CERN: Unlocking the Gates of Hades (R$E)

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The hidden purpose of the Large Hadron Collider. Opening the Gates of Hell.
Featuring the voice of Pastor Charles Lawson.

RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below. (1 Corinthians 9)

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  1. If u all christians known that jews and satonist are doing that but why christians accepts them…silence is problem

  2. Alien is just another word for demon. Satan has them all coming from the galaxies of space but they are hidden in the core of the earth. Satan has them looking upward toward the sky when in all reality the beasts will come from underneath their feet. We who are saved exit into the rapture before this time and the 4 and 20 elders are with our Lord beginning in Chapter 4 of Revelation. We will not be here for the wrath of God for the 4 and 20 elders is ALL of the church. Mark of the Beast? Not for us! Hey, but I could be wrong.

  3. What, scriptures, did he teach from in that sermon ? NONE !

  4. Its not gate of hell

  5. Aliens comes from New Age Crap

  6. This preacher is awesome

  7. I ve got a question to ask to you r u one among the devils pupil

  8. summer solstice 2016 stonehenge i seen a UFO (saucer shape) hovering over the stones….. I am certain this was a fallen Angel/demon….. Jesus Christ is Lord n saviour

  9. great sermon

  10. Quote 08:22 until 09:46  Just 7 words had been replaced (antimatter = buzz, dark matter = grape juice, energy = alcohol, atheist = alcoholic, Mr Hawking = Mr Hitchens,  at one position it = I  and at one position They = We) and somehow, the church service makes a little bit more sense, at least for more than one minute.

    …This, this this, buzz is also called grape juice and grape juice has alcohol attached to it and the alcohol affects people. It affects them and remember when you produce buzz you got to contain it. Because if you don’t contain it, you got to contain it, that’s the biggest problem containing it. Because if you don’t contain it, I just go wild and they don’t know what is liable to do. Now folks, go check me out, go check me out. I want you to go check me out this afternoon and see what it says about buzz and it will say, yes you better contain it. Because you don’t know what it is liable to do, but they do know this from what they experienced so far.

    It has an effect on people. Grape juice has an effect on people. It causes some people to go screeming mad. It controls people. It is an enormously powerfull thing. It’s pulling something out of hell that you don’t want any part to do with and turning it loose on mankind. You know, I don’t know the time, I don’t ever been an agreement with an alcoholic before, but I’m gonna agree with this one. I and Mr Hitchens see at the same way. We better leave that stuff alone…

  11. Demons is a word that has been used to simply explain away unanswered questions, if there is a God, why has it "not" made aliens? The experiment over there is different than those other experiments I (God) have on Earth.

  12. Thus us an awsome video!!!
    I had heard this message by Pastor Charles Lawson on utube.
    I ran across him on utube about a year ago. I thank God for that!!! He preaches the bible with knowledge of today's happenings in this world. Never ask for money for anything, all his sermons posted are for all to view, preached in a little church he pastors. Several members of that church post hus sermons to spread the gospel of our Father God, Lord Jesus Christ.
    This channel here has made this sermon come to life, a better awakening of understanding what's truly going on! Great job!!
    I hope the pastor Lawson has reviewed thus video?
    Blessing to all and this channel here that is doing great work for our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray you will be richly blessed!!

  13. Pastor Charles is very right. God help us

  14. You know Darwin was a Christian, i think his theory might be of distorted to fight against christianity by other scientist, you know like how the catholic church distorted god's word to say the pope can forgive sins when its only jesus. Im just saying maybe Darwin was trying to prove god's work because he wanted to know how it came to be and not disprove god, maybe we have people in this world who wants u to believe that he was an atheist

  15. then why the heck did god create so many planets and solar systems and whatever in billions of light years away lol… If we will never ever go there and if there are no other lifeforms or have no "purpose" at all… Makes no sense.

    I would say that's quite a poor design if mankind was the center of all attentions…

  16. The Illuminati plan to use anti-matter to destroy the Earth from CERN.

  17. can I downloaded this videos?? pls

  18. Dang I thogth it was drugs

  19. Hear no evil,speak no evil and see no evil.

  20. powerful vid god damn


  22. Where is the official Nasa press release that we will come into contact with aliens in 2020?

  23. nice nice nice

  24. you guys are crazy this video is insane please don't hurt anyone

  25. I watch these videos for entertainment purposes only. People are so gullible. Maybe I should become a preacher and start pandering to fools, playing on their emotions . . . THAT"S taking god's name in vain.

  26. the people who make these videos are paranoid, retards

  27. I do drugs and I believe in God, and he gives me enlightenment that you are a dumb pastor. And I mean that seriously. As in you are so weak to evil that it can just grab and control you. Not everyone is like this. In fact I've seen more evil than you will in a long time, and I know how it works. You act like it is all about the bible. You really don't know anything. You contradict your own beliefs by believing that your bible is an eternity. God made this world finite for a reason. It has an end. Stop acting as if you know the afterlife when you can't even know the earth life.

  28. hahaha, sooo dumb. The way he talks, blah blah blah.

  29. for some unknown reason I mam seeing Dark Light

  30. shitheads cern is a machine to make a weapon,pastors are brainwashers, actors creating fear with their bibles,ohhh yes scientists will recreate the big bang.

  31. This fear mongering sound like Jim Jones……

  32. we have been operating LHC's for decades. CERN has been at full power for 6 months. you dooms day religious nuts are all the same. you dont understand the science, so you demonize it.

  33. This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen