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  1. "Symbolism is the language of The Mysteries. By symbols men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcends the limitations of language"-Manly P Hall,33rd degree Freemason

  2. Dude master Chief barely has any symbolism on him

  3. I enjoy gaming but wow.
    It's like, since coming to faith.
    Everything of the world I ought to reject and not enjoy, or love at all anymore.
    All because of the schemes of the evil one. Twisting stuff up.
    Seriously, I just want to leave this world.
    Being in discernment is always wise.
    The more I learn.
    The more off putting fog me it is.
    In which, getting into any sort of involvement of evening putting my feet onto the ground. Each morning. (Perhaps the parable of why Jesus washed the feet of His disciples).
    Our LORD and His wisdom is beyond the mind of comprehension.
    So very deep !
    In which, it's like, I aim to not be having anything, or nothing to do with this world.
    I've noticed, that if your religious in anyway.
    People won't really care but it's when you get spiritual.
    Rebuking unwanted, unclean things as sin as well as unwanted spirits.
    That's when it start to be a problem with so many.
    When conviction gets across. You start to see many and many true spirits of others. That have been under attack from the enemy.
    In which, these just start to manifest out through of others.

  4. Also, red teams name in Halo 5, is osiris. osiris is a false Egyptian god. I had a brand of skate shoes called osiriris, did my research and learned what the name was.

  5. I'm a Christian and this is retarded. I play games, I know what he's trying to say but it all falls apart if you actually know what's going on.

  6. Of course I'm gonna feel for chief, he's the real OG Funk Locke

  7. I think the question we should be asking is "who is the master?"

    A quick google search of the term "the master" will reveal an interesting discovery. Four results down and you'll find a link to the Tardis wikia. The Tardis, a well known iconic time traveling device. If we go back in time, what was a well known master? The master race, obviously. Who was the leader of the master race? Adolf Hitler. Now if you just use your brain you would easily deduce that Hitler is in charge of Microsoft and therefore 343 Industries. But would he make it that Obvious? I don't think so. If we think harder, what was another name for the master race? The Aryan race. Aryan, Aryn, Arin… who do we know with the name Arin? Arin Hanson. I can't believe no one else caught this, it seems so obvious. Arin Hanson is actually Hitler's biological grandson and is the one who is actually in control of Microsoft and therefore 343 industries and has been using his show the "Game Grumps" as a cover up for his true intents. I don't know what those intents are, but I feel like we'll know soon enough with the release of Halo 6.

  8. You know there is religious symbolism in the Halo series. Your just looking in the wrong place.

  9. HaloFTW.

  10. The Halo Collective are a group of high ranking keepers of the Halo Clan of the NWO.

    Your attempt to expose us has not gone unnoticed, and it will not go unpunished. We do not take attempts to unsettle our plan lightly, and we deal with such matters swiftly and brutally.

    Glory be to the Master Chief helmet, and doom unto those who oppose it! ~Tylar

  11. I think I have Cancer now, thanks

  12. halo means the HALO rings built by the forerunners dumbass you know nothing about halo don't you

  13. this guy is fucking stupid

  14. I'm sorry but this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen I mean holy shit I could hand this guy a piece of paper and he would expose it

  15. Had a hard time following. Kinda just said the same things over and over without any explanation to what the machine was, the cornerstone etc.

  16. Im a huge fan of Halo and yes they do have Biblical things they use the word Covenant as the Alien mother ship in the game and Halo Ring which reminds me of that movie with Matt Damon its a futuristic movie and there people living in space in this Halo ring just the same as the game Halo so there that and also if you ever guys play the game and if you look at it spiritually you will see alot of things is also part of Cern

  17. It doesn't matter how much they hide things in secrecy the Lord will have the last word. Most things are owned by him it is satans world. There is no doubt it's all messed up. Especially when you have disney porn cites. That's why jesus died for us because we couldn't save ourselves. Everything in this world that we enjoy is satanic except God.

  18. dude your so naive FACEPALM

  19. They say hunt the ttruth because master chief was branded as a traitor for going AWOL and other basic reason but it all turned out untrue so honestly this is outdated, play the game at least

  20. Mid way to the game they both became allies and fought together sooooooooo yea so you know

  21. come on breh the game came out you know this have nothing to do with it

  22. I f**** knew there was something wrong with this game. The whole plot and m story didn't make any damn sense, it doesn't fit with the other titles. Thanks for this video.

  23. yeah I noticed some weird thing in the halo 5 campaign…

  24. Everybody knows Satan makes the best games.

  25. Man there are so many materialistic sheep on here! The powers at work teach you the universe formed in contradiction to its own laws to dumb you down. Because being disconnected from spirituality keeps you afraid and trapped. The world is in for a huge shitstorm whether youre atheist or not. The creator is smart and made the universe, in plenty parts he uses codes to describe the science of his creation. The bible not once says we are the only species in the universe, earth is the material universe. Heaven is the realm beyond. He talks about creating other star systems and even cloning. Our creator is a very smart being! Quantum physics is the closest we have to his laws

  26. #hunt the truth

  27. Never underestimate the power of stupid people with a platform like youtube to peddle their inane views

  28. god isn't real, christ never existed, and you're a lunatic.

  29. 666v4i is literally Satan. Confirmed.

  30. "Hay-lo. Halo, just think about the word. It's like Saturn rings or false Christ."
    Wtf just listen to yourself man, you're fucking retarded.

  31. Is this a joke video ?

  32. If you play the game, HALO: Combat Evolved, you might be surprised about HALO comparative to CERN, specially when you are in the mission trying to get the "Index" which is the "key" to HALO.  As per Jade Helm which is supposedly, mastering the human domain, speculated that data gathered with the current training will be used for an Artificial Intelligence.  Which brings us to "Cortana".  There are also alien races called, the "Covenant" — at first, is mankind's enemy, later on becoming an ally (i.e. HALO 2 and HALO 3), another alien race includes the "Flood" and, the "Forerunners".

    The game has been one of "Microsoft's" greatest hits for almost a decade…  Yes, "Microsoft".

  33. Is this really that offensive? I mean, I'm a huge gamer and fan of halo but would it be that unbelievable that powers wouldn't be using an industry as large as the gaming franchise to subliminally feed consumers energy to fuel their goal…

    The facts are clearly there in this video. Forget the material perception and really view these things with a spiritual sight

  34. In one or two of the newer bible translations(NIV for one) they changed Matthew 21:42
    where it say's  “Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?”
    NIV changed it to, , “Jesus said to them, "Have you never read in the Scriptures: " 'The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes'?”

    Pretty evident of what the agenda was with that!

  35. The Master Chief never fails.

  36. I feel sorry for this guy, totally brainwashed by religion. The funny thing is that he doesn't even know he is. He's sitting there thinking that he's teaching people about "the truth" and "one day will the non-religious people will understand" bla bla bla. It's sad that people are told what to believe instead of thinking by their own and building up their own belief.