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  1. Great vid until your bible and jezus bullshit kicked in..fuck off..immediate dislike..still believe in Santa? Still believe in the the Eastern Bunny??… fucking hell…

  2. I went there with scouts

  3. Why are dummies in the beds?

  4. 100% BULLSHIT

  5. Make sure your life is hid in Christ! There is no where to hide from the wrath of God! The next war will lead to the end of Time as we know it!
    Jesus Christ: The Way: The Truth: The Life!!

  6. I think I would rather go in the first blast.

  7. I would rather die, than to be a rat underground !

  8. London would be a great place to Test a nuke & destroy that ghetto and rebuild new and start all the demonic bullshit all over again.. keep it white for white people for a few century's

  9. As complex as this bunker is they have way more advanced bunkers now. The elites have bunkers that are like 5 star hotels.

  10. Prepare yourselves. Prepare your souls.

  11. God has already seen the future, it has already finished, He is in control and can work His works according to His will. All praise be to the King of Kings.

  12. LRG

    Why did they even bother building a shelter for a remnant government? Russia has missiles that can take out all of Texas in one go. Accordingly, after the first wave of missile attacks, all of the UK will be GONE. Therefore, when select people come out of bunkers, they will be faced with utterly nothing but a charred surface everywhere.

    In summary, the UK cannot survive a nuclear war, thus war survival prep is totally in vain.

  13. Brilliant Video and I certainly plan to visit at some point. As for your proof texting at the end from the Bible and the book of Revelation you won't be the first to use the book in this way. Nor will you be the last.
    It's equally possible to read Revelation as the story of a group of people who long to see their rulers overthrown and justice established once and for all.
    You literally going into that book and picking out images that match with atomic destruction could just as easily be a metaphorical destruction or over throw of an occupying power.
    The language is pictorial and common to many other books written at the same time.
    I'd also say you are not going to frighten people into accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour. When you do you come over as a bit of a religious fanatic or just strictly God Squad. Yes I do believe our future as humanity is indeed in God's hands. However, as I say otherwise an excellent and informative video.

  14. Now that woman will be Theresa May !!!!!!!!

  15. We have one here up north called Hack Green. I visited it back in 2011 as a kid, would be cool to see again now.

  16. Jesus is salvation.

  17. lost interest in your channel the moment you mentioned "god"

  18. Read some of the comments before the video was over and let it play to the end and it occurred to me a lot of people will be in hell that think their sophisticated for it is written if you deny me before men I will deny you before my father and his angels-if people have a problem with what this gentleman said at the end concerning God and Jesus they definitely are in big trouble-he told the truth and people in this day and age don’t want to hear truth-they want to chase after their own lust and desires-stay firm to the end because many will come to try and steal your crown. Great video and commentary at the end wise and faithful servant.

  19. Old school Cold War bunker-that ain’t shit compared to what they got now

  20. I imagine Putin watching your video right now.

  21. Ya the missiles out front are no hint….