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  1. you are right,you do not education to explain bible. I love your work, you helped me to find a way to Jesus, I always loved him from my childhood, but did not know of him this way. I live here in the UK, but after your videos, decided to move back to my country to be closer to my family and help them to see the truth, thank you so much for opening my heart to him again. God bless you always. ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. I remember this ad and I was unsaved at the time. Never passed any remarks of it, actually, in truth I thought it was kinda cool 🙁

  3. Yes you are qualified, go out and tell the Good News. .that is the truth of the gospel and bringing all that is hidden brought to the light of truth in Jesus Christ. You keep doing what your doing. God Bless

  4. Sorry bro ur stupid I am not from Europe I don't understand one fucking thing ur saying.

  5. You keep making references to corn, but the grain shown is wheat.

  6. Great work!! Thank you so much for speaking the truth and exposing the wicked deeds of evil men!! You are exactly right! When you’re a born again believer the spirit will equip you in preaching the truth just as he did all throughout the Bible!! ! I love this channel! Your love for Christ is evident in your videos!!

  7. 9/23 is julius caesar birthday

  8. 9:23—– a reference to Revelation 12:1…the woman clothed w/12 stars above her head & the moon beneath her feet…etc. This is to occur September 23rd, 2017. It is also 7000yrs. since it last occurred. The Beatles song "Lucy in the sky w/diamonds" is not about LSD, but about Lucifer & this event mentioned in Revelation 12. See the connection?

  9. I recently discovered your channel and must say that what you're putting out is extremely valuable! I don't care if you lack qualifications and all the rest, because you talk from your own experience and inner knowing.
    And I must tell you that the ending of this video reminded me of something happened to me years ago. I nodded off and heard a voice saying "How many times do I have to tell that people are in need of Jesus!". I've never forgotten it and feel the truth of this claim as we're going through the end-times.

  10. I recently discovered your channel and must say that what you're putting out is extremely valuable! I don't care if you lack qualifications and all the rest, because you talk from your own experience and inner knowing.
    And I must tell you that the ending of this video reminded me of something happened to me years ago. I nodded off and heard a voice saying "How many times do I have to tell that people are in need of Jesus!". I've never forgotten it and feel the truth of this claim as we're going through the end-times.

  11. ;you are just as qualified as anyone who is a BELIEVER I taught in JobCorp at 17 and again at 45 a great difference in experience and many more testimonies ….much encouragement to you brother

  12. Excellent Info…Thanks Man:}

  13. I agree what your saying, but we need a new teaching that will help build faith and hope in the face of  aggressive  atheism, and help to have the words to rebuttal with truth from Gods words.

  14. Here him at 8:13 "If you keep an open mind, you will discover dark secrets" I have an open mind and I am starting to see. So called Chronos talking to Abraham Lincoln at the end. I think it maybe to signify the 'Bloodline of Abraham'. Or something similar.

  15. You don't need to be qualified to teach about the bible or you don't need to be qualified to teach something wrong either.

  16. The bible is one of the most interesting books of all time because of all the different stories.But they took stuff out and put stuff in. Who you say the Vatican the worst offenders of God's word.The truth is stranger then fiction.

  17. So which of the three blood lines are evil all of them. I don't think so. Other wise why are they hunting down the second blood line AB- tell me were it says that in New testament.The bloodline of Abraham is that an evil blood line because God saw to it that David survived the hunt down from Solomon right so much so that the ravens which are God's messagers and apparently his helpers other wise David would be dead, So which of the bloodlines are evil?Don't be brain washed and beilive everything the big churches. Because they will tell you that you are filled with the devil because you dream.Dumb ASSES. For they will dream dreams. Its in the bible and we are full of the devil.There's no hope in STUPIDY.

  18. What a bunch of fearmongers! There's nothing WRONG with CERN, in itself, just something WRONG with the APES that fear what doesn’t peal like a Banana! The Days will come to pass and the CERN will be remembered as nothing more than a Scientific TOY for the BIG BOYS!  And all you Damn Dumb-Ass APES will just have to knuckle around for new Banana to Peal!

  19. Whoa Blade Runner aint aged much

  20. @men Ruach HA QODESH

  21. I wish you hang in there. You are highly talented. Thank God for the awakening.

  22. Utter garbage. Seriously, the world is totally screwed up in many ways, but it is also waking up to real spirituality in many ways as well. The fact of the matter is, Christianity has totally deceived so many people. What sense does the doctrine of Jesus' death really make anyway? Why in the world would the highest form of being in all of existence require any form of blood sacrifice in order to forgive his own creation for not being good? If this is the god you serve, I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you are serving the wrong god. Sure, your god has many of the attributes of a truly divine being, but the simple fact that the sacrifice of the lamb, so to speak, is even a consideration in the mind of your god as a means of reconciliation, is utterly preposterous. I would not require a blood sacrifice in order to forgive someone simply because I think that is just adding to what is wrong with the world. Forgiveness is divine when it is done through understanding, not by means of a trade or sacrifice. So, you see, the god that required all those old testament blood sacrifices, the same one who supposedly was Jesus' father, is no god at all. He is simply a deceiver, or likely the result of someone's wild imagination.

  23. at 13:28 we see the "clock" time is 9:23… maybe that's September 23..

  24. September 23rd on the solar calendar is known as "the Festival of Apollo", and Apollo is also known as "the Destroyer", which in Hindu religion is "Shiva". (See sourcing for the Roman holiday "Apollo Day": http://theaeoneye.com/tag/azazel/ http://www.unrv.com/culture/roman-festivals.php)

    There is a Shiva statue outside of CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, and as mentioned, Shiva is also known as “the Destroyer” in Hinduism.

    Additionally, the book of Revelation says this:

    “They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer).” ~Revelation 9:11

    The town that the LHC complex (CERN) is situated, which is Saint Genis Pouilly, was in Roman times called Apolliacum, the town that housed a temple that was dedicated to Apollyon. Did they build CERN over the abyss where Apollo is waiting, in order to release him/it?

  25. was the clock set to 9:23"??

  26. Very enlightening.  Thank you for sharing this.

  27. Keeping your eyes on Jesus and seeking the truth makes you more than qualified!

  28. Time will never end, either you are in the eternal Heaven or eternal hell. A better way to look at it is to be eternally united with God or eternally separated from God which will be hell.

  29. What good is salvation if Satan is just going to be unleashed after the 1000 year reign, what good is it?????????????  Frankly, this is just going to go on and on and on, like a game, just like a game and we as always are the misfit pawns who bow down and say, please rape us again, we haven't had enough and then when Satan is taken out, if he is taken out, why we'll just get him back again.  In this video you said all the world is completely confused or something to that effect, I agree, but when you look above and after the 1000 year reign and Satan is to be let loose AGAIN and people still bow down to the god in the bible, that's when I have to go.  The whole lot of it is insanity, the whole lot of it and there's no way out, Jesus might save you this time around, but you'll be back with the reptilians program of reincarnation and go through this shit over and over and over.  Makes me sick to think about it.

  30. Round SaturnsEye, I watch a lot of your videos and enjoy them, I think you do a great job.  However, I would absolutely love it if you would make a video on the topic of the God of the bible being completely insane, no I'm not joking . The only one that rings truth for me is Jesus, but I would love to see a video on the topic that the God of the bible let evil out so to speak in Noah's day, then he destroyed the earth, so that's one time Satan was let loose and then put down, and here we go again, same shit different day, evil is here again, but it will be taken out once again with Christ's 1000 year reign, but then Satan will be let out a 3rd time, count that THREE TIMES, to go to all corners of the earth and torture us all yet again.  In the bible God says he created ALL things, including evil.  What is godly about this, God creates all evil, and he unleashes it across the world, over and over and over again, but he cannot look upon his evil that he created? say what, kind of nonsense is that?  How can I teach this insanity to my children and have them buy it?  Is this a game he plays?, is this complete insanity?, is the god of the bible an imposter? is he insane?  This simply cannot be from a loving god, and this god is not my god.  But I would love a video from you on this topic, you could name it, "Is God completely insane."  Seriously though, I grow weary seeing and living amongst this evil eon after eon, millennia after millennia, only to have god let this shit out again.  After a while, it just becomes a cruel joke to us all, mainly the children, babies who are raped, murdered, burned alive, sacrificed, I cannot in good conscious call this god my god, he loves our suffering, he wants us to suffer, why does no one see this?  Jesus may have concurred the world, but do we see it? NO, Satan gets let out over and over and over again, this is NOT concurring anything, this is blatantly a continuation of the same over eons of time and we are just supposed to wait around eon after eon for Satan to be disposed of, only to come back???? What part of this do people not see. The bible is just a cult of death, perpetual, nonstop, suffering and death and when Christians say it is an honor to die for god, not only die, but to be brutally murdered, beheaded, that is an honor, please, would we say that about Satan, some do I'm sure, but can't anybody see, the god of the bible loves death and destruction as much as Satan, who is who here.  Can you see the image of beheaded Christians sitting with the father? What kind of sickness is this?.  Please do a video on this topic.   Peace.

  31. wow now I really see it the 9 23 on the watch the same September 25th date ive been seeing all over the net lately the end is really here my friends!!!!!!!!!

  32. 12:51 – nice 'BATMAN' logo there too.

  33. So I have fallowed your channel for some time, and i have to ask about your view on the book of Enoch.
    Does it have any legitimacy? It's a book full of interesting works.

  34. I know jehovahs witnesses extensively. They dont believe in any rapture. Especially not to saturn. Be careful.

  35. I believe everyone is qualified to share the word. In the bible it clearly states that church can be held with two or more individuals it says no were you must attend seminary to share your thoughts on theology.

  36. Personally I love your very informative, reflective vids that hopefully will lead many to Christ. There will always be people whose platform reflects the negative aspect of spiritual growth. Keep making your videos and know many are finding the truths,  spiritually growth and discernment (cern), Jesus Christ is the answer!

  37. In the movie Run all Night at 1:34.31 there is a New York Post news paper shown that has Thursday September 23rd 1996 on it. If you look back that day was actually a Monday????