BEHIND THE VEIL: Hidden Secrets of the “Second Temple” (R$E)

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Revealed: What they DIDN’T tell us in Church!!

What was REALLY going on in secret, behind the veil in Solomon’s Second Temple (HEROD’s Temple) at the time of Jesus Christ?

‘For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.’ Luke 8 v 17

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  1. BCE!!!…..How about B.C.. Biur one must be PC no mustan one!

  2. "Christians did teach the Bible in many Godly and Christ centered Churches," contrarian view to what RISE asserts. As RISE accuses above, that, "What they DID'NT tell us in Church." RISE's accusatory statement is a Lie. RISE implies that Christ's Church from the Early Church to the Present Church never exposed and never preached against what Pagan history substituted for man's worship of God upon the Earth throughout man's time upon it. In this, RISE is in error. Otherwise, RISE, itself, would never have had an informational TRUTH structure taken from Scripture from which to build upon. True Christ's Disciples merely and investigatationally confirm what they have already discovered from written, biblical Scripture. "There is nothing new under the Sun." Solomon

  3. Yet Christians still love the Jews

  4. Think about it…What kind of "god" would ask for a blood sacrifice of his "only begotten son", or any of his children? "The God of the flesh", better known as Satan, is the one who requires blood sacrifices. The true Father, Creator of the Soul, does not need a blood sacrifice in order to grant salvation, or for any other reason. The Bible is filled with things said by Christ as well as things said by the enemy masquerading as Christ. Hopefully those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear won't be as easily deceived by the false god. Don't go by what a pastor says that a certain Parable means, go within, feel the vibration of what's being said and use your own discernment. Christ is within us all 💚💜

  5. Monkeys will not believe in any kind of shit, except human..!!

  6. I've been following your videos for just a short time and have been truly blessed by them. I had to comment on this one though as it tied a lot of what goes on today to Ezekiel's time and probably beyond I'm sure. Yehovah has truly blessed you which in turn blesses all of us.

  7. Oh my God. Now it makes sense to me. Now I understand a little of the book of Ezekiel, and understand Jesus rage. Now it makes sense. I’m keep this vd to watch over and over.

  8. Love seeing it in graphics instead of just text / reading! Again, an excellently done production.

  9. WAO! I'm speechless, what a wonderful work, Thank u! What a awesome GOD we have,All GLORY to YAHWUAH,YAHUSHUAH Ha Masshiah,RUAH Ha Kadosh!

  10. The walls of the temple weren't made of this stone and they actually had sea colored stones. One light blue stone and one green one. The wall also wasn't straight, it was in a zigzag position as it would look like the waves of the sea. There are many mistakes in this representation but it's still pretty good

  11. God bless your work

  12. Did this have to be more than three minutes long? Augh.

  13. How is it news that the ark was not in the second temple?

  14. paused to comment…… The bible makes all these things known. The ark was hid at the capture to Babylon. Along with all the items mentioned.

  15. Very interesting, this gives greater credibility to the discovery of Ron Wyatt who claims to have found the ark, which never left Jerusalem but was hidden beneath the Crucifixion site in a cavern specifically place there to allow the blood of Jesus to land on The Mercy Seat to pay the price for our sins.
    He also discovered the other furniture like the table of shewbread in the cavern as well.
    The Arch of Titus which depicts the Looting of the Temple does not show these important Furnishings of the Temple like the Ark of the Covenant or the table of shewbread.
    The symbol of the Jewish people is the menorah that was given to Moses in a Dream from God, the star symbol is Canaanite who were one of the many tribes of the Giants and The Offspring of the Fallen Angels referred to in the Bible as fallen stars, in the Book of Revelation chapter 12 the refers to a third of the Stars falling to the Earth following the red dragon which is Satan.
    Hebrews first carried the star of their God moloch in the wilderness first encountered it in Egypt which was a divided land North and south and the northern part of the kingdom was ruled by the Canaanites. The descendants of the Pharisees the so-called Jews and Leadership are moving the temple of God from the city of David and the god they rejected to a high place the temple Mound to the altar of the god they chose !
    This video does a good job but has one important detail incorrect, the temple Mound as it's incorrectly called was a Roman Fortress that existed the same time as the temple of God but overlooked it. We are continually being brainwashed to believe that what is called the temple Mound was the traditional site but according to Jesus and the historian Josephus that's one stone was left upon another when the temple was destroyed. Josephus the historian even recording that even the foundation Stones were dug up so there would be no sign of a temple ever being built at this site.
    Micah 3:12 (KJV) therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high place of the forest..
    Reveal location of the temple of God was in the city of David near the Gehon Spring , the Third Temple like the second temple is a fraud to unite the people of the world in a luciferian One World Government one world religion !

  16. Who that gay looking white man?

  17. I am confused about the morning star RISE
    I found a book on Lucifer being referred to as the morning star but revelation 2.24 also speaks about the morning star. 'And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power to the nations:
    27 And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received from my Father.
    28 And I will give him the morning star.
    29 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches'. (King james bible and New international living bible.

  18. Still one of my favorite videos ever done on this channel !

  19. come on
    religion and gods r made by people

  20. The Holy Spirit dwell in us❤️

  21. We are the temple of God ❤️

  22. Do look at a video or two, story of American archeologist Ron.Wyatt, who spent ten years digging under Golgotha, and discovered the Temple furniture. The Lord told him where to dig. Later the authorities said he didn't have permission for the dig. He said they would not have allowed him to dig ten years without a permit. He found the post hole of Jesus Cross, above a huge rock. The rock cracked in the Earthquake, and Our Lords blood dripped throughonto the Mercy Seat.

  23. The Church was never….the buildings and the pretty flowers and stained glass……………..The Lords Children are The Church..and….The Bride Of Christ.

  24. Most people won't understand this until September 24th 2017 but I will write it anyway. Revelation 12 is when the eviction of the fallen will physically take place. Just because the LORD and his prophets saw history in advance doesn't mean it happened but that it will happen. The war in Heaven where Michael removes satan and his angels will start on September 23rd 2017 and CERN will open a door (Check their schedule if you doubt) also check to see if NASA will be crashing Cassini into Saturn on September 23rd 2017 so that the Plutonium doesn't contaminate one of Saturn's moons, thanks nasa we wouldn't want that. If you think that the Trump-Pence won't sign the Peace and Safety covenant with many starting this Friday, Muslims, Jews, Pope, NATO, G-7 in that order just take a nap and try to sleep through the birth-pangs while Jupiter turns and retrogrades in Virgo while the LORD shows you the sign of the coming tribulation like the Earth has never seen nor ever will see again. If you don't know Jesus Christ as your savior and haven't TRUSTED Him for paying for your sins as only God in the flesh could it is my hope that you will and now is the best time. ABC prayer. ADMIT you are a sinner, BELIEVE that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead, and COMMIT your life to Him.

  25. incredibly revealing! thank you!

  26. important stuff.
    I note ,"same $h![ different time".
    Thank God
    For His Prophets how awesome to be taken " by the hair"
    Thank God For Jesus.

  27. Yes, this makes sense of the scriptural references to the abominations occurring "in the temple." The references in Jeremiah, however, are with respect to the FIRST temple. Nevertheless, excellent information and research. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  28. WOW!! Just WOW….this is some heavy stuff and changes so many things!

  29. Funny how in watching this the cleansing of the temple and the house being a den of thieves somehow makes me think that the Lord would be very unhappy with the coffee bars and pool tables set up in the modern church… far worship and respect of God have fallen.

  30. Question was posed (1:07) "Why was this never made known to me for all the 18 years I attended church?" Answer: Because you didn't study the bible. For example, I was raised in the church and was an active bible studier (as the pastor and the bible says we need to do individually)… and I was quite aware that the ark was removed during the babylonian exile and never found again. No one "KEPT" you from knowing this except you. (There was no conspiracy against you or me from knowing this information.) The temple during Jesus time represented the EMPTY religion of the pharisees which Jesus pointed out over and over. (He spoke about it often.)

    I'm only pointing this out because your question insinuates that people were trying to keep us from knowing this information. It's equivalent to learning about atoms for the first time in 5th grade science and then implying there was a conspiracy keeping you from knowing it till then. Please don't ruin your credibility – your videos are good.

  31. Davey-18years/in/the/wrong/congregation.Try/Jehovah's/Witnesses.They/TEACH/and/practice/Truth–My/Dear/BROTHER.

  32. ~ You have been doing wonderful work. I see how people react. To react is to communicate from the heart. He can not go back and forth. If the reply feels negative I stay clear away. If the reply feels Positive & Genuine, it could be another way to Lure me in endlessly. My suggestion when it comes to whom wants to react. Make it short and from the heart of what may have been missed or not. I chose The King James Bible (KJV) because to me, I noticed all the other New Bibles to English Translation go to the KJV. So that got me thinking, why do all the New Bibles go to The King James Bible & after a year I noticed why. I did not say why, because I use my heart. I rather plant a seed in the person's mind, because the best answers are the ones Jesus Christ will eventually lead me to know as to everyone else. It's one day at a time & I love to share as well. My Love to All ~

  33. Like ytour presentation. What tool you using for pan/zoom?

  34. What was put into the Ark of the Covenant? Moses was commanded to put the tablets of stone with the Laws/Commandments of YHWH God the Father, written by His own finger onto the stone; into the Ark of the Covenant; that's how important God YHWH's Commandments/Laws are and Still Are Today, Amen.

  35. hey how can I donate money to you? Your a absolute genius, and very gifted spiritually

  36. Let me take a guess,,,cube?  Someone has it and knows where it is,,, bet it is with Frances underground Vatican with Lucifer.  Empty?

  37. You think the Pharisees and/or the Jesuits-knights/Templars et al… (probably what they sought) were gonna let that out.

  38. Very very educative and enlightening indeed! Thanks RSE.