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  1. “A time to heal and a time to kill”
    ~ Ecclesiastes 3:3

    “A time for peace and a time for war”
    ~ Ecclesiastes 3:8

  2. Isn't that clams casino music in the background David bass? And what's the name of that song? I'm God? You may deceive many. But I see right through your false doctrine

  3. Beautiful video.

  4. This makes me uncomfortable

  5. Still here RSE stil playing this years later good buddy love u brother

  6. Actually, the real truth is contained in the Prose Edda and Poetic Edda. Praise Odin, the all-Father! All believers in Him will enter the halls of Valhalla. Not just warriors like in the olden days. Odin made a new covenant with humanity after the Viking Age ended. Not just those who die honorably but all who worship the Norse gods will be saved at Ragnarok.

  7. You made me cryed and feel with positive feelings!God bless you!I met Christ in my 23 years and he is always standing here for me even of my many sins..

  8. Nice work my bro!Greetings from Greece!

  9. This is pathetic

  10. iam stilll here playing this to this day

  11. What about David Icke's prophecies that have come true?

  12. iam still playing it brother

  13. well done famliy i play this once a day and shared this with all my peoole in chicago ill much lovve brother in christ love u RSE

  14. Thank you for the Truth brother.

  15. I don't know sometimes i feel like a god is that the lord working through me?

  16. Seek with all of your heart and you will find
    Great video!
    you got a new subscriber 😉

  17. The Good News

  18. Enlightening….

  19. Amen brother.

  20. Interesting choice in music.

  21. We are in the 5th Trump now. The 'key to the bottomless pit' is already opened and swallowing many daily on a spiritual level. No one can see the truth anymore, even the believers. Only those filled with the Holy Spirit can truly see it without questions. Seek it, earn it, live it. Breeze right through. Everyone on earth has all power over evil. Recognize the 'smoke in your nose'. It's unpleasant or confusing, a world of your own making unto yourselves. That is the will of evil. Fear & confusion are the main emotions of control.

    Learn the Word of God=Immanuel-God with Us, walk it daily and you will breeze right though all of it with perfect ease. Through the Blood of Yeshua Messiah, by the power/will of God, Yahweh, God's Army Strong. Wear the Armour 24/7. 

  22. The footage looks like Iceland

  23. can please list the music you used in this video?

  24. im glad that there are still people in england like you, where about are you from. do you still not attend church? id love you to come and share at mine bro, god bless.