End Times! Lightning Strikes ONE WTC in NY!! (R$E)

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The whole building is a huge superconductive antennae that was designed and built expressly for the purpose of pulling in and concentrating spiritual turbulence. The ONEWTC (Skyscraper) was built on a very significant site for ritual, previously used for the 9/11 blood sacrifice into the winepress/ground. The satanic elite/fallen are harvesting energy to open the pit.

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  1. Trump signs with that zig zag!!!

  2. Some peoples want to be the antichrist the son of devils.📻🎸📚📟🎹🍒🍔👖

  3. It’s just weather not the end of the world B)

  4. Song? 0:001:08

  5. I don’t want to downplay anything but these buildings are designed specifically with lightning conductors so this isn’t anything extraordinary…

  6. This is nonsense.

  7. Its harvesting energy

  8. Lol, lightning striking a building is not a bad omen, that stuff happens all the time.

  9. I guess god is not much of an Jim caviezel fan, and Jesus Christ lit Jim's ass up with an lighting bolt as a cease and decease order,

  10. You guys have got to get laid. Jesus Christ… I'm sure your parents would love for you to move out from their basements.

  11. God damn this is stupid.

  12. This pure rubbish.

  13. This is the stupidest shit I've seen in a very long time lol

  14. not in concedence that they finished the one world tower don't be susprised they are also almost finished with the new world order its coming! use to be world trade center now its one world hmm ? sounds strange ? didn't they start bring back jobs to america less trading going on. maybe since its all about to become a one world" gov.. ponder a bit on it ,,,i have come to the conclusion massive deception indeed

  15. The horrible thing that is going to happen is Donald Trump!

  16. dude u get it in beginning of vid hit,steel,plane. get it plane hit steel like 9/11! an that vid was on 9/11!!

  17. WTF!

  18. what the fuck did i just watch

  19. Lightning strikes multiple times in the same location all over the world. Besides, the antennas you see, not just on the World Trade Center, but buildings all over the world, are radio and TV masts. Radio and TV stations buy space on the roofs of the tallest skyscrapers in major cities to place transmitters, since they're more likely to spread further at a higher altitude. Lightning strikes skyscrapers because they are the tallest things around, and lightning looks for the shortest route to the ground. Also, TV and radio antennas are made of metal, and metal conducts electricity, so the lightning is more attracted to it. Fuck, can't believe someone is even having to explain this… You took basic science in grade school.

  20. my car was struct by lighting, it left a message and said "God was here"

  21. I've wandered into one of those weird corners of Youtube again

  22. bull shit

  23. The Pope has come and gone in the US … So what's the story now …?

  24. Excellent video! Thanks 🙂

  25. All I wanted to see was 1WTC being struck by lightning…wtf

  26. Geez go back and history Ben Franklin invented the lighting rod it is on every. Skyscraper duh🤗

  27. Last time I checked anything representing the highest point is most likely to be struck by lightning.

  28. I love you guys

  29. Its a war for our souls jesus is the the way to win don't get it twisted, stay true.

  30. Only in English it's TOWer, in French its Tour.

  31. I just went to a music festival called lightning in a bottle smh. They really entrap you with the peace, love, acceptance, yoga, ignore reality garbage. I'm sooo happy I found this channel.

  32. Excellent video

  33. who is the lady at the end …

  34. Wow! You're crazy.

  35. Lightning strikes reach the ground on Earth as much as 8 million times per day or 100 times per second.  So lighting striking twice is really not that big of a deal.  Oh yes, lighting rods, the ones that ground electricity?  Your body is one too.  So does that make you evil?

  36. Freedom tower was probably struck by lightning because metal conducts lightning

  37. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has a great video and book explaining Isaiah chapter 9 verse 10 and how it relates to the two towers and the One World Trade Centre.

  38. cern could be the door also