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  1. you gotta see how the muslims call the anti christ dajjal (meaning liar) and after that look up jack parsons and the dream he had. the dream was about someone with a bulging right eye but a normal left eye came to him in his dream and told him i am belorian armiluss ad dajjal and you are helping me.

  2. How can our LORD be expected to do anything LESS?! LOOK at the DEPRAVITY Miley Cyrus? Smh, o my goodness! O my goodness…

  3. The Chicago bulls logo is bad?

  4. the elite scumbags created all religion to brainwash and control and divide people…we are all worshipping Satan whether we know or not it's part of the matrix system

  5. The il- lites use hollywood for open communication to henchmen

  6. WOnderful….yes HE is in control, be encouraged His hand guides you

  7. A most excellent video of balanced, intelligent truths.

  8. Yea, we see all through the bible, where out of Mans ways of error, God does so bring about what is needed of the spirit of his way of truth, manifesting the way of his kingdom upon earth as it is in heaven as we move towards the end. It would be great if Man would go the way of the judgment of God, the way God would have Man go, in the spirit of the way of his way of manifesting truth, Man choosing right the way in our judgment going froward in love…

  9. Please answer me!! If god is in control why does't he stop them?

  10. Thank you for this. <3
    I am seeing and photographing strange this in the sky. I wish you could see the things I see.

  11. What is a baphomet and how is everyone church an idol of it?

  12. What did I just watch? Really? The strongbow advert is designed to make you thirsty not fill you with religion, just one hole in this bs

  13. did it again brother! May GOD bless you!!

  14. the bull is the symbol of Wall Street in America. the USA dollar is about to die, while Prince William institutes the banking microchip … mark of the beast

  15. How did you know the anti-christ has a disabled right eye?


  17. wow.

    Nice job man!

  18. if I don't mind can you decode the Google doddle for today? as of Wed March 9

  19. Who is artist and song at beginning?

  20. isis – the terrorist org was definitely created by the NWO / USA by leaving all that military equipment behind….you need codes to start those vehicles – How did isis get those codes? You just don't pop in a key and you have an A1 Abrams tank at your disposal. Youtuber "Israeli News Live" did a great piece on what's happening in the middle east titled something like 'NATO Planning First Strike'. The whole middle east immigrant problem was planned and Syria has become an excuse for all nations to draw near to Israel. God bless and thank you for your post R$E.

  21. New movie "London Has Fallen"

  22. anybody what is the title of the background music on this video ?

  23. Very interesting…. You are 100% correct! Especially when you say we have nothing to fear… God is in control…. Who will stand for Him?…. I will.

  24. Very interesting. Looks like this is happening in a short time frame.

  25. We're not praising that mythology. Instead we're praising this mythology.

    Let's pat ourselves on the back now …

  26. Why does the Christian community always see's the "DEVIL" in everything that they see. This is why my believe in god is fading cause all that I am seeing and hearing does not sound like a loving God nor Father.So my question is  How did the devil come about in the first place, I believe he was an angel before he was so called cast out of heaven. He loved god and could not understand his love for us humans or why he made us is in the first place, no angel nor god try to make him understand that he does not have bow to us but accept us I don't believe god wanted him to love us more then him, god just wanted Lucifer to love us equal to him. As we are his children too

  27. I honestly love your videos and you sound like a great guy. My favourite channel for sure!

    However, I can't get my head around the fact you believe in HELL?!

    You are amazing at exposing so many satanic things yet you believe in Satan's biggest lie. Hell is pagan and not in the original scripture!!!

  28. hi would you like for me to make a video or meet as i am the one. David Aaron King

  29. Cool Stuff…Jesus WAS THE SUN…now it's called "SUNSHINE!" …Welcome to the age of Aquarius! -S