Donald Trump: The Secret Agenda Exposed (R$E)

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Donald Trump’s NWO Illuminati Plan Exposed!

Video by Round SaturnsEye (R$E):

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  1. Who is posting this garbage? I can't understand any thing. Ever since you they tore you out of my arms I'm missing you forever

  2. C J

    Rothschild right hand man, Wilbur Ross Sec of Commerce, appointed BY Trump (trump was a former democrat) both parties are the same, this country is an oligarchy. Check out a documentary, if you want to learn, called Ethos.

  3. Is Trump a model Christian? Hardly… Was David? was Saul? was Solomon? You can choose your President. Your choice is between Trump and any Liberal abortionist Transgender pushing freedom of all rules , running against him. I choose the lesser evil, one that brought his enemies close to Him and are incarcerating one by one. The very definition of Creating Regions was done by The 12 Apostles as was custom in Roman times. This did not make them Agents of a NWO infrastructure. Jesus taught us to share everything with the poor. Did this make Him a Communist? They divided in Churches, hardly NWO. Just operating an alternative lifestyle in a already created failed system. Trump operates in a world that has been operating on a Blueprint, already build. You did not manage to convince me as you are not using logic but rationalisation as a method to investigate and show proof where there is none such. Facts in retrospect prove you wrong give me any concrete grounds or reason to for investigate it. (I'm a very open minded Cynic and would love to), because you do not mention Trump wanting troops to come home, Encouraging Christian as opposed to freedom of religion or any specific indicator other than "surrounding himself with people" whom already have the power. You see God also work, not in a clear and highly visible way. Would you oppose every individual if you had to turn the ship to a better morality? Hardly, you would get them on board and then expose them for who the really were; one by one. God is in control and used Pharaoh just as he used Moses whom he ""mysteriously"" guided as a baby right into the inner courts of the Palace. Trust Trumps good decisions and criticise his bad ones. …Q-Anon

  4. Got out of TPP. Got out of Paris Climate Accord. Impose tariffs on imports. Renegotiate NAFTA. Move American embassy to Jerusalem and recognize it as the eternal capitol of Israel. Don't seem to be the actions of a NWO globalist.

  5. pedal ers ofca voted on false religion cry persecution. wrong get over yourself. yeah time did worse as Pagan and burning people. your book on tv and in hotels

  6. Still better trump then any other candidate

  7. I believe that God put Donald Trump in office to slow down the One World Order agenda, not to stop it. God is still in control…we must always remember.

  8. I’ve been trying to figure out there agenda with trump and I think part of it is going to be a mk ultra mass ritual on the people. I think they did the same with jfk and princess Diana, they built them up to be heroes for the people and then were killed off and it deeply devastated generations. Psychological trauma on the masses. They’ve been doing a lot of predictive programming on trump being assassinated. So I think they’ll have him appear to be helping the people and then kill him off or pretend to kill him.

  9. Flush us out.. ahh thats not so positive… is it?


  11. Satan also believes in Jesus christ remember that. So this Man is setting up the World for the man of Sin 666😈😈😈 and he is one of them. The freemasons who worship Satan.

  12. Americanism not Globalism is our CREDO.

  13. you didn't convince me about Donald Trump, based on that he is building high speed railways in major cities, that's common sense and because he has casinos so he must be a globalist lol, you have to try better than that…fast forward to now and you can see all the negativity by the elite against Donald Trump, all the lies in the press etc….you will know them by their actions…only time will tell I guess..the proof of the pudding is in the eating….

  14. WHAT DOES R$E stand for?

  15. I didn't see any concrete evidence in this video. But pls keep searching. May the Father bless you.

  16. The New World Order STARTED in 1776. Check out Dr. William "Bill" Schnoebelen's (Minster of One Accord Ministry) speech on Exposing the Illuminati. He was actually IN the Illuminati and was thankfully SAVED and reborn by the Lord Jesus Christ in 1984 before he got too deep into it, and left. He explains ALL of this in detail, step by step, explaining how the New World Order actually STARTED in 1776 it is IN FACT even on the US $1 bill! "Novus Ordo Seclorum" in latin! George Washing, our very first president was a Freemason! The Illuminati has been in action for centuries. This is not a new thing, we are just became more aware of all of this NOW.

  17. The Lord is in control.

  18. Free Mason IS NOT CHRISTIANITY! SCARY stuff, I put my trust in Jesus

  19. Dude u NAILED it! This is the biggest strategic deception in American history. And the comment at the end about flushing us out is spot on. The most overtly ungodly man to ever hold the office of presidency all of a sudden the Christians best friend? We are being set for the kill. Keep spreading the word!

  20. Those who can "see" will "test the spirits" . He was chosen by GOD over Hitlery. That doesn't mean that the Almighty endorses ALL of Mr. Trump's life choices. GOD, it seems, has slowed down the rate of death for the U.S. Personally, I keep my eyes on ISRAEL mostly & Mr. T has determined to move our embassy to Jerusalem. This is significant! All the signs are still in place & new ones are being born frequently & at a pace that's accelerating. Personally, all the things about the witch that have come to light makes me glad she's not the first POTUS!!!!!

  21. Oh wow a thesis….lol

  22. And THIS is why I don't do politics….


  24. The Google thought police have been taking down channels and free speech is 💀🔫 dying under Trump. Christians are in massive danger only 2 years in

  25. Anton LaVey's Last Words – Death Bed Confession
    Anton LaVey in the end revealed that most of what he claimed in his life was not true. Anton LaVey's last words and deathbed confession quotes are something like: “I was wrong with what I did in this life“. He founded the church of the devil and was a big part of preaching to live in the dark side of life, but in the end, few moments before he died he told in front of the camera that he was fooled by the devil all his life and now he is going to hell.

  26. There is much more to consider here which isn’t being mentioned. For one some major prophets have spoken over the life and presidency of Trump. These prophets can be found if you start looking for them. Secondly Trump isn’t known as a skull and bones or Illuminati member. It would however be almost impossible for him to conduct his presidency without interacting with any RothschildZionist or Illuminati elites. Also there is the very real possibility that Trump is a true Christian who is broken just like the rest of us and limited in his knowledge and abilities just like the rest of us, but God can use him anyways because everyone that God uses is broken. Regardless he is surrounded by the nose manipulative and spiritually deceitful people on the planet. He need prayers and spiritual support. One of the prophets Brother Sandhu from India said on the Jim Bakker Show in December of 2017 that God is using trumps presidency to allow a time of prosperity so that American Christians can prepare for the coming disasters that will affect us. He said that God told him directly that he would not re-elect Trump for a second term if Christians do not respect the window of opportunity to strengthen their personal walk with God. Brother Sandhu is the prophet who prophecies the Houston Flood which happened this year and he has many more prophecies for the years ahead.

  27. A lot of creepy fucks he's put in Yer he could be doing it to intrape them but he could be full of shit .he has contact with all of them .

  28. So what we would have been better off with clintons bitch ass..

  29. we shall reach the last road 4rever in the name of God

  30. The devil is a liar. In Jesus name! Satan held a Bible too.

  31. Some truth in every sentence. Wow. Times we are in.

  32. I felt that Mr Trump was the man that the Lord will place in The White House for the purpose of giving the Christian the opportunity to get ready for the coming persecution in America. The Lord is bringing everything out in the open. My hope is not in government, however, we are commended to pray for those in power. Mr Trump must place his trust in God Almighty. The God of Abraham,Isaac, and Jacob
    Get ready
    Spent time in The Word
    May He, when He returns find us faithful

  33. Time has proven you click bait and fake news.

  34. Virtually anyone swimming in money I don't trust you… at all.

  35. Why doesn't he show the front of the Bible? Because it's a Freemason bible.