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  1. Noticed you got 144 likes I've been seeing repeating numbers after my narcissistic abuse that I experienced my ex made a pact with the devil it's a long story and I feel God is pushing me to tell my story but I'm concerned about how I should deliver it I was kicked while I was down so misunderstood and unheard I feel jesus pain and I understand that he went to hell for 3 day's struggling to forgive and he saved our souls by showing us the way out by living in the present in faith when we die it only feels like a 5 minute nap…

  2. “Come!” And I looked, and behold, a white horse! And its rider had a bow, and a crown was given to him, and he came out conquering, and to conquer. When he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come!” …
    {The White Horse is Christ, only Christ has the Crown of Glory) he is also doing the separating work. "He did not come here to give you peace. but a Separation of Families, even your own Family will hate you on my account"

  3. I never believed in Jesus anyways … your wrong ;/

  4. You sound like the journalist on alex jones- are you?

  5. Christ is the only truth, and he is the only way to life and out of this stupid Matrix.

  6. if you have not given your life to Jesus say Lord Jesus I know I am a sinner, forgive me of my sins, come into my life. I accept you as Lord and Savior.Join a Bible believing church, read Bible please watch uchefavourmusic channel for more end time warnings

  7. good on you brother…keep up the good work

  8. Isa 46:10  the end is in the beginning.  Satan has kept believers from studying the Torah.  Torah means instructions not law.  Too many people have believed the lie that all you have too is believe and not allow Yahshua  to change you into His image

  9. Yea buddy the time is here and its only going to keep retching up, better start repenting and turn back before the arc closes.

  10. some of these beings are asleep in stones James casbolt touched on this he said they was going to wake up or they were going to waken them up talk about a plan eh 

  11. and they show us the red sea look at the reports the world over of rivers turning Red. ive been showing this 


  13. movies,games,commercials,books,comics,news,food,jokes. They think an apocalypse is cool, they have made it a trend/ Killn zombies.

  14. Personally, I would be shocked if this doesn't get started in the next year or two. Perhaps any day now…

  15. Great video

  16. Great video RSE. 

  17. It's like everything is hidden in plain sight and only those with eyes that see and ears that hear realize it

  18. Great video! They just cant get enough of our Lord Jesus Christ. Interesting how none of these movie makers can come up with their own script but have to take events from the Bible and twist them around to fit their agenda. Thanks for your work. GBY

  19. Take a look at this video on YouTube:


  20. keep making your vids

  21. They just adore their chemtrails @ 5:07, don't they?

  22. I keep thinking about re-watching The Mummy with Brenden Frasier.  I loved that movie and now that I've been awake for a few yrs. I'll bet there are msgs. in that one too.
    New sub and like your videos.  Thanks.

  23. Don't you just love when people tell you to "just ignore these movies'
    like burrying our heads in the sand will save us, most Christians don't
    understand that it is in everything and watching without seeing the
    true agenda is quite dangerous.

  24. Great Vid RSE ….

  25. RSE I may be WAY OFF BASE here but at around 7:42 when it shows the pyramid FALLING DOWN it reminded me of the 9/11. The devil spirits may of been UNLEASHED on 9/11/2001       Just a thought

  26. I try to show people the signs but most of the time people don't want to believe. Any tips on how to wake people up or is it that some people aren't meant to be awakened? These are the questions that I ponder. I know free will plays apart in it but in the end their is a good side and bad side battling it out, so does that mean not everyone is mint to be saved? Cause God knows every hair on our head and knows who is going to be saved before we even know it. Any comments to debate would be thankful. Good video R$E

  27. why is it with the truther movement ? Why are you watching these idiotic hollywood movies ? Who cares ?? FOCUS on Jesus and his coming .. Secret message , symbolism ect … who the hell care ? I sure don't the only thing you do is teaching me what new movies is out which i could care less … 

  28. I can find something better to do than mock you ⚠️ Ill'Ill'Ill

  29. I watched Prisoners of the Sun. That trailer you showed is edited way better than the movie! The terrible acting, script and editing make it virtually unwatchable. The story (which is the most interesting part) is something like, Osiris (who is an alien) is trapped under a pyramid. These people find the key unlock him, and they have to use it at a specific time on a specific date. Then Osiris will signal his fellow god-aliens, and they will come to earth, wipe us out and take it over for themselves.

    There's a lot of stuff in World's End, and also the previous movies by this crowd, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. They call those 3 movies '3 flavours cornetto', which indicates that they're linked in some way.

  30. Jesus Christ Bless you