EXPOSED: False 'MIRACLES' of the Anti-Christ (R$E)

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‘Dynamo: Magician Impossible’ and the preparation for the acceptance of false signs and wonders of the anti-messiah.

Seek the Father with all your heart and you will find.

RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below. (1 Corinthians 9)

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  1. Well f*ck when I saw the ascension part I knew it was demons.

  2. Is it demons or science. I think it’s demons if he thinks he’s above our lord and is using demons. If it’s science, it’s special water shoes.

  3. I wanna do cool stuff too

  4. Honestly this is very very hard to watch. There's no way he can do these things without supernatural help. But not God's help. The things he is doing, like walking on water, are purely evil acts he's doing with the help of Satan. We are in the last days. People who see this need to decide, whether to follow Yashua or those who mimic Him. I'm following my Heavenly Father and believe in Him only! I'm so thankful that I am not being deceived!

  5. If reality is an illusion then why is it called "reality"?… don't be deceived folks. Theres only one Christ.

  6. So sick 🙁

  7. The people of Brazil, and I am not saying ALL, have swallowed the bait of the Catholic Church and it's Satanic roots. Many have come to Las Vegas to train and to teach MMA. When they compete they cross themselves and when they win they give glory to god. It is the false god of Catholicism and they are deceiving the true believer. Meeting one of the top fighters for Brazil we discussed Christianity and Mormonism and he was blind to the deception of both. I shared a Word of Knowledge with him that was very complimentary and was not only rejected but pressured out of the camp. Some are very deep into this religion of the HARLOT and are most difficult to witness too. He and his family truly believe they are Christians but worship a false christ.

  8. Maybe, but nobody thinks this guy is anything more than a magician or a fake. They're thinking "how did he do this trick?" Look at Chriss Angel, he was popular and did many things but I hardly remember him.

  9. Yeah yeah James Randi woukd know hahaha

  10. 🤣😅🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fuuuck off. This things has nothing to do with god. And neither does the bible..

  11. JC

    I don't think one person on this planet thinks this dude is the Christ. I'm pretty sure these people all figure its bullshit. I don't know anybody that thinks magicians are real or false Christs.

  12. Yes, Steven frayne (Dynamo) has demons assisting him, those same demons will take his soul to serve them when they have finished them. That is the price he will pay for his fame and greed on this earth… This man is demonic 100%

  13. Dynamo( -Y-n= Damon) are satans little Damon with magic power) we the believer of Yeshua ha Massiah ( Jesus Christ must be prepare!!!!) and fight against such power with prayers and calling God in name of Jesusu!!!

  14. It's not spiritual, it's not magic, it's clever tricks. Good grief, any reasonable person knows they're tricks, are you being stupid on purpose? He's not deceiving people, we all know it's a trick and he knows we know it's a trick. Just because we don't see how he did it doesn't mean it's something demonic, you great big babies.
    He's not the antichrist ffs, he's an entertainer, what's wrong with your brains? Are you all mentally ill? Grow up.

  15. These are parlor tricks! These people are not the antichrist. TRUMP is the antichrist and his signs and wonders are freeing people from prison when no one else could so he says. His knack for lying to the people and they CLAP. thats what I think it mean. Fooling the whole world into thinking he is good. when behind closed doors he is satans right hand man.

  16. There is no hell

  17. jesus is dead

  18. You need to expose NASA as a freemason controlled entity..

  19. God Father Creator is sending His Son Jesus Christ so soon to get all children who have no Free will 1000 year Realm of King Jesus Christ. Great info. Peace be to you!

  20. I think maybe why he has his arms out is because two demons are lifteing him up to walk on the water.

  21. You such idiots… He's not the Anti-Christ! I AM! The biggest trick of Satan is making you belive he does not exist, and now I am here laughing of you all.

  22. You Can Only Have REAL FAITH If God Gives It To You…

  23. I know how that walking on water trick is done . It’s ridiculously easy to do.. this guy stole that trick.

  24. Magic is Fake Sorcery is real. There is a difference

  25. Law of physics and gravity? If you believe in gravity then i cant watch your channel anymore.