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  1. ✨🌿All truths of God ✨😎🙏🏼✝️✨🌿

  2. Great teaching… yes hate evil and expose but hang on to our first love Jesus Christ!

  3. Man your videos are too notch

  4. Beautiful. So true, we get so distracted by everything. When we focus on Jesus he will keep us from being deceived. Let us return to our first love! God bless you all ❤️

  5. Beautiful place, wonderful message, thank you sincerely

  6. Thankyou

  7. It is wonderful to be on this journey with you, walking in places many of us will not get to experience otherwise. Thank you. You have been blessed to share this with us, by the grace of our Lord.
    God speed and safe travels.

  8. This is a really interesting video. I try to view others views but also pray that my perception of what I read in scripture is correct and true. If there is any conflict in my heart then I have to presume something is not right. Thank you for posting.

  9. I really feel the importance of the sabbath. Every church h around me doesn't think so except the seven day adventists

  10. The Nicolaitans also were teaching sexual immorality

  11. Amen! (Must be awesome to be there… it looks so beautiful:-)! GOD BLESS

  12. U are right in what u say …but have u not also been one who exposes the very same rhings….

  13. Consumerism capitalizes on your servitude thus diminishing human rights and supports war, famine, pestilence and terror. Stop working for profit, do gen. 2:15

  14. Thank you for the rebuke, I've been in cults. By the Grace of God and His direction I won't be lead astray.

  15. Amen Brother so true

  16. Well, the issue of being grafted in did not start with "Jesus"… God gave that opportunity in the Torah.
    I'm a complete Jew, not in the need of Greek or Roman terminology.
    Without the Torah and the books of the prophets you have nothing!
    "Christianity" was founded by the Vatican.
    The Jerusalem Assembly did not call itself Christian (Greek).
    Why it's so hard for you people to accept we are no more than sheep.
    Lower your head and guard your heart. Your first love is the only love.
    May Yehova has Mercy on us all.

  17. Ok, Don't worry ! the end time is happiness time for the true believers ! Be active in spiritualy.. glory to JESUS CHRIST

  18. Chritianity back in England – so wonderful!!!!

  19. Wow! I actually get "happy butterflies" in my tummy when I (finally) get a notification from Y/T that you have a new upload…Thank-you, brother! Does anyone else feel the same?

  20. Be very careful when you're showing the symbol of that all seeing eye of Horus & thinking it's Seth/Satan.. Many will be shocked to hear depart from me, I never knew you because you never truly knew me.. You ppl better look into the name of Horus & the all seeing eye of God.. Horus and Seth/Satan are totally different..

  21. This is my homeland!
    I am Aegean Greek and I do not believe in Christianity or any other religion, but still amazing work! The core problem with these scriptures are that they have been faked, reedited, rewritten and simply corrupted over time, that it has lost his value of credibility.

  22. TLG

    Causes DIVISION as well, which is not a good combination with DECEPTION.

  23. Thank you brother, great video! We know who is the author of confusion and it's not God! We have lost beloved brothers and sisters to cults and it is infecting the body because it is an illness. I pray for them that they are cured and come back to Jesus before it's too late. God bless you brother for your shining light! Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Keep the ministry. Keep up with the truth brother. Hope to see you in heaven. Grace be unto you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  25. As always, great vid! Thank you for your faithfulness to The Lord and His Truth. I pray that The Lord would continue to pour out His Holy Spirit upon you and through you.
    May The Peace of Christ Jesus rest on you and yours and the Joy of The Lord be your Strength!

  26. Yes, he is very strategic being! The only way we are not deceived is knowing The Truth♥️!

  27. Well spoken, bro. Why are they all so very keen on going to hell? I don't get it. They seem to have a deep spiritual understanding, and yet they don't change their wicked ways. Maybe they believe that it's too late for them to be saved anyway, and that's why they won't even try. Selling out your soul for money and fame, that's a bad deal indeed. How I loathe this cosmic soap. What is GOD waiting for? It won't get any better anymore with these wicked people.

  28. Thank you for sharing, what I would give to go there. Be blessed sir.

  29. Please cover this. At least spread this word: https://www.local10.com/news/national/see-bombing-suspects-van

  30. Beautiful! Praise God! Thank you for that truth! Thank you sweet brother!

  31. Well, I'm glad I have my own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I don't go to any church or to follow their belief system. 99% of mainstream churches have been paganized.


  33. You keep targeting Jehovah’s Witnesses. JW worship Jehovah God, and honor His Son Jesus Christ as the Savior. JW carry out spreading the good news about God’s Kingdom, above all else Mt 24:14, Dan 2:44). It is true that JW expose holidays as pagan, but that is not an agenda. Ephesians 5:11

  34. Amen!

  35. Stop twisting what “Hebrew roots” or a full bible believers think. They fallow what the Bible says, and believes that Jesus is the only way and the truth, knowing that our works are but filthy rags but try to be as obedient as we can because when e love him. Soooo awful huh oh and yes we keep the feast days that God set forth and Saturday sabbath which has been such a blessing for my family and myself. Why does this make you mad?