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  1. I realize this is a old video but I'm very grateful all the work that goes into these videos, I recently discovered the strong connection between these popular kids stories and mk ultra, they use these stories and characters the create a inner world inside the mind where the slave alter personalities hide or are kept till they are called forward to do their specific jobs. I had a odd dream as a child that always stuck in my mind, only in the past couple years has it started to make sense which is linked to Masons and mk ultra, it's a bit surreal to come to that realization but that's the reality

  2. this video is miss-leading only 10% truth sharpen your navigation antenna guys

  3. 5 years later……..😐🤙

  4. Praise Jesus! Brilliant video! Please dissect “Green eggs and ham”. A disgusting story about the occult force feeding the “devils meat” to the innocent. God bless.

  5. I've never noticed she actually pushes the curtains away from the doors face i always thought she just came up to the door and grabbed its nose. Never thought to think those curtains were placed in front of the door deliberately.

  6. 7:08 min.in she does communion backwards, with drink then bread. This is satanic! It is MK ultra/pharmikea/antichrist ritual.

  7. I enjoy your videos a great deal

  8. The enemies of God and Christ Jesus and his children always hide their evil nastiness behind fake stories and unreality. I learned this reading Psalms, very true!! They put on so many disguises.

  9. Masonic floor

  10. Pause it at 3:65 , make sure you see the entire window on the left as she drops by it. There is a huge Masonic symbol in the window

  11. Well this was nonsense 😂

  12. the views should be over a million on this one.

  13. It's pretty deep if u see.

  14. whats the symbolism of M , the frequency (waves of the frequency?)

  15. You need to do a video on The Matrix

  16. Hey there, do you know where you got the clip with the Illuminati woman dancing with and kissing that man?

  17. You couldn't be more mistaken in your observations.

  18. Overly hyper vigillant, paranoid, suspicious, hypocrites. You all search endlessly for symbolism, spending all your time on this. Ask yourselves, when was the last time you did something to help humanity? To help society? To send a positive message and uplift people? All you’ve done is spread more fear. You’re all hypocrites. You’re no different.

  19. And why is 911 a symbol in everything? 9 11, 9 11! I’m so tired of it.

  20. Why does everyone think these crazy elite societies are satanic? Is that just the worst possible thing they could believe in? No. Religion, and dieties of all kinds have been a tool to keep people divided, amongst other things. Do you really believe they actually worship something? No. They worship themselves and power, above all else. Satanism is not the end all be all, worst thing they could be doing. Believe me, it’s much, much worse than you could possibly imagine. There may be occult symbolism that can inspire them, but that’s it.

  21. The bunny is The playboy bunny. They go underground to the secret basement of the playboy Mansion. More has been revealed.

  22. This video sucked. You mumbled most of it and most said what we were seeing for ourselves

  23. If Alice in Wonderland is illuminati just like all the 100's of illuminati vids on your channel then you're the fuking devil you serpent! We heard you hissing at the beginning of this video, you snake!

  24. got a new subs . many blessings to you brother

  25. Ppl are angry at your Alice expose vd because they are asleep and refuse to wake up, sad. Heaven is not for everybody because only a few accept the truth.

  26. You can read anything into anything , you’re bent. Mickey Mouse was Satan too😃?

  27. Ha! I’ve watched it, got to the party part and I’m like no way! I️ totally enjoyed that as a kid! Your whacked man!

  28. The author was a very religious man. Did you ever stop to think it might have something to do with the 'Water to Wine story in the private ministry of Jesus. He brought attention to what many call a miricle in turning water to wine, but with some tree resin and well ground opiats it's no miricle. Perhaps the author gave some thought to the absence of the bride, and just imagined her (TO YOUNG TO DRINK) off at a tea party  with her imaginary friends. IIf John lost his head over his comments about marraige, might Jesus have feared the same?

  29. Now this is silly I see your reason with others but this is stupid

  30. All of the shows aimed at children are filled with crap like this, so i m not surprised by this… "Get em while they're young". Sick. What's even sicker is that parents don't realize it and let their kids watch this stuff, watch disney, watch whatever and then want to dabble in magic or other crap.

  31. Walt Disney produced Alice I Wonderland. Walt Disney, the man, was a 33rd degree Freemason. Red Flag!!!

  32. Why does every freaking thing have to have some kind of Illuminati conspiracy?? Such bull

  33. The elimination of presupposition and biases, will most definitely free your intellect to approach this idea scientifically. Doing so will allow for your hypothesis a valid chance of becoming a theory. You're selling the narrative and your opinions are biased.

  34. It's interesting what you say about how angry people are when it comes to mentioning Christ.
    I have to say that I've noticed that myself with people I know who hear His name. And they're not satanists or Mahommetans.
    But they're okay about Buddha, Krishna or any other religious leader's name–even that of the paedophile (who married a six-year old girl) and psychopath Mahommet. But do they get angry when Jesus' name is mentioned!
    To be honest, I was pretty much the same. I didn't even stop to think of how illogical and senseless it was, let alone anything else. Then I got to think about it and then, through time, I started to see where it was coming from. I hope others do too.