How a Narcissist FEEDS on Your Energy (R$E)

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How VAMPIRES and NARCISSISTS feed on your energy (2016)

Psychic Vampires: A nightmare masquerading as a dream.
A projection of false love + light masking a bottomless pit of darkness. Your psychological “blood” is like liquid gold to them.

The inner demons that a narcissist abuser is trying to feed through the emotional, psychological or physical sacrifice of their victim.

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Round SaturnsEye (R$E) Illuminati Exposed 2016.

Music by Kaj.
Used with Permission.

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  1. ….they try and recruit you into pumping yourself up, just like Satan did in heaven, to set you up for a fall…but THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH is already against them.

  2. Where is your amazing Jezebel Video where you describe the relationship with a Person like that? I couldn't find it again.

  3. Whose God is their belly whose GLORY is in their shame, they mind earthly things…

  4. Your knowledge of the Bible is humbling. God bless you!

  5. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💯💐🏆

  6. See Book 'Amusing Ourselves to Death' by Norman Mailer.

  7. Example of bottomless pit is really good👍

  8. This is a description of me… I am a narcissist and I didn’t even know it even though I wanted to know Christ more to get out of the relationship but I’m stupid. I hurt my girlfriends feelings a lot. I think I’m going to kill myself now… this is all my fault. I did not know I was narcissist nor did I know I had the Jezebel spirit. I’m gonna kill myself I can’t take this, I don’t want to hurt anyone, I’m so sorry babyy… I don’t know why I hurt you…

  9. the paragraph below I wanted to print spoken by many are NOT MEANT and practiced with therefore not meant is the correct way

  10. this is what Babbling means is to speak the same language but even if the words of truth are spoken by many they are meant and practiced with in every day life instead there would be deceit behind them because it is to lead a person from what was really intended for outcome

  11. you are playing with lies and deceit and mind games right in the name of Jesus the Christ and his Christianity

  12. a great follow up video to your fantastic earlier narcissist jezebel video… the best one on the subject. 👍

  13. The 80s was so good n cool without all the stupid crap of today.. I wish i could have lived my whole life without these computers & cell phones video games and 5,000 channels on that stupid Tv set.. How much dumber can humanity become?

  14. hey, what kind of load of… negativitiy, I understand people need to be aware but your solution is only to believe in Jesus? I often see narcissistic believer also… that doesnt help… what helps are techniques, mental techniques and health healthy life style! GOOD friends.

  15. I believe that I am a healthy narcissist and that I do not think that I am God but I am a part of God and I love myself as if I were a piece of God imagine a world where everyone treated one another as if they were god

  16. I was married to one narcissist woman who completely destroyed my reputation and pride as a man. When I decided to sever all ties with her, she sought to destroy my relationships, career, you name it everything I built in my life. I prayed for the LORD to take my soul, I had lost everything, my entire life lost meaning. Then Almighty glorious God gave me hope and started rebuilding my confidence and life. Alone you cannot win this battle, you need God’s grace.

  17. So true, this world is nothing but a bottomless pit that doesn't offer any true satisfaction. Which is why whenever I come across someone who is essentially a 'narcissist', I can keep my distance but also pray for them because that person is empty. And remind myself not to fall into that trap.

  18. God save our souls…

  19. RR

    Your videos are slowly healing the pain and offering my understanding. Thank you.

  20. Whats your faith? I know you say you are Christian but so am I yet I don't think you are a true Christian and by that, I mean Orthodox (i like ur vids tho..those that I have seen so far…bcs I do agree with what u say)…Slava Bogu

  21. Matthew 3:9 King James Version (KJV)
    9 And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.

  22. Your videos are put together so well, and anointed my friend. Thank you for doing these.

  23. You should have viewed some videos about narcs here on YouTube to put a better understanding of what this evil is. It's way more than a mirror and selfie

  24. I'm borderline narcist. I like to stare in the mirror a lot.

  25. this is an incredible video! thank you! God bless all of us!

  26. my brother you are a godsend!
    such rich teaching and wisdom thank you