.’ Genesis 6 v 4-5

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  1. This is based off an anime

  2. In the Book of Enoch these giants grew to about 3000 ells. This is about 450 ft tall. Also these giants mixed species of animals and created dinosaurs. Pretty insane…but it makes alot of sense.

  3. Watch the Godzilla preview. It's insane.

  4. Just another retelling of history

  5. Bro its a fucking anime!!!! Do some fuckin research. 5 fuckin seconds

  6. The fuck are you talking about you babbling idiot

  7. Not going to be that easy this time we have more then Spears and swords this time

  8. fear not people, for there is One who has overcome the world. He was, and Is, and is to come. He is called by many names, but chiefest of these is Savior and Salvation, King of kings, Lord of lords, I Am, YESHUA who has suffered, was murdered, and resurrected by God Almighty for our sins so that we may be sanctified by His Blood and Saved.

  9. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhchchchchct!

  10. Obviously you have not seen the anime lol I knew what this show was about within the first episode I mean hel the giants EAT PEOPLE just like the giants of old did.

  11. rubbish

  12. You know fuck all , preachy dick

  13. So IF all of these Nephilim didn't get drowned, where did they go to escape?? I've heard that they escaped through some kind of Portal either in Russia, or in Antarctica, that led them to a vast underworld like the "Land of the Lost" or "Lord of the rings". Yet, if they are the ether of demons, then all those who acquire the "Mark" will become one with the Antichrist and this "beast system" that is being promoted through movies! It's only fitting that they all suffer destruction from the ones (Nephilim, Titans) they want to be joined to…just an observation!

  14. Soo…. Everything can be blamed on the one who demands you beg him for forgiveness to enter heaven..

    He is going to release these creatures to kill us, so that he can kill all of us??

    Your god is a sado-masochist…

  15. The giants are not coming out from the eather or other dimension. They're gonna come out from the underworld, the earth id flat and beneath our feet is a hollow world filled with alien races. This explains the underground bases that the world military has.

  16. Does Shinji know you're using his movie clips to fearmonger your viewers? Or at least have his permission to use his movie?

  17. Just subscribed..

  18. Wowwww bad critic know Ur facts u do realise the man that made attack on Titan comes from a village in the Nepalese mountains called company.. soaked in giant mitholigy an lore hents why he wrote a.o.t about giants what a cool u are

  19. The only disturbing thing is the lip smacking you do.

  20. I agree, sad‼️

  21. I just had a dream today like this we went into hiding seemed like they came after the sun set we were able to come out of our hiding during the day but to escape them we went underground it was horrible

  22. I thought the nephilim were the fallen angels produced when giants mated with human women? And the raphlim is what they call the giants?

  23. Ummm what movies do you watch, if everything that's cool is a satanist propaganda thing ? Passion of Christ on repeat ?

  24. Maybe those Rephaim should take into consideration a bunch of 155 rounds they're gonna have to endure.

  25. Why am I thinking vaccines? There are vaccines for the old now and I can fathom a time will come that there'll be vaccines for everyone and it will be made compulsory. Right now in some states, your kids are not allowed to go to public schools if they are not vaccinated. I can imagine a whole lot of restrictions (sanctions) will be put on people that refuse to get vaccinated… Reality Fiction.

  26. Job 26:5

    Dead things are formed from under the waters, and the inhabitants thereof.
    Dead things are formed from under the waters – This verse, as it stands in our version, seems to convey no meaning; and the Hebrew is obscure; הרפאים , harephaim, "the Rephaim," certainly means not dead things; nor can there be any propriety in saying that dead things, or things without life, are formed under the waters, for such things are formed everywhere in the earth, and under the earth, as well as under the waters.

  27. Subliminal messages, so our brains start getting used to them!

  28. So R$E are you saying that the time of grace, and the book of judgment is over when the veil is ripped unleashing Lucifer? So this means there is no chance at that point to find Christ and be saved if not already done? This statement is very bold and consequential. Can you (or anyone here) please clarify, and share scriptural reference about this? Thanks!

  29. 1:99

  30. L B

    I'm waiting for someone to make a comparison video about attack on titan and Illuminati how the gov is keeping the truth from us and locking us away from the origins and outside world, I think attack on titan is subliminal

  31. Beowulf…I remember…Didn't Angelina Jolie play it's mother? Angelina Jolie Pitt…Angel of the bottomless Pitt. Outside the movie they have a child Shiloh (a girl who wants to be a boy). Shiloh means prince of peace…their antichrist.


  33. The titans are/were humans in the anime. Being a titan is like lost humans trapped in limbo.

  34. This was inspired by an anime which was inspired by a manga which didn't get popular til years later. But i always imagined the attack on titan creator was inspired by such knowledge.

  35. it's an anime

  36. So what would be the benefit of filling everyone's immigination with the idea of giants returning to Earth? I learned about giants in our history when I read Genesis and thought I understood what I just read and then had to go online and read some comment on the nephilim. Half were saying the nephilim were the sons and daughters of kings and ended up becoming men of great stature. Well when I got to Numbers (13:33) and the Israelite scouts were reporting about what they saw in the land the Lord promised then and they said, xwe saw the nephilim and we were lake a grasshopper in his eye", I knew that in Genesis the nephilim were indeed giants. And there are giants later on in scripture as well, Goliath and his brothers and King Og. So yes, I fully to believe scripture is literal and the fallen Angels did make offspring with humans and create giants. The Bible does NOT shy away from this. Then if you ever read the book of Job, and you hear God tell Job about how he made Behemoth and Leviathan and then hear a description of each beast, you'll also have a double take and read it again. God seriously did make MASSIVE land and water beasts, beasts. So my question is though giant humans and beasts are in scripture, why would the government or elietists that serve the enemy want to fill people's immiginations with the idea of giants walking the earth? There is nothing in Revelation or anywhere else in scripture saying that the church of Christ will have to fight giant beasts or anything. I think if anything, the enemy might want Christians believing the stories of guys like Steve Quayle and say, "Wow, giants are biblical, maybe there is giants under Antarctica like he says. Boy, I better get ready with my copper bullets and get ready to fight giants", instead of fighting the enemy that is presently trying to take over the world through politics and brainwashing of the masses. I'm not buying that giants are returning, why? Because the Bible doesn't say they will. Jesus tells the church that they are the salt of the earth and to not loose their saltiness and if Christians stop calling out evil on society and trying to fight the enemy that's already here, they will be like salt that lost it's saltiness. So people, try reading scripture instead of watching a bunch of videos that get you excited but are not based in Scripture. You can only know the Holy Words of God by reading the Bible and can only be saved by accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior.