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  1. Movies are not real..they are fantacies!!

  2. That's just a movie

  3. Hello R$E have you heard or read the book OAHSPE for it may give you much understanding about the state of man and its condition for it claims to represent the history of the world over 24000 years, including all its peoples and generations as all religions and seers or profets, Gods, fallen gods, demons, the etherial and mans reason and place in it.
    It is worth a study and may give great insights, still it is hard to know the whole Truth about it but one can not deny it either for it is not defined by the material plain but the "high" heavens and its angels.
    If you read it read it for a major part before you throw it away for its language and stile is so different than any book known but it contains so much truth and greatness that it could be as close to truth as we can understand it from here or from a book, and a book by itself cant be absolute as may bible teachers claim it to be but that is nonsense.

  4. Youtube refuses to let me sub to this channel or your other. Damn matrix tricks.

  5. i also notice the colors flashing around 3:39 to condition us to the same flashes we see during a lot of fires around the world and on the news, The Phoenician Flash

  6. A lot of the shows coming out now are deceiving, telling "The Story" all WRONG! It's ALL about Jesus Christ and His Return, He will be back, no doubt about that! He warns us "be not deceived…", that is all the enemy can do is try to deceive us, even some of the elect will fall for it! DON'T! Be prepared, pray, read scripture and Praise His Name! ENDURE ENDURE ENDURE!! ~Heads UP!

  7. good one bra., and let me address Bill Swindle, you say "you may be completely wrong,"  did you not see the "barren land"?
      it's everywhere, (R$E) is bloody well right.

  8. I believe it is not Hell, but what is called the place of desolation. 
    Matthew 12:43  
    NAS   Now when the unclean spirit goes out of a man, it passes through waterless places seeking rest, and does not find it.
    KJV   When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.

  9. talking about america being destroyed 

  10. christ was black revelation 1:14-15

  11. the action of that new serie takes place in  'Vegas'   with the V standing for the 5th Age,just as 'vegas' has got 5 characters.

  12. The truth is yahushuwa is his name he is are saviour and the people of the world has been fooled except his chosen. Gesus is 666 jesus the letter J. Is only 500 hundred years old the J did not even exist the image of the beast has been taken to the four corners of the earth to deceive man do your research seek the father yahuwah god & lord are pagan seth Moses all proclaim ed his name it was removed in Babylon 4 adini which Lord and baal which he said we choose to worship over him all truth


  13. No Christ, No Water.. 

  14. When they say we will rebuild at 3;45, It reminds me of the signing of the steel beam at ground zero when our fearless leader signed WE WILL REBUILD.

  15. In defiance we will rebuild… Ever hear the video by Robert Kahn on the Obama-nation of desolation.  Rules of the cosmos is consent. As long as we consent the demonic forces will always have their way. Don't vote and sign nothing because that is  consent to darkness and they are banking on human (will full)ignorance. The word sign is sin against the little g.. the god self. 

  16. Jesus seems to be the other side of the abyss so is the abyss space i mean outer space other side of the papal key is the sun the gate am i right and the gate is shut so jesus isn't here otherwise there would be no harm to humans would there so why doesn't he come back and help us i'm afraid we are in the same position that every christian is in that we have died first before we can prove it to be real only to find out that when you're dead you're dead how are you not better looking at the original bibles in the hebrew language and what they say the truth is considering the king james bible just another edited version of the hebrew torah and kabbalah dates back to babylon i'm sorry but if there's so much bad in the world and you just keeps saying jesus washed our sins away with blood sick i just can't accept this

  17. Does anyone know what happened to bills occult101 channel and if anyone can tell me his new channel name.

  18. u get paid for this or are u unemployed ?

  19. watch?v=WXaXnAvEpB8

  20. Hey R$E I just saw this yesterday and was thinking about how this would be right up yours or KJ from scariestmovieever's ally. Good stuff man. This show is super demonic. Crazy times we are living in. Well keep up the good work and God bless.

  21. Glory to the Most High God and His Son Jesus Christ!!

  22. Also, their show "Supernatural" ended season 8 episode 23 with the Falling Angel's from heaven, i have watched this show for a while now, IDK if there are more shows or new ones on the way as i watched them on netflix, but if there is… I would love to see them, there are tiny hints of the true nature of things within that show, just like most all of the entertainment industry's film's.

  23. And guess who's here? The AntiSatan aka known as Enoch. No worries mate.. we've got this. Satan knows he's aka Loserfer, and so do his minions. Just waiting for "the big girl to sing" .. Excuse me please, as I go kick Satan's mass some more.

  24. Thankfully, I know to rely on Almighty God's Power to smash the fallen angels and not mankind's.

  25. I am not expecting beings with 'wings' to fly around. This is our depiction of what an angel would look like through our limited human mentality and artists interpretations. More likely they just appear and disappear and are invincible to us mere mortals. Great stuff!