EXPOSED: “Smirnoff Commercial” shows Satan & Fall of Man (R$E)

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Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Fall of man, the womb occult illuminati symbolism in Smirnoff Gold Commercial Exposed.
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  1. reminds me of Jared and Ivanka

  2. This is Just Crazy! This is my first time seeing this commercial but…My Goodness! You Can Literally SEE Every Drip of Evil In This…People Who Don't Just Wont That's my Opinion. And I try all the time to put people onto the real "Reality" of things and I Vet Blown Off Every time Smh

  3. The woman looks back like Lot's wife.

  4. Such a satanic commercial

  5. The guitar at the end is like an up down pentagram with horns.

  6. I came as an atheist with an open mind. I respect your opinions and of course your religion. But i gotta say I still love the commercial. There is a kind "je ne sais quoi" feeling to it☺

  7. White couple, Aryan blonde haired woman. Jesus was Aryan with blonde hair..That's why Khazar Jews & negroes & Asians around the world have such a hard time getting their grips around the fact that Christ holds the keys to heaven & hell & without Jesus they are finished.

  8. I saw this the first time I saw this ad its so obvious

  9. serpintine stone

  10. #RoundSaturnsEye…I think the green stone is MALACHITE: it is supposed to clear and activate the Chakras, and is especially helpful in the stimulation of the Heart and Throat Chakras. An extremely powerful metaphysical stone, often called the "stone of transformation" and is used for deep energy cleaning, bringing healing and positive transformation of the wearer.

  11. While there is indeed: " Satanism " and ( indeed ) " Satanic Imagery " – in many things today; this particular commercial produced by Mother Advertising [ whose own slogan is: " Mor Vet Baest " ] isn't in any way satanic. In fact, the opposite is true; since this particular commercial is ( actually ) a spiritual reminder regarding ' The Fall And Education Of Man '.

    Rather than just speculating upon it, why not just do some actual research into it?

    Here's a pretty good starting point, for those who are interested!

  12. You dont really get more blatant than this lol


  14. And no one is happy.

  15. Alcohol is a bad Spirito oficina Satán.

  16. KV

    omg,, author if you will make advertise of my alcohol you will create sooooooooooooooooo boring video that my business will fall, so shut ur mouth.

  17. would you adam and eve it! yes i would!

  18. Im late but the guy in the elevator his reflection us forward and his eyes are closed

  19. The devil only has but a short time. European Luciferians will hide but will be judged whether on earth or in sheol their time is up soon and we have plenty of evidence to prove the case against specific groups and individuals working for em.

  20. godrocks

  21. I have been watching your videos last night and today. You really know your stuff and keep up the good work. Expose the truth right before our very eyes. God bless all and have mercy on those who do not know the truth.

  22. So totally repugnant. I am surprised this looks attractive to anyone at all.

  23. The green is Jade which Asian demi god stuff

  24. Wow!

  25. I love you man…
    I ignore Jesus = Jesuit