Beware! This CULT wants to kill us! (R$E)

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This cult wants us dead.. both spiritually and physically…

Again, He told me, “You will see them committing even greater abominations.” Then He brought me to the entrance of the north gate of the house of the LORD, and I saw women sitting there, weeping for Tammuz. – Ezekiel 8:14

And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees’ excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.
– Isaiah 13:19

Though the lips of the forbidden woman drip honey and her speech is smoother than oil, her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a double-edged sword. – Proverbs 5:4


Joachim Heinrich – Lost

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  1. You'll never get anyone to interview you if you mention their occult ties. Slip those questions in live, eh!?

  2. I've heard that a tear drop can also represent death or someone that was killed. If I remember correctly some people will put a tear drop tattoo under their eye for ever person they have killed. You mostly see it with gang members and people in prison. Much love to you my brother. Shalom.

  3. D J


  4. Why don't you call out This so called cult by their real name, "IT"S THE JEWS" !! The Elite Anti-Christ Talmudic Hissidic Jewish Banking Mafia, their Rabbis and their Shabbos Goyim Puppets. These are the true culprits under Satan that head the Illuminati, Freemasonry, Jesuits, the Vatican, Skull and bones and all other secret societies. !! it's the Jewish Cabala Cabal. Period !

  5. A Brief Outline of the Hierarchy of evil/vile EVIL:

    * l*ucifer who became satan, the prince of darkness.*

    * jezeBELilith, – the queen of witchcraft. the consort "left-hand" of satan.

    * nephilim-hybrids. "They Live".

    * Sabbatean (false) "jews". false religionists.

    * Kabballah. white & black "magick".

    * Jesuits. high freemasons. luciferians.

    * The money-masters. Central Banking Network.

    * government & corporate puppets.

    * "the entertainment industry" puppets.

    * Revelation 18:2 *

  6. My biggest concern is the mark, we need to be very alert not to simply be tricked into taking the mark.. a lot of people are saying it will be an implant like an RFID chip…?

  7. Sing praises to the true and living God Who was and is and is to come . I'm eagerly waiting and sharing my testimony. No longer a slave to fear but humbly believe my boldness is the power of God He tells us we are to declare proclaim announce that the kingdom of God is here we embrace the truth by faith and fix our eyes on the unseen. May the eyes of your heart continue to receive God's forgiveness and grace to honour His Name.

  8. Pray for mercy! There’s a huge stronghold of dark powers in Los Angeles. I was into New Age spirituality seven years ago and I still work for a company that’s across from Disney Hall in downtown. Back then when I got deep in New Age because I had UFO encounters and was channeling them. Story short I was delivered by Gods grace and mercy and He showed me the true colors of this so called aliens/demons and the occult world.

    Well this video just brought me back so many memories even when I used to live at the Promenade Towers on Figueroa and 2nd, right by the tunnel in this video. I was a lover of trance music, was going to all the clubs and bars downtown. Then I would go home and go into deep transcendental meditations and channel the entities. They told me I had to open portals for them and I was doing that. This was 2010, through 2011 till Father God started to open my eyes going into 11-11-2011 when we were going to open a major portal but literally a day before Halloween 2011, I denounce to their powers and manipulation. I went to a church and surrendered all to my Lord and Savior.

    I was under crazy attacks for so long till I was established in the faith and I fear nothing anymore. But this is all real guys, life and death is in our tongue. Who are you going to serve today? Make your confession and chose life in Christ Jesus. There’s only two paths.

    While the occult was extremely seducing and incredible power. It all leads to destruction. Please pray for those lost in the world, don’t attack them but showed them love and pray that Father God will remove the veil from their eyes. I was so lost and couldn’t see, I cursed Christians and hated them. Because there’s so many hypocrites out there lol… Not judging but just being real. So Let’s not be like the Pharisees but show truly the love of The Father with all that we can. Time is short and Satan is like roaring lion seeking to devour anyone.

    Sadly the false religions of the world have mixed the occult in their teaching and some churches. Always trying to put us back into bondage if the law. That’s the biggest heresy and blasphemy from this false religions. But again pray don’t condemn. Those Preaching “works salvation” are still under the curse and condemn so they don’t need anymore condemnation. They make themselves self righteous and steal the glory from the only one that deserves all glory and honor. Jesus Christ “THE LAMB OF GOD who takes away the sin of the world.”

    There’s nothing that we can do to earn salvation, I have labor so much in the Lord this last 7 years but all that is just the work of God in my life, not one thing saves me, only the blood of Jesus justifies by faith alone in Him. I can never boast like those self righteous people who always condemn everyone else and are prideful of their “goodness.” Which it will never satisfy a Holy God. Only the blood of Jesus is enough.

    I felt moved by Holy Spirit to share for those who are still doubting and are still being allured by the wicked powers of the occult. Which they are real and seducing but is never enough. Power corrupts! But Jesus gives us true peace and joy. Security of the soul, we are truly His beloved children and nothing can separate us from his love in Christ Jesus. Without Him we’re nothing and cannot do anything (Romans 8). We must enter into His rest to be saved. By trusting in Him alone not ourselves. Therefore we can truly died to our sinful nature and be made a alive in the spirit. By the powerful Holy Spirit living in us. God is so good and loves us so much brothers and sisters. Believe and be saved. Grace and peace to all 💕🙏🏼

  9. Read the bible so none will decive and fool you with false teachings and demon doctrines !

  10. super informative

  11. Ya it is called flat Earth society

  12. It's not a phoenix, it's a locust rising.

  13. What the heck are you showing us in the top left of 4:26. Is that you in a white wig in front of a mirror?

  14. thanks for your videos.
    thanks for encouraging Christian to run out of this places… I was thinking I was alone in this kind of things that you see… thanks.
    do you have any video about music (secular and "Christian")?

  15. Hi, @RISE
    Could You answer me one question now? Did God give us free will?

  16. That's a moth not a Phoenix.
    O'Cults. Irish secret knowledge.

  17. what was INSIDE the wasp/beast thing at like 3:02??? Something inside the belly of the beast! Too weird how does anyone buy into this stuff?????? The SHEEPLE are so blind…..God help us all!

  18. The head of the Church of England is a Jesuit. You can tell they have no emotion. In A. Crowleys book, Liber 777, a Jesuit knew more about magick than him.

  19. We Have Loads Of Info On This

  20. pruth we are living in the end times?.

  21. Bravo, thank you for the great video.

  22. Sweet to the mouth and bitter to the belly. Brilliant.

  23. Watch this if you want the truth.

  24. You have to be extra stupid to believe this bs.

  25. C E

    Where is the police? The Roman Empire descends and Merovingian! Fuck then all! God is only love if we don't believe in their stupid magic is don't going to affect us! They are trying to put fear in us to make us weak, but is we increase frequencies of the vibration is not going to affect us. David Icke explain everything! God bless you all my fellas! We have to put all of then in jail.

  26. Love your video.

  27. Rev 9:11 9/11/01

  28. I have been hearing people who say the Jesuits religion is an occult and there are still in Rome.

  29. I totally agree with you so far but do you agree that the True and Living God is able to preserve his Word in the English language here on earth?

  30. The Olive branch represents peace.

  31. Amazings finds brother. This is insane and so disturbing. Keep on the good work.

  32. Even the newest Birkenstock sandals have an all seeing eye on them!

  33. That ‘butterfly’ looks like a cicada to me. Is that relevant?

  34. they cannot kill us we are eternal beings they can only destroy the bodies we get as loaners to walk this hellplanet . no fear they can't do shit

  35. I keep telling people this; 'Just because you might not understand something right now, it doesn't make it nonsensical/satanic. That's the issue with religion, people throw accusations at others while they, themselves, are guilty of the same exact issue. Jesus spoke against religion, and modern-day Christianity is a big joke…The god of the Old Testament is The Demiruge, or if you want me to speak in a religious tongue, that would be Cronus = Saturn = El = YHWH = OT God = Satan, which is what modern-day people in religion worship. People are up for a rude awakening, and the corrupt Church hated the Gnostics, because they esteemed knowledge above faith-based religion, and faith-based religion is spiritual suicide and like with most things, Exoteric religion is some truth mixed in with lies.' Religion means to bind, return to bondage and/or be restricted. They don't know what's awaiting for them on the other side, and to which beings they're directing their worship energy towards in the 4th, 5th, 6th, etc… dimensions. Saturn Death Cult is everywhere.

  36. Apostolics and Pentecostals are also cults. They inflict fear in people.

  37. Wow. An anti-Catholic screed on YouBoob??

    Finally. What's it been, seven minutes since the last one??

  38. This kind of cult and any upstart like it is just a dummy. Something to distract people from noticing the Catholic Church is already calling itself "new world religion" and inviting Islam and others inside their "ark".

  39. Weishap was a Jew.. pretending to be Catholic.. while worshipping Satan. Only thing different about Jesuits/crypto Jews back then is they weren't using homosexuality as openly to destroy the church from within.

  40. GLOBAL WITNESS is 1 of many CULT like channels ! Heads up and eyes wide open . May God keep blessing you and all your work .

  41. 5O w4o died on th3 cro$$?

  42. I am so glad you exposed 'jehovahs witnesses as a cult,' I believe this too, the religion was gleefully Infiltrated by an illuminati member along long time ago named 'Charles Taze Russell'

  43. I am so glad you exposed the 'jehovahs witnesses as a cult,' I think it is, illuminati. Member Charles Taze Russell, Infiltrated and ruined that religion along time ago

  44. I know you don't think Trump is straight up but Trump is trying to put these people down! Trump has thousands of sealed indictments against these people ready to be served with mass arrest's…he's the only one apart from God that can do anything about these evil people! Our prayers elected President Trump, our prayers will get these evil people housed in Gitmo as well! For the first time in history we have hope to take this evil filth down!

  45. The moth coming from the eye I believe is a reference to the mk ultra testing that's rampant in Hollywood


    RSE Please, have you seen this? The New Music Video by Alan Walker – Diamond Heart?? It’s a FREE MASON OVERLOAD. INANSE AMOUNTS OF SYMBOLISM. You must analyse this… 4.8million views and counting.

  47. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a developing story arc in a video game / TV series TBH like we are building up to a massive climax that slowly assimilated it’s way into the public eye and I’m spectating from the side lines waiting for the Hero “Jesus” shows up to save the day but like in a mythical legend come to fruition or a prophecy

  48. That doesn't look like a Phoenix, it's a Cicada isn't it? I know that has some symbolism of some kind too.

  49. This cult wants us dead.. both spiritually and physically…

    Again, He told me, “You will see them committing even greater abominations.” Then He brought me to the entrance of the north gate of the house of the LORD, and I saw women sitting there, weeping for Tammuz. – Ezekiel 8:14

    And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah.
    – Isaiah 13:19

    Though the lips of the forbidden woman drip honey and her speech is smoother than oil, her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a double-edged sword. – Proverbs 5:4