BLACK BLOOD: The Mark of the Beast (R$E)

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EXPOSED: Satanic Agenda to merge mankind with the BEAST. shown in trailer for MTV’s 2015 “Teen Wolf” series.

Black Goo, third strand, programmable matter, DNA merging/manipulation. The kingdom of darkness, Big Brother Cain, is rising through the Matrix that is coming upon this earth. Repent and be born again, believe in the Messiah, to be counted worthy to escape judgment for your sins.

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  1. Shalom my brother keep every body eyes and wake-up every body to Yashu Mashiach agape amen

  2. I have just noticed that you tend to say the same things over and that on purpose?

  3. Wow!!! This place will be pure hell!!! You just opened my eyes wider than ever! Thank you,but I can't even think right now and I need to rest and get a grip on this!

  4. two "and's" first "if you worship the beast and it's image" second "and receive the mark of the beast in your forehead and hand" seems you can still receive the mark of the beast as long as you don't worship the beast …this ties in with scripture, "it is not what comes from the outside that makes you unclean but rather what comes from your heart that makes you unclean" ….you can be sliced and diced etc , you are only saved by faith ,renewed by the Holy Spirit, not by some external action beyond your control that will take it away…lol, that means you are saved by works(incorrect)….(black goo..only time will tell, I guess)

  5. I had a dream about the black goo before i ever heard about it. In my dream the abyss was opened and demons were flying out and black goo was flowing out of it like lava coming out a volcano. People desired it like it was gold and they were running into it and putting it all over themselves. It gave them power and seeming immortality/health. I saw it as evil and yelled at them to stay away from it and they wouldnt listen. Once they had it on they couldnt get it off.

  6. J T

    And this is what people are watching!? So demonic!! Get off the TV! They are programming you. You are to be a Set apart people a Holy people, this is not Holy! We must try and keep are self pure. And for the one who is doing the videos, thank you! For warning the people, that the end of the age is coming upond us, and it is very near. May YAHWEH and His precious Son Yahshua-(Jesus) bless you and keep you from harm. Shalom.

  7. Dear Brother, I would like to ask you some very straight questions, and I pray that you will answer it straight.

    Q1 – Isn't the false Sunday Sabbath the actual Mark of the beast? Isn't the Mark of the beast that which the Papacy has established, from the time Constantine changed the Seventh-day Biblical Sabbath to the spurious Sunday Sabbath?

    Q2 – Isn't the number of the beast the number of His name, the Papacy, which is vicarius filii dei, whose name sums up to 666?

    Q3 – Isn't the image of the beast the representation all the fallen protestant churches who are now striving to accept the Pope as their head?

  8. When Satan comes as the beast he will have so much power and authority that the whole world will marvel.

    “And all the world marveled and followed the beast.” Revelation 13:3

    Almost everyone in the world will worship the beast.

    A few people will choose to worship the Lamb instead of the beast. Jesus is called the Lamb and Satan is called the beast. The people who choose to worship the Lamb will have their names written in the Lamb’s book of life. Everyone else will worship the beast.

    “All who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” Revelation 13:8

  9. What if they forced it in you?

  10. I read today a comment that going to church on Sunday is accepting the Mark of the Beast. Obviously nonsense, but wondering. Aside from SDA, any other denomination believe that?

  11. CERN has footage of the protons colliding and you can see the Vail and behind it their are so many faces of demons it is very terrifying and Everytime they do this it releases this black goo! Some recordings say scary images and supernatural things started occuring to the workers and scientists at CERN nightmares and even suicide! Is it possible the black goo is what will be used with the microchip as the mark of the beast and this will some how alter human DNA! Just a thought. Thanks and God Bless! 🙏

  12. Christ and Cross are Transhumanism terms. Stop insulting Jesus with them. Jesus was Essene- the Organics. He is actually from the Future.

  13. Jesus taught Organic Living to resist Transhumanism: Essene Gospel of Peace Four. Seek and his people will no longer die of lack of knowledge

  14. The Smart Grid is the AI Matrix. There's also an Organic Matrix. Let's keep them in Balance

  15. Do you believe that the African race has the same Creator as the Caucasian?

  16. WOW!!! Here on utube I just recently watched /listened to a video a mother uploaded to share her 4 year old daughter's prophetic warning VISION dream, given the precious little girl from the Lord Christ Jesus. The little 4 yr old tells about how all these people including children were entering into a building but not allowed to come back out. Also how she went in with the people but that her mother in the dream refused to. The child tells her mother she was smart to refuse to enter the building like the others and even unlike her own self. How she went in and saw the children get something put into their hands or wrists and how they woyld then go to walk away and as they did, this little 4 yr old saw that their EYES WERE TURNED IMMEDIATELY BLACK AND BLOODY!!!!! BLACK GOO IMMEDIATELY CAME TO MIND. The little 4 yr old came to understand that the mark of the beast RFID666 implant IS HORRIBLY BAD BAD AND EVIL. She also said they had a very bad king over them as well. The lord Jesus Christ did warn this child before hand and in a way that she as such a very young child could fully grasp. PTL she is protected. Anyone could pull this video up on utube search via any of these keywords: 4 yr old dream vision RFID mark of the beast warning from God. The dream reveals how EVERYONE MUST MUST MUST WARN THEIR CHILDREN BEFORE HAND NOT TO TAKE THE RFID666MARK IN THEIR HANDS OR FOREHEADS, NO MATTER HOW YOUNG!!!! I have since warned my 4 yr old grandson to beware of it all. The evil devil bad guys and etc and the power in JESUS name for my grandson to call upon Jesus name if bad guys try to put anything into his hands or forehead or into his body anywhere. Please do the same to warn yours! We are the watchmen….how much more to our own families and youngest ones of all!?! No blood on our hands – especially THEIRS!!!!

  17. My best friend is a victim of generational, high level occult programming by her CIA/ft Bragg family and it's a long story but once they saw that I had figured it out (after a lifetime knowing her since we were 3 and being close with her family) as her phone was tapped, they made a comment to her Jewish boyfriend, a cryptic joke saying "I hear you don't need grapes to make Kosher wine" and I know grapes represent the generational programmed lineage, they also call it "the vehicle," and vineyards and winemaking is all code for their breeding program, but I'm still wondering what they meant exactly…

  18. It is so good to realise that I am not the only one who realises some of these things but people just do t want to know, even the church – bless you for all this information.

  19. Mel

    The LORD OF hosts reigns🙏

  20. that wasnt a picture of an ox, it was a buffalo

  21. A glorious job for our Lord Jesus Christ!! GOD BLESS YOU! Dear bretheren.