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  1. I think you don't know Islam and you don't know what Mohamed say about this subject

  2. Everything you've heard about the Illuminati and the new world order is a LIE!
    The RICH ELITE is your enemy. Find out the Truth and change the world forever!

  3. Bonjour, tu peux traduire tes video en Français merci d’avance .

  4. THANK YOU MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!

  5. Satan knew his time is very short

  6. There’s many

  7. Yes looks very close to Abaddon but short hair , and the cube is in there like portraying the queen of heaven , was talking about this the energy or the frequency sound the key note is sound maybe the 5 g

  8. A commercial PROVES THE LORDS EXSISTANCE……RUBBISH IS WHAT IT IS! I know all about what your speaking of but turn it off….like this …click

  9. Whatever it is I don't like it and I don't like how it's been accepted and even praised 😷

  10. Or maybe is just an ad for a car??

  11. are you trying to sell fords

  12. Do not buy Toyota, it belongs to the Yakuza Mafia.
    They hold and traffic, underage children in critical conditions of hard working

  13. Did you notice @ 15:11 that the winding highway was being made into a straight path? Isiah 40:3 comes to mind "A  voice of one calling in the wilderness, prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God"… These wretched Satanists are always distorting the Word of God to try and fool people one way or another – The Devil is a filthy liar.

  14. Far from it.

  15. Now I will see adverts with an open eye. I was blind before. But always felt strange seeing cars that stare at you with eyes of a human. Thank u for the enlightenment

  16. This is just Toyota wait until they tell you about Honda Kawasaki and Mitsubishi you going to be mind blown

  17. Such crap

  18. I don't understand this at all, do I have to be high to understand? I read some of the comments other's I think understand am I to slow to get this message?

  19. The kingdom of Satan name eufothoria sorry 🙏 if I spell it wrong has no connection with Islam yet you mentioned it.. In Islam there is a verse about the coming back of Jesus and God command all muslim to obey and accepts Jesus as the leader and Islam accept Jesus just as they accepted muhammad.. Why don't you highlight that facts rather than accusing Islam connection with that Satan kingdom call eufothoria and so sorry 🙏 again and apologize if I spell or pronounce it wrong.. You see this end of day war against evil is only won by the unity that give total magic strength between Christian and Islam because They fight for God.. God bless Us all against the avalanche number of the satanic Luccifer Azazel army

  20. As Muslims we believe that Jesus is a prophet of God but not God himself. You can read evidences of it in Bible itself, and in Quran as well. The reason why God sent next messenger after Jesus is because Christians have changed their scripture and started worshipping Jesus. According to Islam anti christ will be one eyed and he will deceive people, he will claim that he is a a real God and he will be proving it by using magic. Then God will sent Jesus back to the earth to fight with antichrist and after Jesus will win, peace finally will be established, but not for a long time just until Jesus will die.

  21. The guy in the commercial just looked like a regular dude to me. I don't see what you're talking about here

  22. Did you notice when the supposed dude puts his hand on steering wheel they were shaven smooth no hair on man hands could have been a woman keeps you unsure

  23. abbadon means destruction

  24. I don’t remember the Bible saying that the anti christ is going to be a tranny!😂

  25. Congratulations for all your hard Job! YHWH bless you every single day!, a hug from Colombia!

  26. & wow yeah he takes the wide path instead of the narrow…

  27. Amen brother

  28. Oh Lord, protect all belivers from deception, of the evil one of this world, and l pray for decerment for all belivers , in the Name that's above every other Name, Jesus Christ, amen .

  29. its a car advert

  30. Oh also I felt that the gray car and the red car represented the beast and the antichrist. Also, the new city (NEOM) being built in Saudi Arabia has mountains “in the background” as that city has in the commercial.

  31. NAR is running rampant in the American church and I have never felt like more of a foreigner. I’m finally awake to what is going on around me and I realize how close we are to Jesus returning. Today is the first time I’ve ever seen your videos and thank you for exposing these things, brother. Time to stay alert and be ready in season and out of season. Come, Lord Jesus!

  32. Notice also the black one came after the red one.

  33. Thank you for another great one! It is funny how when you know the truth, you can see very quickly all the signs and symbols in ads, music, movies etc? The two cars parting on two different roads as well. And yes of course the car is….red…It is craz how there is no hasard, it is all studied for their agenda. I am so glad i am saved! Praise God. Oh and its really peaceful to listen to your parts of talked worship…

  34. This commercial also represents the "awakening of the Kundalini". It starts at the root, drives up the winding road (represents the serpent), and culminates at the rising of the sun (third eye). This is the ultimate definition of the kabbalistic / new age / illuminati / enlightenment agenda.. the opening of the third eye to a counterfeit spirit of antichrist. Nimrod climbing the tower of Babel as a gate to a higher realm, or Eve biting the forbidden fruit to "become like a god".
    Jesus Christ came down from heaven to save us from our sin, there is no other way. We cannot ascend to Oneness with God without Christ the Messiah, as we are corrupt without him, due to our inherent sin nature. We must repent and call out to Jesus Christ for forgiveness to be saved. He is King and shed His own blood as remission for our filthiness. He rose from the grave to defeat Death. Let's trust Jesus, call on His name, follow after Him and seek His ways. There is no other life, joy, peace or mercy without God. And there is no other God that can save us.