BBC Music Ritual EXPOSED! illuminati CERN Golden Age (R$E)

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BBC “God Only Knows” music video ritual pertaining to the birthing of a new Golden Age and the self-ascension toward the false light of Lucifer. All counterfeit and satanic whether it be presented as dark (black) or light (white) it is still the B(13)east.

Christ is our only saviour, the only Messiah. The one that comes next is false and is not the way to our Father (the true Creator of all things).

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  1. Why do you use the money symbol in your channel? Thanks.

  2. Around 13:00, where the guy sings "God only knows…" Against the flashing background. Notice the 2 golden lightning bolts on the scene. The one on the lower right side symbolizes Satan's fall.

  3. This is for FURRYANIMAL, I'm sorry but Yes, We are living in a spiritual battle. The bible telld us (KJV) in Ephesians 6:12
    So our battle is Not with flesh and blood, but with spiritual wickedness. So the bible does say we are in a spiritual battle.
    Everybody needs to know this, be careful what You say. Your comment went against What the bible says. That's called putting stumbling blocks in front of ppl. I'm not accusing you of doing it on purpose, not at all. I'm just saying please make sure of what you say. You could be the first person someone ever talks to about God and you wouldn't want to tell them wrong. If I thought I ever told someone something wrong about the bible or God I would devastated. This person is doing a good thing with these videos. He's doing his best to wake others up about the deception of Satan. Let's help him. Let's work together to spread the word and the love of Christ Jesus. We need to be building each other up. My intentions were not to offend anyone, I just wanted to point out that the bible says that we are in a spiritual battle. And we need the whole armor of God. That's also in Ephesians 6:13

  4. wtf …c mon man

  5. The death card.. Shiva is doing the dance of death and destruction in front of the building

  6. Tarot cards are just fine.. It's energies.. This is an electric universe made up of energies.. The cards are astrological reading.. Aka energy readings… We were taught that all that is evil to shy us away for knowing the truth..

  7. I guess this was a jam session…"Let's see how much symbolism we could jam into one barely five minute commercial."

  8. the majority are sucking the devils dick,ignorant slaves.cant wait till hell is opened and she swallows up her own,this world is a mad how ppl judge without studying the bible and get to know a few things & judge it on a few chapters,real smart ppl,this worlds full of winners,thank Jehovah this will all end in 10 years.all the peices of REVELATIONS are there.all we need is the anti-christ,the devil to gell it all together, St.Michael kicks his ass to earth,thats how it will be done.give them their master so they can finally fuck off into oblivion,hell.come LORD JESUS.

  9. WOW, this is JUST the BBC, not some evil plan… and the start is like a rehearsal, normal practice… ARE YOU SERIOUS?   the darkness is the start of the .. performance…   get a life.. nothing masonic, it was a quick BBC ad for BBC MUSIC… how can ANYONE read anything into that? NUTTER ALERT 


  10. This is a spoof isn't it?

  11. Round saturns eye, in your opinion, how far are we into the end times? Would you agree that the anticrist is coming out of the Middle East? And finally, are our governments allowing Islam to take over ushering in the end times?

  12. LMFAO.

  13. Wow so much symbolism here…There basically showing their whole fake heaven on earth  agenda. They refer to it by many names such as the age of enlightenment, the age of Aquarius or just the "newage"  This is there plan to mimic a fake heaven on earth and bring in the demons and fallen angels as our creators…They won't say they are the fallen form the abyss because they want people to worship them as gods…They want to come as enlightened beings. They have the false light of Lucifer and will arrive as teachers and want mankind to see them as ascended masters or beings that have achieved "accession"…

    This is the BIG lie that they will use to deceive many people under the false pretense of peace… You can't get to Heaven by believing you are your own god. This is the oldest lie and was  the first lie told in the garden of Eden "you will be as gods" The same lie will be used once again to tempt mankind. Most of the world will fall for this because it is appealing…  everyone wants peace and an end to all wars and people unifying under a one "religion" sounds very good…the trouble is this will lead into the worship of the beast and eventually the antichrist will require everyone who wants to live in this new "golden" age FAKE heaven on earth to take the mark of the beast which will seal the fate of your soul…

    The only way out of this is too believe in Jesus and make HIM our only god.

  14. On the Alice in Wonderland supper table as it zooms in on the singer (.40), there is a magnifying glass clearly showing a strawberry cut in half and suggestive of the womans clevage? Definately bizarre things going on in those clouds.

  15. There is no doubt this is a bizarre video (the bbc music advert!). The occult symbols are unmistakable! I do have a problem with the referring to the Eucharist in the way you do, I must repectifully dissagree with you on that one. I would appreciate your thoughts on it? 

  16. Just a note, orchestra's always make that 'chaotic' noise before they play when they're tuning/checking their instruments. It even clearly shows a violinist adjusting one of his strings tuning it… By the way thanks for all the replies to my comments so far!

  17. now you are having a go at sunflowers, just feck off

  18. the outpouring of the cup of tea, really.

  19. that sounds like tuning up to me, always sounds like chaos, get a life

  20. Lets not forget that illuminati is a hot topic right now and is being used get extra attention. We have to step up our game now to make sure they are not overloading the symbolism in order sway our focus in a direction away from whats important. We must always keep OUR eye on them

  21. at 12:06 the snake is in a pyramid too or I'm just see in things xD

    great channel it helps me open my sheeple friends eyes  keep it up Paul

  22. Bless you R$E… excellent vid exposure of the satanic agenda through music

  23. Great vid, just looked at conductors, massive symbology there:
    – Conductors wear black & white
    – They control the TIME of the music/vibrations
    – They hold a baton or wand!
    – There other hand often shows a Ok sign or 666 hand sign!!

  24. This kind of junk is exactly the reason why I cancelled and now refuse to pay my TV licence, they are satanic, very dangerous and push Malthusians like Attenbrough and that muppet Brian Cox, the news is pure propaganda – it's all unwatchable

  25. You sound like a scared child. It's going to be funny when you finally see the light.

  26. Tell ,, me…… what if? some people want to do there thing there way ie. like when a person works for someone he sees he can do this himself then trys on his own to do it this is what this is, there will be a timeline /world density/ tranhumans a place where they will have there thing. your right about us being a prison due to the fact they already locked us in my friend. remember the song ..  BRUNO MARS Super Bowl Show 2014 Treasure, and Locked Out Of Heaven 360p

  27. My friend, how do we send you relevant information?

    Have you shared your email?

    I keep seeing information that you might like to incorporate, if not that's fine, but if so then I was wondering how to share it with you

    Thank you

  28. I thank you for all your videos, I love watching them. It's such a blessing to get a greater understanding of the truth.

  29. It's creepy that they hate Christ so much.

  30. Once last thing, those artist should know what they are doing. Mostly likely and usually they do.

  31. 12:45 Applause on that testimony. It's healing dude, it's Jesus working through you all of us when we edify him in our works. Great job as always, May God bless you.

  32. Butterfly effect is also a representation of monarch mind control. Notice he is also wearing red and blue.

  33. The choatic music reminded me of the attempt to create chaos with the fake ebola "epidemic."  It's failing miserably, though, as people aren't falling for it:  If It's So Real, Why The Massive 'Ebola Is Real' Propaganda Campaign?.  God's blessings to all!

  34. The only way out is up – Dior 2014 commercial
    The future is gold Jadore Dior New Commercial 2014 Charlize Theron

  35. please watch!!!

  36. Ok besides all the symbolic onslaught, this song sucks, and makes no sense.

  37. Its a melting pot of pegans in this video,Check out the black and white Masonic stairs.One Direction = Wrong Direction.

  38. Genius.  I saw this and thought of you!  Glad you picked up on it!.  You see things I totally missed!  Blessings.  Sherry

  39. OK, so it wasn't just me.  I just KNEW something was wrong with this picture from the moment I saw that video on BBC.  

    Especially with Lorde and her fallen angel wings!!

  40. do more!!!

  41. I found this interesting as well pertaining to the tiger katy perry's eye of the tiger  Katy Perry – Roar (Hidden Witchcraft)

  42. Saw this a few days ago, couldn't believe the symbolism

  43. just a little note to add at the end 
    according to 'the magic of angels' by adele nozebar, the appearance of a white feather is supposed to occur when one's guardian angel is present (occult belief of course), so the final shot of the white feather dropping on the piano keys could be signifying the presence of Lucifer the fallen angel and the concept of duality – black and white/ male and female/ as above so below. 

  44. Great job and agreed there's nothing new under the sun that has surely been clear to me bro

  45. Where can I get of the Sweet Leaf you were smoking when you put this together?  This is why people of faith are ridiculed and cast as mad men.  Next time your tripping see if you can get Dark side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz to sync up.