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  1. Jesus does want us to be like Him. It's the way that has been taught by Jesus that has been hijacked. It's a shortcut that sears the soul and separates us by a false doctrine. To know Jesus is to receive his teaching in our hearts. That is what the Sunday school teachers tell the children. 💛💛💛

  2. The seven mountains could almost be 7 noahide laws. Is this a big trick to be played on the not so bright people who don't want to hear about the antichrist, giants and the deception?

  3. Thank you for revealing this apostasy. Glory to God for giving us discernment, discretion and The Truth, Jesus Christ our Lord!

  4. This feels like we are devouring our OWN. This division doesn't sit well with me. Wheat and tares are everywhere. Error exists in every denomination and or movement. Examine the fruit. This very channel has been accused of heresy too.

  5. I wonder how many people realize Believers in the death, shed blood, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ ARE the church and Jesus is the High Priest!

    It is sad so many people THINK they are saved, yet are not!
    Love 4Truth!

  6. Sun & moon worship unto this day

  7. Baby blood suckers & a world entertained by them the I don't care people ain't got no time

  8. and since that time he waits for his enemies to be made his footstool.

    Hebrews 10:13

    Who or what is he waiting for? Did people skip the book of acts?
    Who do you think you are? You are a creation of him and an image of him, isn't it the same with your earthly parents in a kingdom? Do you not have authority just from being an heir to the king? The King obviously has the ultimate say! I personally believe the church is in such a pathetic state because they have an identity crisis…you can't act on it if you don't know you have it!

    That power was given to you as part of your inheritance in Christ Jesus. You have entered into this position of authority because you are in Him.

    Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’

    Matthew 28:18‭-‬20

  9. Fear, Face Everything And Respond!!!

  10. Very much appreciate the clarification about the idea of demon possession among believers. Battling the flesh and ongoing sanctification. I really do not believe a reborn person can be taken over by any demon. We can in some ways be tormented but not overcome. We are the over comers "by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony".

    I am not looking forward to what's coming on the earth. I am looking forward to the Risen One to return. Thank you, Rise and Pastor Michael.

    Temple Baptist, Knoxville, Tn. Pastor Charles Lawson for some amazing teaching, learning of scripture, and what's going on today.

  11. What is Pastor Michael’s full name. Does he have a website or YouTube channel. Does he have sermons online we can listen to. Is he a Church pastor, what church? I like what he says but why the mystery.

  12. Do all speak in tongues? No. Covet the best gifts, ones that edify the whole church. Possessing the promised comforter the Spirit of Truth, who will lead you to all truth and also acts as God's seal of the purchased possession. Jesus says if a man loves him, he will do his commandments, and then the Father will send him the Holy Ghost. Loving the brethren is his commandment , women not speaking in church, is a harder one, sometimes seeming imposible, as women think they are not commanded to be under obedience anymore. Suffer not a woman to teach is even a more important one, as Jesus will soon kill her children with death, as members of his bride will be fooling around with self professed prophetesses. Some churches will not follow the marriage laws and some will leave the faith over commanding to abstain from meats.All plants and trees and all of God's creatures qualify. Even pork and lobster, or cocaine and tobacco. Catholics cannot be considered Christians and they see no Difference between Allah and the Father who has put all authority in heaven and earth under his Son's feet. If we truly do love Jesus, and strive to keep his words as his commandments are not grievous, We must remember we are called to be separate from them and not to yoke ourselves to unbelievers. We are told to come out from them, to touch no unclean thing, and God will be a Father to us, and we will be his Sons and Daughters.

  13. You should ask God if he is one or three persons before you call someone a heretic. If you're wrong you will be judged with the measurement that you use.

  14. 99% of Christians are in sin. If you believe in Penal Substitution or Sin Nature your already deceived. Avoid church. Repent and obey in everything. Be pure and blameless without spot or blemish. Then…….. maintain it.

  15. It's nothing but the new world order using religion to get control.

  16. N.A.R will probally turn out like Jones Town 🙁

    Stay far.away from this false gospel

  17. Take the good and leave the bad. Calvinism "election" is wrong as we all have free choice and can resist the Holy Spirit…

  18. Jesus/Y'shua didn't need an 'elite' force. The elite Pharisees hated him. He wasn't preaching an exclusive faith. The gospel is for all 'simple' human hearts. He chose simple men to preach and walk with him.
    When you hear 'mystery' this and 'mystery' that…'secret' this and 'secret' that. Beware. Catholic kabbala Jesuit influence. Beware of those who blinq the eye and mix truths with lies.
    Jesus/Y'shua wasn't preaching a mystery. He explained it openly. He revealed heaven to us. He asked us to follow hím. Many would come in his Name…but false prophecy is everywhere these days. Tele-vision is used big time for it.
    Seek Christ/Messiah/The Annointed One and seek into the Word with the holy Spirit.
    All we need is Jesus/Y'shua 🔎📖📿⚐.

  19. The NAR is not from God! I agree!
    But please please do not throw the truth out with a bit of the lie! I was possessed before I was saved – I know what that feels like. Now as a Holy Spirit filled Christian I know what oppression feels like. Christians can have demons oppressing them – yes they cannot be possessed! Derek Prince’s teaching are sound. The NAR and allot of people out there ministering through this movement are way off – but you must remember not ALL of what they say is a lie – there is always an element of truth to it in order that we would buy into it.
    Truths like:
    – after salvation deliverances (John 9 – speak about the sins of the fathers. They asked is he blind because of the fathers sins – so there is that possibility and so there are case where this has to be dealt with)
    – speaking in tongues. (Corinthians 13:1) tongues of men AND ANGELS. (Romans 8:26-27)
    The whole of Jesus’ teachings are so they we can become Christ LIKE – not to BE Christ but to be like Him. In His Character and Love. Jesus taught the disciples who then went on to make disciples – telling them to make disciples – when do you think they told the next generation to STOP teaching the way Jesus taught them. To stop teaching that some would be teachers and pastors and evangelist and yes … prophets and apostles! That we should be Holy and He is Holy and Love and He Loves.
    Please hear me – I am so far from perfect but I am a work in progress. I am working out my salvation with fear and trembling. And that’s where His Grace holds me. But He, Jesus, has told us to go and lay hands on people to heal the sick and raise the dead. We cannot say that these things was only for then because then Jesus Himself would have told them to stop. It would have been said in the Bible that these things were only to prove that He was the Son of God. Jesus said make disciples as He taught what a disciples looks like so we must be also.
    The enemy is always trying to take what the Lord is trying to establish and make an EXTREME of it so that we shy away from the move of the Holy Spirit.
    Like the false “unity” – Jesus wants His Bride to be unified so the devil puts up a false ones (eg Together, the Gathering and so many more)
    And now with the NAR and the even further back prosperity and name it and claim it “gospels” – we shy away from anything that even smells like it. Please be aware the enemy is clever and will use Truth with the lie to deceive. Ask the Jesus to lead you through His Spirit into all Truth. He will withhold no good thing from you. Blessing to all!

  20. So here is one hour of continuous slander without giving the representatives of this movement a chance to speak and defend themselves against this barrage of extremely grave accusations. I had never heard of this NAR movement before, but this "introduction" is amongst the most lopsided and terrible I've ever heard. No Christian should behave in this way, and what I gather from it is that the people spewing these accusations are the ones who have got things to answer for.

  21. He's lying Derek Prince said the kjv says you can be demonic posses Derek Prince said its the wrong translationand people cant be possessed only influenced.

  22. Over the years I’ve seen something horrible in the churches: the blending of worldly practices into “worship services” and this too: very little preaching about repentance.

  23. Jesuits are sent to infiltrate christianity for 100s of years, they want Christians defenceless, these pastors are afraid they will lose hes followers and their money

  24. This man is talking in fear, the devil sends his workers to churches to curse them, book of acts teahes you spiritual warfare against evil though God, he is a Catholic Jesuit portraying as a innocent man

  25. This sounds like slander gossip to control people back to baal controlled churches for the nwo, he's adding his evil to it lies

  26. If anyone here is looking for a good bible believing, KJV only preacher to listen to online. Here's a link to the YouTube channel of an old-school Baptist Pastor name, Charles Lawson: https://youtu.be/aP4k64vOomU

    It's a small Baptist Church, but they upload new bible study lessons every Wednesday's, and 3 new sermons every Sunday's. You could also warch the church service "Live" every Sunday morning. God bless brethren, in Jesus name.

  27. No humans like son of Mariam peace be upon them and no one is like prophet zakaria and his son Yahya peace be upon them who was just born in 3 days and nights from a very old father and mother which is and was impossible for so old to give birth just days before the pregnancy and birth of son of Mariam peace be upon them to prepare people which also lasted for few hours

  28. Please discuss the issues spoken about in the video…
    Have you been involved in the NAR Movement?
    Thanks for listening!