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  1. Revelation 13 And i stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns 10 crowns, and upon his heads ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of Blasphemy

  2. Hey friend pass the marijuana

  3. Come on rise. You should never have a moron like this on. Thinking about unsub you.

  4. A personal born again relationship with CHRIST JESUS will help us escape all of this jhn 3rd chpt

  5. Ive been spiritually attacked many times and every time it was stopped immediately by calling on the Mighty name of Jesus Christ!

  6. Technology comes from the deep abyss of Apple worker's ass

  7. In the creation in genesis, much is said about the waters ( the sea) and the earth…this man sais the sea does not exist… he is contradicting the bible! Everything from there becomes fairy tales and kids stories…you decide!!

  8. Honestly, no Bible scriptures to substantiate these fables? Good Lord. Enoch did better than this and that is such a fraud.

  9. Jesus Christ is the messiah indeed!

  10. WTF …. the african dude needs to be more informative/descriptive !?!

  11. Ok, the man speaking is/was involved in satanism. Now, Jesus said that the devil is lier, how can we believe in a lier? Also, if the ocean is inhabited by demons, according to the man, how come God said that if we confess our sins to and ask for forgiveness He said that He will cast our sins into to the bottle of the and remember them no more?!? Can someone please answer those questions? Thank you

  12. Hello,the host of this „radio show“says „they“have access to the star….okay no thanks! Shill alert!

  13. jesus was never crucified, Allah rose him to the second heaven, to return one day and kill the antichrist dajjal false messiah

  14. this may shock you, we muslims believed this since 1400 years ago, you can google our Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, the devils throne is in the sea.

    “Verily Satan puts his throne on ocean and sets veils around himself. This way he imitates Allah (The GOD), the Almighty.":
    some muslims believed that satan and his kingdom is in deep Bermuda triangle. bu you cant see it with your naked eye, as he put a veil to hide it.


  15. Thank u for loving the Lord and the truth.. Thank you for your voice that GOD IS USING! Love u and your God given wisdom.

  16. The girls eyes twerking weird. Anyone has a video of that? Thank you.

  17. Soooo why would spirits need computers?

  18. I don't put any stock in what a demon has revealed to an occultist. I know the Bible says there are things in the sea that we have not seen yet, but I can't take this man's word for what he has supposedly seen. It could be that all of this is just images and such that demons put in his mind.
    I'm just saying that we should compare all of this to scripture. Don't let your mind wander away from the Word of the Lord.

  19. Satan is the so called Whiteman

  20. The REAL Jesus Christ is a BLACKMAN

  21. Bible says the secret things belong to the Lord

  22. I call bullshit nasa isnt in space ,this bloke should research flat earth and nas holes bull shit

  23. In your previous video you suggest people are in hell in cubes. This video is saying they live under the sea. Huh?

  24. Sem

    I've heard about this when i was in high school. Glad i found a video

  25. All the stuff you learn from Catholic the pope over the years and religion mainstream TV all of it is a show for us to bicker and talk about everything is fake we do not know the truth of everything only the elite know the truth

  26. FACE YO MAN LOOK, LISTEN TO A CALL FOR UPRISING, Trump has gold hair, his name is trumpet, his chick name is mellanians, his daughter chick turned Hasidic jew cause of that demon Jarod who purchased 666 building in NYC, he also made Trump win cause of 666 beast supperior Artificial Intelegence appriach far more advanced the stupid clinton shit. If you all saw this you would clearly understand who d trump, his name, his hair, his wife, his daughter, his son in law his clear alignment with Putin,….. it goes on, i wish someone wakes up i am so tired of the world, if Christ allows i wish to make it back to russia to live next to a monastery, the world is SHIT

  27. i

  28. even demons anoint!!!!!!! ,I didn't know that.

  29. we live on flat earth

  30. please make a video about the quantum computer it is a black cube …

  31. Satan is a knobhead

  32. I never knew Hell had wifi. The more you know. Lol.

  33. this is pure demonic propaganda where in the bible does it say any of this?? God says not to worry about a thing this is HIS war. Now half truths is Satan work so I am now seeing how you are not a true Christian but a Satanist that is giving half truths!! Bringing a Catholic Bishop speaks so much about you! You are of Satan not of God I am unsubscribing from this demonic channel

  34. One time i had an experience were i was taken under the sea by creatures and all the missing children were in these glass hospital looking rooms. i didn't know at the time but it was a test. They showed me all these missing children (that they tested and did different things too) to see what i would do and as soon as they left me alone i tried to release them (i failed their test). toIt was so petrifying!

  35. Sounds like BS

  36. It's hard for me to believe a person who was found guilty of fraud (convincing a woman to sign over a check to him for spiritual "protection") and was sentenced to prison. Someone who has allegedly seen all he has claimed and yet finds himself in prison for fraud hasn't been completely delivered from witchcraft.

  37. Guess I'm to be bumped as I know nothing about hacking & computers
    Nice 👍🏻
    TY Mike Maloney AKA R$E
    Are u a Christian? Or are u all for the other side???

  38. R$E-Thank you for ur comment of "bump"…………..

  39. Are you saying that astral projection is bad🤔

  40. You don't leave the body. This is antichrist teaching.

  41. 🙂 Once upon a time, there was a man, who made up stories, and pretended they were real, and the people would listen to his stories and would believed them, and they all lived together in their church of delusion, while the story teller fucked all the children and the women and some of the men, and took money from them as well, telling them that "God" had ordered this. Then one day he was arrested, and thrown in jail, and all the other prisoners raped him to death. Apparently, god told them to do it, and in the end, they all came happily ever after. Question. . . Which religion is this?

  42. if jesus is the only way gods a raciest asshole

  43. Guys dunno…havent finished watching but…. spirits with..computers? I mean think a bit about this…if you truly find yourself believing this, plse pray it over with Jesus and ask for the answer; dont you never ever forget : Jesus is the way the TRUTH and the life! Ill continue waching now 🙂

  44. Damn I hate the interviewer's voice I wanna knock him out and I'm talking about the white guy he's irritating!!!!

  45. look I know some of this could be real but it has to be biblical and when you talked about sheol the realm of the the dead that probably false and the apocalypse is false to stop deciding people bow the illuminati people are real but they will give there account on the day of Judgement crappy satan and all the other devil think they have power and the government thinks there in control fools only Yahweh in the 3rd Heaven is in Control and only He sees all thing He only allows this devil to have power for a Time but in the end He will destroy them stay faithful to Yeshua fear bo evil and Yahweh still have all His Faithful people of every genurarion on His side and all the Faithful Angels