EXPOSED!! "Grolsch Commercial" // Illuminati Occult Ritual (R$E)

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Hidden symbolism in new Grolsch “World Inside” TV Commercial that takes place inside the belly of the beast. Shaken up like a “Genie in a bottle”.

RSE is an independent outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below. (1 Corinthians 9)

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  1. As long as its not a unicorn, atheist have a blockage with those. Just like Nasa these sane apes ignore all mythology injected.
    Mission patches always with Occultism and Latin, the roman vatican likes so much…. Also used by military and space organizations to identify, symbolize and describe a mission’s objectives and its crew. The philosophy, the mind state and the background of the organizations creating them; Sorcerers controlling the earth, vipers surrounding the earth, angry dragons clutching the earth … this is how they perceive themselves and their work. Should we maybe be a little concerned?

    This tradition is also observed in the shady world of PSYOPS where each secret mission of the Pentagon gets its patch. These patches offer a rare glimpse into the Pentagon’s secret operations and the symbolism on them is rather striking: ominous and cryptic phrases, dark occult symbolism, references to secret societies, and sometimes even a rather dark sense of humor.

    TENCAP badge bears the face of an alien? The saying at the bottom does not help: The phrase “Oderint Dum Metuant” is usually associated with Caligula, the first-century Roman emperor whose name became synonymous with depravity, madness, and tyranny. It translates as “Let them hate so long as they fear.”

    A giant angry dragon clutching the planet, bringing destruction from space. That’s a nice way to symbolize space missions. In PSYOPS symbolism, dragons typically represent signals-intelligence satellite launches; the dragons’ wing patterns symbolize the satellites’ massive gold-foil dish antennae meant to collect all types of information from earth. The phrase “Omnis Vestri Substructio Es Servus Ad Nobis” can loosely be translated to “All your base are servant to us”. This phrase does not make much sense, except that it vaguely states that the world is owned by those who made that patch.

    PAN stands for “Palladium at Night”, PAN is also the name of an ancient horned god important in occultism and that has a strange link with the history of rocket science in the United States: Jack Parsons, a pioneer in American space propulsion who is often credited for having “propelled” the United States into the space age (a crater of the moon is named in his honor), was also a notorious occultist. He was a prominent member of the Ordo Templi Orienti (the O.T.O.), an occult secret society popularized by Aleister Crowley. Parsons was known to chant Crowley’s poem entitled Hymn to Pan before each test rocket launch.

    NRO spy-satellite launch. Those familiar with this site will probably recognize this Illuminati 101 symbolism: An unfinished pyramid topped by the All-Seeing Eye.

    The Minotaur program is composed of top-secret NRO spy-satellite launching missions. Minotaurs are bull-headed creatures from Greek mythology that are always angry, violent and merciless. Minotaurs bear many resemblances to the Middle-Eastern deity Molech, a bull-headed god with the body of a man to whom child sacrifices were made. patch for NROL-66, the red Minotaur (as if hailing directly from hell) is holding a street sign of the mythical route 66*. It is rather difficult not to see an allusion to the devil (who is often portrayed in red) and the number 666.

    Defenders of the Domain is a subgroup of the NSA Information Assurance group. The man with the sword is in the distinct dress of a Knight Templar, this ancient group of Crusaders that became an occult secret society. The Knight represents the descendants of the Templars, the modern Illuminatus.

    * “The famous old American highway “Route 66? was laid out by Freemasons with the apparent intention of sending masses of automobile riders into a self-processing occult “trip.”
    Route 66 began at the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, near the site of the University of Chicago’s collection of Aztec ritual incunabula. It ended in Barstow, California in the Mohave desert, which is for the Freemasons, the cosmic graveyard of the West, the final destiny of Anubis, the celestial jackal, otherwise known as Sirius (see Giorgio de Santillana andHertha Von Dechend, Hamlet’s Mill: An Essay on Myth and th Frame of Time, p. 358).

  2. the youtube ad before your video even seemed satanic and was packed with subliminals. an ad for gin. once spiritual eyes have been opened by Christ you see luciferian propaganda literally everywhere. I can't even listen to the radio anymore, upsets me too much, forced to listen to it at work though…
    anyways God Bless in Jesus name.

  3. It seems to me that the elite's are gathering up all our resources and our money, they are trying to please 'their' gods. When the time is right they will open a dimensional portal and escape to 'nirvana' or paradise with their gods in tow.

  4. Brings to mind the story of the Israelites held captive, in bondage in Egypt for 400 years and all of the gold they were given to leave, this being the dark twist on the story.

  5. Thank you brother in Our Lord in Jesus Christ !!! Your opening people eyes to the truth that's before us I've watched a lot of your videos and your shooting it straight God Bless and keep up the great work

  6. Thank you so much for us. Keep doing God's will, spreading the word..

  7. I believe this is game from the enemies, to bring down all the Christian people, I am sure that is idolatry from the Lucifer because he is a luster evils, Illuminated want attention, because they are a trap for the devil, they no longer have eny secrets, to manipulate the world darkness. I said a trap because the devil is who has attoriete over the IIUMINARIAS, they not designed for them self ,so Freemasonry or people from Royalty Family they are a trap for following wrong theories like Kanye West and Jeyz and so on. .So you Children of God please pray pray pray fasting and offers to Yahsuah Messiah, Stop the devil which who is bring all this problem on the earth. Lucifer is the Chief executive director of IIUMINARIAS, they are vitimace from be ignored people, they told Yahsuah Messiah never caming back and they can destroy the churches and the world. Wuke up people repent and pray and aceptan Yahsuah Messiah before is to late, pray for those people not have eny one pray for them, and also for the hold world, I think you pray just for you family and friends, is not that way be Christian, you pray for brother and sister in the world, who is the people you judgment more Catholic religions and Muslims, pray for them is time to reconciliation with your brother and sister, and also with Yahsuah Messiah, because I think Yahsuah Messiah love all not just a few people sorry if I said something about you not like to hear about. I tried to save all you, because God wants everyone going home but you need search your heart if you are doing right with God, or you need to make some changes in your life,.
    God bless all you, the Bride Mary mother Yahsuah Messiah.

  8. The red and blue lighting when Pegasus rises also alludes to Saturn. It's funny how they close the lid on the abyss when they in reality really want to open it… Doesn't make much sense to me.

  9. In the right hand corner there appears to be a clock upside down set to midnight I believe

  10. Jurassic world had a lot of symbolic items in it. 2 insurance commercials. 1 state farm remade the 3 am wife finding husband on phone. They are now coneheads which is aliens. 2nd is progressive with 1 guy looking out window as world ends.
    3rd I only saw maybe 3 times & not sure if it's been removed. Older people talking how they lived a good long life and the world should now be for the young. So it's time to "check out" for the sake of depopulation.

  11. Used to love Grolsch…

  12. Petit paradoxe : Nous utilisons Internet issu de CERN pour démonter la mécanique et stratégie de la Bête,autrement dit tous les prêcheurs,évangélistes,directeurs de consciences utilisent les Outils du Diable pour propager la Doctrine de la Foi Chrétienne Pure et Dure. Amusant,Non ?
    Et Le Diable nous laisse faire,pas de censure. Il n'est donc pas si terrible,ou alors tous ces prêches font parties de son Plan ?…
    Ou alors Christ est déjà revenu et il oblige le Diable a laisser diffuser ces démonstrations évangéliques,ce qui revient à dire que le Diable est déjà vaincu et qu'il n'a plus aucun pouvoir sur Terre,nous n'avons donc plus rien à craindre…

  13. J'oserais proposer une interprétation alternative du clip,suivant un point de vue Runique : L'Or pourrait signifier le fameux Âge d'Or du Verseau,notre actuelle Ère,depuis quelques temps déjà…
    Nous sommes donc dans l'Ère du Verseau et la transmutation est déjà effectuée ( tous les objets sont en or et flottent sur une mer d'or.)
    La Siréne pourrait alors signifier Sirius du Grand Chien,Etoile Double autour de laquelle le Soleil se déplace dans le Cosmos vers l' Apex en direction de la Constellation d'Hercule,dont la Culmination  (Sirius au Milieu du Ciel ) se produit dans la semaine suivant les Solstices tout comme Véga de La Lyre qui lui fait face.
    Le Solstice d'hiver a lieu actuellement dans le Champ du Scorpion,ce qui implique que le Printemps,indiqué par le point Vernal,Point où se léve le Soleil à l'Èquinoxe du 21 Mars (Durée du Jour égal à celle de la Nuit) se place dans le Champ du Verseau et plus précisement  à la Rune du Verseau qui lui est liée Raidho-Reda-Le Chariot- Redhae soit la Constellation de Pégase,pile poil !
    Le Pégase d'Or émergeant semble être en fait la Siréne de Sirius (Isis et Horus) transmutée,transformée en Cheval Ailé pouvant alors confirmer ce changement d'Ère déjà cosmiquement effectif.
    L'Ère du Verseau n'est pas à venir,elle est déjà là …
    Ce que confirme la Tradition Druidique qui prend pour référence comme entrée dans le Verseau  ( Visible et concréte l'explosion des 2 premières bombes atomiques d'Hiroshima et Nagasaki, H – Hagal constellation du Dauphin et N – Naudh La Necessité,La Norne,les 2 Runes du Capricorne du mois de Janvieractuellement, auxquelles font face S Sigyn La Tête de l'Hydre Femelle et J Jeran constellation du Cancer, les 2 Runes du Cancer du mois de Juillet actuellement) en 1945.
    Si donc on cherche une indication de Temps ou Agenda,je pense que cela nous indique la période de Janvier (aux alentours du 17-Naudh-Not de la constellation du Cygne et Dagaz-Dag-Tag (Le Jour) de la constellation de l'Aigle avec Antinoüs au MC à Midi Vrai) et donc du Printemps 21 Mars,Le Soleil se levant sous les auspices de Pégase et du Chariot de Redhae,dans le Signe du Bélier.

  14. Thats my beer brand and I havent seen this one in my country but I don't watch a lot of tv anymore. I can tell ya teh commercials wheer never like this.

  15. I know R$E, when I watch beer commercials I'm always looking for Christs endorsements or I don't drink it. Wow! This world is so scary. How do i discern ? Of course I jest[< :/]but what I want to know is why you're trying use fear tactics to show Christ ? Actually, I don't really care because we will all be laughing, over a beer, when this is done…..right ? Who wins ? You decide…..

  16. I will tell you what they are doing . The commercial media are very aware of the culture today the fascination about the Illuminati symbolism and the occult . They are very aware that people like you will promote their products for them by showing the commercial again and again and again . You are being used …. SIMPLE REALLY !

  17. Well, that sucks because, guess what I'm drinking at the moment…….ughhhhh

  18. Omg…

  19. what symbol was that on the top

  20. Anybody know what happened to the R$E page on Facebook? Been having problems having it come up in search for the last 2 weeks. My apologies if this isnt the most appropriate forum for the question.

  21. Now I have to give up my favorite beer ? Thanks

  22. The barren landscape you asked about a few videos ago is Mojave desert California

  23. The 4 , upside down H (8) ladder to the abyss

  24. It seems like EVERYTHING is satanic. I don't believe this, but I do find it interesting to watch.

  25. Really, your such a hating, whining, castrating, censoring, bitch.

  26. Thanks for once again exposing this so clearly…It became clear at 5:35 how its a totally corrupt false inner vision ie. inside their eyes, the way we look toward salvation through Jesus Christ..  I'd mostly looked at James 5:3 in terms of Mammon (the golden demon) etc. but now realize its symbolically about "treasures laid up in heaven" too, the false treasures they've laid up toward their new golden age.

    James 5:3
    Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

  27. C G

    gooood job!! as always ;

  28. @Round SaturnsEye the Pegasus is the Ky Derby official Symbol. Now that American Pharaoh has won the Triple Crown…………..

  29. Dam it's like the same thing

  30. Just had a thought on all that. If my theory is right and yours is..well a bit off. If Satan has already been cast from heaven in 1914 and is now stuck here on earth he's got to be going loopy. I'll explain.

    So imagine your a spirit being. You have some pretty awesome abilities and a huge playground. You can go from here on earth to the edge of the universe in a flash. You can pounce from this demintion to another at will. All of the sudden your stuck in one place. For Satan being stuck here has to be like being in a tiny cell. You ever been in jail? I have and I've been in solitary confinement. In order to not go mad you have to be pretty constructive with your time. I went nuts in confinement. I managed to hang on to prayer through my insanity but it still SUCKS. Demons seemed to taunt me all day and night.

    Back to Satan being confined here… If the big Illuminati blood families think they can just open a door and walk in and take heaven away from God… Who they feel like he (God) sinned against man by implementing death. Who do you think is providing there information and orders? Satan who cares not for mankind. He's using these fools as pawns. He wants off Earth so bad. Knows it ain't going to happen so he intends to destroy heaven if he can. You do in heaven and kill God it all collapses.

    Remember the end of The Avengers? They open a portal to space and send a nuke through and kill the "evil" ETs. To the Illuminati Angels and God are evil ETs.
    OK that's all I got. Grand stupid mystery solved. The bums are spending zillions of bucks and causing terrible horrific carnage in WW1 WW2 and possible WW3 for a goal that absolutely can not be reached. There all fools and were wasting our time with there dumb ass misleading psycho babble. Lol

  31. I think you missed something though.  The as above/so below could be inferred from the mermaid to pegasus transformation.  Going from sea to air.

  32. Oh and look into Sophia… It's some Gnostic stuff I read up about tonight. If you ask me I think the Gnostics were smoking crack. From what I read tonight it seems they have more in common with that other group of crack heads Kabbalah. These new age channel idiots are pretty much all in the same boat. They empty themselves and think Gods or Spiritual beings come into them and teach them things. There right but what's driving isn't from any happy pure place it's demon possession. There all a huge bunch of jack asses. Anyway….

    Sophie to the crack heads is suppose to be Jesus Bride. That God created Jesus then Jesus together with Sophia (holy spirit) birthed the angels. I almost agree but don't think Holy Spirit is a man or a woman. I think it's just the energy that came forth the second God made Jesus. It then flowed from God through Jesus and all creation is the work of Jesus hands… Together with God the father. You all can do you're own homework and come up with your own conclusion… Just thought I'd share… Oh and look into the stupid Triple Crown crap. It's sort of interesting. Something about how it ties to the Present of the USA.