Christ in You the Hope of Glory (R$E)

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Ever wondered if there is any real hope in this world? Any real truth that we can actually rely on? Any firm foundation for the future of your soul? The Real Truth Movement began a little over 2000 years ago when the light of life came into our darkness. The Christ that mankind was promised entered into our fallen world to reverse the curse of sin and death.

RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below. (1 Corinthians 9)

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  1. We are born into deception. We have to seek out the truth and our eyes will be opened. Trust in God, pray everyday and believe in Jesus Christ for through him everything is possible.

  2. God bless. thank you. Beautiful. Peace

  3. Thank you so much for this video, God bless

  4. :'( remember us the foolish ones who turned to sin and betrayed and cheated on His love .. may He use me for His purpose before casting me away and that will be enough :')

  5. Awesome video

  6. Wisdom and happiness in this world is measured in terms of the capacity of integrating the good and evil within the self. That's how evil is finding more and more acceptance, and therefore rising. People learn to accept that if they want something good that also has to come with something else in the package, which is often on the destructive side. It appears impossible to live in this world any other way. But Christ may be the way out of this continuous and helpless duality. I still don't know; I'm still searching.

  7. Great video!

  8. wish you would make more playlists of your videos so we can just play all

  9. my friend this is one of youre most beautiful videos from you ive listened until now. im so inspired by youre words. i understand youre pain, please continue. youre words gives me more understanding learning about Gods holy lam, Jesus Christ King of kings. I am very proud of you my friend.

  10. sooo pleasing to me…

  11. God bless you for this! God bless you! The Truth is so very powerful!

  12. You have found Him even out of all obstacles where many others succumb to either Luciferianism or atheism…, GLORY TO GOD. You have hit the nail on the absolute head. You have stumbled unto the exact point of Jesus Christ and the gospel for by faith are we saved because of HIM and not because of any physical works of the flesh because the flesh dies. Without Him who has conquered death we are trapped in sin in this flesh in the end result of it which is death and destruction.

  13. SO beautiful, brother! Bless your heart in Christ Jesus! Amen!

  14. Quick question. Is there any possibilities that real Jesus Christ would come back before NWO and the Antichrist ?

  15. Thank you for the message

  16. Thanks for the video, I appreciate you. But who is the Christ? You are not explicitly identifying the person. I'm not sure if you've discussed why you never speak the name Jesus when referring to the Christ. You quote verses from the bible where the name Jesus appears and I know we believe in and are referring to the same Lord, Savior and Redeemer, but I don't think I've ever heard you say the name Jesus when referring to the Christ. You say Christ the Messiah, but those two words are the adjective, you need the noun, you need to identify the actual person that walked the earth who was God i.e. Jesus of Nazareth.

  17. I think you'd find this movie mind blowing. I don't want to spoil it for you but i'll list a couple of key points & themes that I would have never picked up on had I not been educated from watching your videos..

    satan vs lucifer or Hegelian dialect 
    infinity snake/ 8
    time travel symbology as portrayed by the occult
    the beast birthing itself

    the film is called Predestination starring Ethan Hawk 2014. link below. please do a video commentary on this. +Round SaturnsEye

  18. I have left my body before, and there are numerous near death experiences where people never face a void. Instead they float around much like an OBE. I believe in a universal consciousness, a supreme universal father of infinite love. Now my question is, how come you don't address this? The world is not black and white. People die and become spirits that can traverse through higher dimensions and continue in their path of learning and experiencing. Many of these beings have lived previous incarnations and never affiliated themselves with a religion. Yes I believe Jesus was the son, the eternal son, part of the trinity. I also believe that Krishna was an extension of the universal father, so on and so forth. The truth is in your soul and heart. Yes, Jesus is the Father. Calling to him will save you as much as it has saved me to call the Father, but also know that there is still life after for those that do not know or accept it. So do not fear death regardless. The abyss is for souls that have descended incredibly low in consciousness, gone through a spiritual death. It is void from a certain perspective. But it is still a plane of existence, they are still "alive" just an a illusory way, kind of a like a limbo. Also you gotta stop putting on this dark shit on your videos, If your going to flash an image of a possessed girl climbing out of a well please fucking tell me. I understand that you are sharing your knowledge, but at the same time the energy your putting out is not quite right.

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  20. look at a Documentary by the name of  C E R N the Opening of the Abyss ? Very powerful Documentary !   Thx for all the good content you make !    have a Nice day and GOD Bless you all

  21. scm

    Dear RSE,
    You are so on target. Your way of presenting the truth is genuine and natural. I believe you are touching many lives and showing the way to more than you think. God bless you brother.
    Your sister in Christ,

  22. One of the best videos.. well done

  23. Amen…….

  24. kove your youtube work, it helps ty

  25. Great video

  26. oooohh ok this must be a side channel BY: R$E.Right?

  27. His Enemies are alive and Well so how has Christ defeated any Curse? People are still dying and being murdered and all you have is the Hope of Heaven, thats how it always has been since we were able to Dream. So why is he called the Lord of Earth when he just looks from up high and does nothing? how long do we have to suffer until he does something?

  28. Great video.


    God bless you in your good works brother!

    And your 100% right in all that you say, for YESHUA HA MASHIACH is the Christ our Saviour, he is the Messiah!

    And he is that door that leads to the Father, The Lord Sovereign God of all Creation, YAHWEH!

    JOHN 14:6. (WEB, World English Bible)
    Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.