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  1. All these people condemning this video will all have to die one day and the truth will be certain. I would rather their eyes open before it's too late.

  2. X box, game cube, pandora all connected

  3. would you guys get a life XD who cares it just makes this a little more fun life is boring as it is now stop trying to make everyone's life dull and boring jesus is just as much of a random abnormality as demons he was born from a virgin mother you say it was angels or an act of god people say its an act of aliens who bloody cares all you know are stories and thats all they are when you have proof then we will listen to your drooling nonsense

  4. Why don,t you fucking Christians back off people who has super powers fuck you

  5. lmfao!!!

  6. it's illusion cgi

  7. thankyou for sharing your findings

  8. thankyou for sharing your findings

  9. Idiot this thing is called VFX ( Visual Effects)

  10. how do i become Dynamo? do i just have to worship satan on sec let me go draw a star in a circle

  11. dum twat its just lazer and lights

  12. stfu ,hes just a showman ,,there are other clever magicians ,why don't you make reference to them , just because he went global , stop condemning him , and focus on your imaginary heaven

  13. I'm not a Christian, but I'm pretty much on the same page as you as regards these 'street magicians'- if some of their 'illusions' aren't accomplished via CGI, actors, and so on, then it has to be the supernatural (either way, I find it all a bit annoying), and I don't think the latter is as necessarily as 'irrational' as many would assume.
    Anyway, supposing the answer is 'demons', I had a thought about that– I note that Dynamo is liked for his awkward, nerdy 'charm', his humble beginnings, and his 'inspiring' story arc.. so, I wondered if that could be to do why he was 'chosen' for his role– Brits took the piss out of Blaine when he visited here, and so his melodramatic style doesn't seem to go down well with us, generally speaking. Pretty much the same could probably be said for David Copperfield– confident and dashing, maybe, but I think Brits overall are more sympathetic to 'Nerds' than 'Jocks'- a market that people such as Jarvis Cocker, Morrisey and others have tapped into (no judgement or insinuation of cynicism or contrivance meant, just making an observation).

  14. Hey man, welcome to Earth.. what you doing here anyway? Ever wondered why Christ hasn't done anything in the past 2000 years? Props to dynamo and these other guys for making you think they use real magic.. That's the whole setup, that means their carftmanship as a magician succeeded. To make it look like a real supernatural phenomena. Someone doing real magic would not need to earn a living as a hard working showman. Take your psychosis elsewhere man.. dynamo is not your enemy. spiritual powers are.. and he has none.

  15. you talk to much

  16. what happens if someone throws holy water on dynamo? just curious.

  17. Hmm. It looks like CGI, not magic. Simply speaking random words and trying to get others to blindly follow your train of thought is what Jim Jones did and we all know how that turned out. As a Christian myself, knowing the Bible well, and seeing throughout history how many generations have interpreted the "end times" as well as the mark of the beast, has caused quite the dichotomy. Choice one – drink the Kool-aid and listen to nonsense or choice two – don't hand pick verses or interpretation from the Bible. Instead use it as intended, as a whole, and know that believers in Christ will be called to Heaven.

  18. Stop pausing it alot

  19. striking similarities to the movie "tron" new version.
    pray for me guys would you. I'd love it if you did. I got some problems that I cover up with alcohol, mostly I can't stand this world so…. would really appreciate it.

  20. You keep saying thing like "don't want to become…", "the future….", etc. How is it not already like this? The matrix already has you and there is no evidence of christ.

  21. Yeah because showing people that anything is possible if you just believe and love is demonic 😂😂😂

  22. Perhaps the illusion depicting stars falling at 9:09 symbolizes the Lucifer and his fallen angels.

  23. You keep mentioning "eating of the apple". Genesis doesn't mention anything about an "apple". What is says is the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.