EXPOSED!! Satanic ‘fake signer’ handsigns | Mandela Funeral (R$E)

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They really are getting blatant. And you are lied to very, very often. If something odd makes the big headlines then you must question it! I’ve seen NOONE even talking about the obvious nature of his gestures! We need to wake up.

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  1. Mandela was a white hating terrorist

  2. Mandela was a freemason

  3. 😂😂 you guys are idiots

  4. So did it not cross your mind that it is sign language?

  5. Hes from the west side of Chicago .. he keeps dropping forks .. GANG GANG !!!

  6. YouTube Mandela exposed. Quite interesting. Google shows some interesting images as well. Including his 666 connection, communist connection, nwo connection, new age connection, and connection to violence.

  7.  I live today in a free and democratic South Africa with one of the best constitutions in the world, this ideal of a multiracial, egalitarian society was championed by such an extraordinary leader in wake of dark, hopeless and defeated political climate, which existed in South Africa in one of the most brutal unforgiving oppressive regimes the world has ever seen. Mandela was a catalyst for the birth of a new and democratic society, founded on justice, love, peace, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance these fruits which we as a nation saw in this man are absolutely incongruous with the evil of which you speak of. Although Mandela, never spoke about his religious beliefs due to the deeply divided context which existed in South Africa. Unlike some vocal Christians, he not only spoke Christianity but he lived and walked in the truth. His life embodied the fruits of the spirit which Paul wrote about in Galatians 5:22 "but the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." one of nelson Mandela’s famous quotes was also an expression of a deeply Christian idea – "until I changed myself, I could not change others". That expression of being born again, the need for internal revival before one can lead others to their own change, was just one of many expressions of faith Nelson Mandela shared throughout his life. I am a South African follower of Jesus Christ, Christ is my God and He ALONE is the source of my living. Yet I can still say that Mandela was a great man, a truly South African hero. And that is by no means a form or worship of Mandela and has no intention to exalt Mandela to a Godly status, to which he himself refuted when people called him a saint, is quotes as saying, “I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.” – Nelson Mandela. He was a just a man, but undoubtedly a great man. He was great and example of how living Christian ideology other than just speaking it can create the light, that Jesus Christ spoke about when he told us and said, Mathew 5:14– "You are the light of the world. a town built on a hill cannot be hidden.neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house." Mandela had that light our Lord Jesus Christ spoke about. That we as Christians inherently possess, the light of the holy spirit that can shine bright in the midst the darkness and evil we see in the world. Nelson Mandela was that light, however he was not the SOURCE just a mere vessel which the light manifested itself in. The light which was in Nelson Mandela illuminated an entire country and captivated an entire world, by showing us the great possibilities of greatness which lie in the human spirit, which glorify Gods holy name, possibilities to forgive, overcome, love unconditionally and have life in abundance. I as a black student today have the privilege to sit at one on the best universities in South Africa in a multiracial non racist society because of one man who decided to overcome the constrains of the "victim mentally" which so many of us subscribe, by becoming the change he wanted to see in the world.

  8. I am so stunned right now…thank you for this upload…

  9. Hi Speaks the deaf langauge I think

  10. I never noticed those hand-signs till you slowed the video down then it become obvious good work

  11. Thanks for answering round saturn

  12. well at least he wasn't giving double handjobs…!

  13. Those weren't satanic symbols, that was the UT Longhorns handsign. He was doing Horns Down – the conspiracy here is that they somehow let an OU fan be the interpreter.

  14. OI, lad! I'm sick in bed enjoying the crap out of yer videos! Didja notice that all the umbrellas on the screen are being spun around all weird? I couldn't make out the patterns on one, but WE got a Kabbalah coloured one and a black and white one. Rain Man, anyone? In another vid, you showed Santa Ana's black cube. I live about 40 minutes away from that thing. It's right along the 5 Freeway for millions of commuters a day to "marvel" at. Coming from LA it's just a couple miles past Disneyland, whose Space Mountain and Matterhorn peaks can also be seen. Maybe I'll do a recon to the cube for all the Saturn researching homies. Maybe Disneyland, too……I may go get a hug from Snow White, while I'm at it. BTW……I love all the symbolism you find in Disney. I love Disney…mind control is a bitch. (that's another tale, for another day) I do, however get tired of looking at the same Disney subliminals. You know……"SEX" in the stars, The Mermaid priest boner and wiener tower….all that. Thanks, brutha

  15. Simplify! Fake signer for fake funeral! He died when they pulled the plug!

  16. /watch?v=bqYOf62f42Q Watch at 3:05 

  17. Without Satan no God, without God no Satan. God&Satan are the same

  18. Did any one of you think that he may have been an assasin? He sure did sound like someone who had been conditioned (programed) when they spoke to him at his house. He stated that he suffered from a mental illness (schschizophrenia), wouldn't or couldn't give a demistration of his sign language skills and then we find out that the people (company) that hired him ahve disappeared. He may have been there to take someone or a group out and didn't go through with it.

  19. ben looking all around for info on what was sign when Obama was on the stage. anyone know. that's the real key

  20. the illuminati juju funeral oracle saw angels demons and dead people ,just anothe regular schitzo in the company of the "colonial leaders" of the planet as they grandstand over their advasaries death

  21. KJ

    Mental illness is just demon possession by another name.

  22. KJ

    He was overwhelmed by being too close to his master obama. #iwearwhite

  23. notice the triangle and the fire bird?

  24. Wow… This is hilarious. Really reliable interpretation.

  25. lol hes a fake, not a devil haha

  26. Wow

  27. Abba revealed the meaning of the podium symbol yesterday to brother Jonathan Kleck.  blog talk radio thisisit4321 

  28. subliminal at his best…

  29. Imean this was planned,a message from that guy to the elite and followers,come on they wouldn,t let me go me near there,we shouldn,t let this pass!!!

  30. Hi at first, i wouldn,t go to your page cause it looks like an "occult" page with all those "illuminati" pictures you have"piramid with the eye",but liked your comment on no earth and this video

  31. Man, this is really weird…