Beware of “Jezebel Attack” on Women (R$E)

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Exposed – How “Jezebel” is taking over our society…

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Joachim Heinrich – Y

Please read Proverbs 7. This false religion of Jezebel is leading to the “mark of the beast”, as shown in the video.

For those who love the Lord..
An Important Bible passage for edification:
Titus 2:3-5

An R$E Production 2018.
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To the Glory of God.

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  1. This is how my girlfriend acts when I don't give her no dick , lol

  2. AMEN

  3. And they will say this is "art…"

  4. 8:24
    her bracelet

  5. This is like bringing shit to show someone so they know how bad it stinks.

    Where do you draw the line at what you can re-transmit to people, you already said its satanic, so why show it to more people if you not trying to get more people possed by it.

    For the same reason, every new pedo news event only creates more pedos.

    The biggest trick devil ever played on man is making them think they are smarter than they really are.

  6. Did anyone notice the bracelet she was wearing? The symbol it represented?

  7. Mother..father..holy spirit is the only true god….one being…Goddess Isis

  8. Yeah looks like demon possession how sad

  9. Thank you very much for sharing this awesome video, i am really fascinated by it as i like it very much, it inspires me to continuously read the book of proverbs to again insight and wisdom as to ascertain of the things going around us. God bless.

  10. Your African descent does not impress me much. So when you talk to me show respect as you show your Gods. Because when I get pissed this world goes sideways. Then I will whack you because I can.

  11. In the background. You really think you are pretty smart because now you are an American. Right?

    In indian scriptures the ASURAS are depicted as darker than night sharp teeths and long canines.

    Do you know African untouched parts of the continent still house those ancient warriors who sharpen their teeth even to this day. ROFL

    Believe me I can burst your bubble so fast it would take a team of surgeon to resurrect you. I always know my stuff unlike YouTube channels.

    I will whack all your friends around if you ever piss again.

    This message is for the unholy in the background.

  12. It has nothing to do with patriarchism. It is the rise of the X-MEN (mutants, hybrids, bio-robots etc). Check the new X next to the F and M for female or male on the birth certificate. From 2013 in Germany, now being implemented in the USA (Cali, Oregon, NY have it). Gender X MARK and baby mutilation and gentechnology is being made legal NOW.
    Female and male is destroyed long ago in celebrittie land. Now we are pushed to follow the example.

  13. That supposed woman in the commercial looks like becoming demon possessed and acts all the way like a man, looks like a man, walks and moves like a man, no feminine features or looks (lean mean thin body, big feet).. The tribal African music and chant supports the thought of dancing into demonic possession. No, no woman there.

  14. This lady will need ministry after playing this role.

  15. Jezebel uses people as puppets…. Total manipulation and control. She is the other I AM…. OTHER THAN GOD….. SHE IS THE CONTROLLER IF THE WOMB OF REBELLION. SHE IS REBELLION. SHE IS LUST…. NOT SATAN'S DOMAIN…. IN ANY WAY SHAPE… OR FORM.

  16. She looks nuts to me. Christianity is the only religion that really respects women.

  17. The dress makes a triangle in the center of her chest.

  18. It's disturbing

  19. She dosent represent breaking free from the patriarchy. She represent lucifer coming out of the masons and showing himself to the world as the destroyer. All that pent up pretension is over, he now wants to rule this domain and be worshipped. This is what this signifies. Hes done with hiding thats why shes burst through the eye finally revealing himself.

  20. The pillars of boaz and joaz masonic temples. She does private dancing for them. MY PRIVATE DANCER!!!!

  21. Green is the colour of the green goddess absinthia who leads men into drunkeness and finally madness. Ask frederiche neitzhe or van gogh who drank large amounts of absinthe. Fill her cup double and return onto her the cup of indignation.

  22. that's was nice
    now I'm off to the Scientology part of YouTube….

  23. Please read Proverbs 7.
    This false religion of Jezebel is leading to the "mark of the beast", as shown in the video.