Big Brother 2015 // End of Time Hidden Occult EXPOSED (R$E)

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Subliminals in Big Brother “Timebomb” 2015 Commercial show elite illuminati Luciferian Agenda to End Time itself and crack open the womb / rabbit hole. Jesus Christ is Lord of all and the only way to our Father.

RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below. (1 Corinthians 9)

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  1. Amen brother everything you say in the first minute especially about Jesus how you become clay like mold for him to mold you inform you in shape you into his child into righteousness as we are for those who follow Christ as we he wants our hearts and he won't Force us like Satan will try to dangle things in force doesn't tempt us. Jesus wants our hearts and do you want for us he would want us to use our free will to come to him on our knees or with our hearts in his hand I mean after all what he sacrificed for me the least I could do for him is give him my life. And sometimes leaving this world will be a great relief and blessing especially if I go on my knees dying for my savior. It saddens me that some people don't believe in the devil or Darkness or Call It Whatever you will I don't care but evil is real and I don't understand how people can fight evil honestly believe in it? But to each their own I don't disrespect anybody's beliefs I respect all Jesus just wants us to pass along the good news and not try to change anybody if they don't want to trust in him for all things I always pray for discernment when I'm talking to other people that I don't come off the wrong way or like around a lot of hippo Christians which are Christians who are hypocritical I call them hippo Christians because they're at least one day a week Christians or they go to church for show they don't practice what they preach they do good and they think doing good as going to get them to the heavens but good isn't good enough. Once I was baptized I was truly born again. I met the Lord Jesus at church camp before third grade so I was around 7 years old and I cried and cried because I felt his love even though I was around a lot of people who were again controlling judgemental hypocritical Christians just to look good per say but truly wasn't following the word. I'm not such a religious woman it's only till recent that I learned the difference between being a religious person as in Christianity and then a Christian woman as in being a Christian human being from my understanding father God never really talks about religion or promoted religion and I believe Jesus same way in the Bible he was very upset with the churches that we're not doing right and religion for me has actually separated me from God I understand he wants more of a relationship with me like a father and child. so God bless you my brother in Christ I will always be praying for you even though I don't know you I know you 🙂 and But on a different note I never watch Big Brother before and the season I was thinking let me just watch the episode of season 20 the first couple just to see what everyone's talking about not because I will enjoy it I just like to be knowledgeable and the first thing I saw was the all seeing eye once the people got their rooms and wasn't much interested after that. The symbolism and what not and what people will do for money is beyond me. Truthfully even though we need some of it to survive, money is the root of all evil I don't watch much TV I'm very selective when I do and ever since I cut out most social media and I limit my time to maybe 30 minutes on my phone I feel much better some days I shut it off and unplugged completely wish I could do it a hundred percent of the time but then I wouldn't have family or friends to communicate with cuz that's all they do. something else I wanted to say is that I'm very aware about jobs that I take nowadays. I used to work in the casinos cuz I'm from the Atlantic City area in South Jersey and I worked in the casinos here and also when I lived out west in Nevada and I never liked them even though I worked in the health spa in Nevada which was nice but back here in Atlantic City I worked in marketing and call it what you will I gave people free lunch free show tickets usually People on Social Security who are retired who would do nothing with their money then come and Gamble and get a cheap Thrill of the chance to win. So sometimes I would call them up off of a list and invite them down to come use their Show tickets or take advantage of another complimentary and give them a free room but they usually ended up losing triple what they would have spent on that room or free show tickets or cheap lunch even for a day trip a buffet is $10 and so from a car accident I used to be a therapeutic massage practitioner and I loved it broke both my wrists and my shoulder put me on a permanent disability that was my job for 20 years. Anyway great video my brother in Christ I'm going to subscribe I try not to get too much into a thought process of too many conspiracy theories because the way my mind operates it can take away the peace but the Lord and fuses in me and then I end up getting the neurotic LOL but I do not doubt that all conspiracies are fake. They like to call us conspiracy theorist nuts and crazy and cuckoo but no.. Not all conspiracies are theories! You started a great Channel keep going my friend. God bless you and your family and your life good night mate from the Jersey Shore 🙂 peace and love to all around the world

  2. Zionism means to support Israel so I can't see why any Christian would be against it.

  3. I used to think that God Almighty did not exist, not too long ago I asked out loud, if you exist God then show me the truth! Within ten minutes he showed me the truth in no uncertain terms, saving my proud wretched life in the process.
    The Lord is very real, break your programing and this simple truth will set you free.
    So everyday I say thank you to the one living God, who sacrificed his only son so we could live forever.

  4. Big Brother is a fucking television show. There is no illuminati or religious background to the shows icon of the eye. It's a cool awesome eye which we all love. You wanna know who the fuck big brother is he's a character from a book that endemol made into a tv show. And when we watch big brother we watch funny entertainment for the whole family. Now go get a fucking life and stop over reacting to this. Stop this BB is 13 13 shit. Get a fucking life, what is wrong with you

  5. I always look for these symbols in Balkan's BB but I can't find them except undeniable all seeing eye……

  6. its sponsored by a energy drink lol

  7. !! Im from germany and its funny because about 5 mins ago i see our big brother commercial (ill link it if i find it) and in the german commercial are also a lot of signs. the commercial says: You`ll cry , you wont trust , you`ll freak out, youll hate it… and things like that.. interesting is that the start will be at 22/9/2015 , the week CERN will start.

    Cant copy the link of the video but if anyone wants to look it, it calls:
    -> Du wirst alles sehen – Das Original ist zurück! Big Brother
    From the Channel: sixx

  8. um time is already falling apart a little bit
    i opened my 3e eye so stupid
    i got angry disturbed sow somethings
    and some of these deja vu's were driving me insene
    but i closed it with very hard work and lots of got food what is good for your healt as sleep
    but i can se the time falling apart yes
    my dreams project tommorow and i get to se the day like it is a deja vu and mostly i get scared and most i don't i'f i se a video like this i can feel it it so strange

  9. I've been watching your work for a couple of months. I have youtube link for a commercial you have to see from here in states. I've found quite a few occult symbols and warnings but you would be able to pick it out even more efficiently. How do I send this video to you for your dissection? Thank you

  10. I haven't seen something so ridiculous in ages.

  11. Surely it occasionally crosses your mind that there might be more to life than increasing a nebulous YouTube following? No doubt you justify it all as being in the name of the Divine. 

    The irony in that vanity, though.

  12. Being from UK I'm glad someone has done a video on this. channel 5, 5* etc is full of this occult programming

  13. Saturn = Satan

  14. wouldnt saturn work like a huge dynamo,, huge amounts of electro magnetic energy released think of the rings as the magnets and the planet as the metal,,,, just throwing sum ideas out,,,, nice vid tho u hav a new sub

  15. Did anyone else think that the last week of May went super fast?  My kids even noticed it.  All I could think about was Mark 13-20, "And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days."  God Bless us all <3

  16. I've been doing some research and The green eyes on the black and white design of a woman's face on the wall in the dining room of the Big Brother home are significant of the fallen angel bloodline. According to what I have found, many people with red hair and green eyes are of the RH negative blood type, which is the fallen angel or nephilim bloodline. The blue bloods. Not all of these people, obviously, have red hair and green eyes. But this is symbolic of that. Also, not all people with RH negative blood are necessarily evil or bad. They may be, but this is judging and only God and Jesus knows what is in the hearts and minds of anyone. If we are to know that someone is evil it is because we have blatantly seen their fruits as evil fruits or because God or Jesus is helping us see it in some way. But I thought I would mention this because it seems that this is what the green eyes are alluding to.

    Oh and one more thing, the green emerald light, the emerald city and emeralds in general are a sign for lucifer.

  17. comming out of CERN i think

  18. Wow!!!! You religious nutjobs are getting worse. The Internet has done you no favours! You're way past reasoning with. If it was up to you lot you'd still be swearing that the Earth was the center of the Universe and that the Universe was only 6000 years old! Look out for those men in the white coats. They're coming to take you away….ha, ha!!!! 🙂

  19. Jesus has the keys of hell and death. 

    17 And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last: 18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.

  20. You are free advertisement for them ! LOL
    They only put this stuff in there, because they know it will make people like you talk about it !
    Any publicity is good publicity !

  21. Another person i subscribe to calls the enemy "the Beast system"  I rather like that one

  22. My Big brother, is my Lord Yahshua,I asked for a Big brother when I was 10 40 yrs ago & the lord answered
    I dont know about your conotations be big brother is for  these times,where are you geting the time change from you been watching mr cati?What do you exect they are sending the excess dark matter to the uk

  23. We all come to the Father as REPENTANT sinners who no longer are in bondage to sin. We are free to obey with the power of the Set-Apart Spirit. Those living in sin do not know the father and the Son does not know them. Read Mat 7, Heb 10 and 1 John 3 please.

  24. Amen. Born again brother

  25. In the add they say "this summer" Sumer backwards is Remmus which is connected to satan.

  26. Lol funny parody