EXPOSED! “Arch of Baal” unveiled at Elite Party (R$E)

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Illuminati “Arch of Baal” (Syria) unveiled at Global Elite Summit Exposed G7 (2017)

It’s especially interesting timing considering what is also currently going on with Syria. The Arch of Palmyra will stand here through Easter/Passover, from 27th March to 27th April 2017. But despite their false inverted religious rituals, we know that the one true God is in control and that we are safe in His hands. Jesus Christ is the good shepherd.

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  1. I find it terribly upsetting to see so many souls willingly walking into the fire. So many in black. This photo really just speaks volumes to my soul. JESUS IS AT THE DOOR. WHERE IS YOUR HEART TODAY?!

  2. It's curious that so many supposed atheists would proudly erect a structure that represents an ancient religion, all the more so a religion that is directly counter to Judeo-Christianism. Or, is that the real purpose?

    If there is no God, then they'll presumably laugh at all us believers — assuming they'd live an eternity to judge by. But if there IS a God — who hates the worship of anything inferior to Him (and EVERYTHING is inferior to Him), then they have invited His curse upon each land that erects it, and upon each person (including themselves) who assists, worships, or accepts its presence.

    Eternity is a pretty big gamble, especially when they're willing to drag everyone else down with them.

  3. RISE man….I just discovered your channel. You got it goin on…..I love your videos…..

  4. Those guys in the orange at the start are annoying fuckers. They always come to surfers Paradise in australia and need to go mind their own fucking business

  5. Nice prayer.☺

  6. Holy Royal Arch and Joseph Smith Jr. Seer, Prophet and Revelator, from Palmyra NY. Keystone.

  7. We thank Almighty GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST for people like you who use your God given talents and gifts to educate and warn the world of the greatest deceptions. God bless you all always in our loving JESUS name. May the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD be with you all and protect and continue to guide you all in sharing HIS divine truth.


    Check the video plz and waiting for ur comment !! 🙆🏻‍♂️😱

  9. I don't think these idol worshipers remember what happened when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, or what God did when he saw Nimrod create the Tower of Babel.

    God smote the idol worshipers, and cast them into Hell, and to vast parts of the world.

  10. Thanks for caring enough to share with us. Are you going to do an expose on the 2018 World Cup opening ceremony? God bless you and your work.

  11. I wish I had known years ago when I went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls in Philadelphia, where I live, that there was a shit ton of ritual around it and probably an insane amount of occult symbology. The exhibit was here prior to my waking up to the reality of the matrix, so at the time I was only able to see the very surface layers of the exhibit. Philadelphia however is a treasure trove of occult symbology, including the statue called The Thinker and the infamous Rodin Museum. I'm swimming in occullt history here…..but I float above it.

  12. Excellent. Thank you.

  13. Isn't it gonna be great when chimeras start erupting out of these things

  14. Your videos are very insightful. God bless you

  15. This makes me SICK. to my heart!

  16. Your voice and accent so similar with Steve Nobel?

  17. You should consider becoming an orthodox christian

  18. Beautiful prayer at end of video.thank you.

  19. I a. God the arch of the covenant

  20. Nimrod was the cause the changing of language and dispersal of the human race. Nimrod and his followers perverted the law of the Lord and but an anti temple to storm heaven by force. Nimroad is a symbol of rebellion against God. Accordi g to the Bible and ancient Jewsh writings he was the first to kill animals for sport and was known for his cruelty.

  21. Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Charthage, Rome, Palmyra their empires in ruins, their cities in ruins, because they did not worship the God of heaven but one from the earth. Thus we know that the devil will not sustain his followers on the last day, but will drag them into that e elasting lake of fire that is prepared for them since the foundation of the world.

  22. Chartage was at one time one of the greatest naval and commercial empire of the ancient world, their ship were the most sophisticated vessels of the time, their influence spread throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. They worshipped Baal and sacrificed their firstborn to it. For centuries they prospered, but then came the Romans. At the time the Romas were not the superpower they became later on. They fought 3 wars with the Carthaginians and even though they had no experience in naval combat and were outnumbered they prevailed. During one of the 3 wars Hannibal, the greatest Chartaginian general invaded Italy with an immense army and war elephants , during that campaign he inflicted a humiliating defeat on the Romans but in the end he was defeated and had to return to Carthage in disgrace. The Romans brought th war to Chartage . They were horrified to see what the Carthaginians did to their babies they razed the town to the ground and either killed or enslaved the survivors. Their fields were plowed with salt so nothing would grow. Today the place where the mighty city of Carthage once stood, on the coast of modern day Lybia still
    lay in ruins. Although a new city was built nearby it never rose to prominence. Once can see the parallels here and one would be foolish to ignore the warming I'd the Bible.

  23. Oli

    An arch was destroyed in yaffa Israel the day before President Trump announced the embassy love to Jerusalem. The arch was next to a a Muslim shop that killed a few people only a mile away from a st called Rothschild boulevard. The people were the sacrifice. It’s no coincidence they now moved an arch here.

  24. i LOVED the fact that you used a very powerful weapon against this arch…prayer. thank you for that. you most likely dealt a big blow to the enemy just then!

  25. and I was just getting started with my newfound happiness in life. will pray for more time for people to find balance and stability in our hearts and minds

  26. Something is mimicking every religion in the world.