How Demons manifest through TELEVISION (R$E)

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PORTALS/GATES: A deeper look into the meaning of illuminati / demonic symbolism being shown in movies of today.
RSE is an independant outreach ministry to expose the darkness to help the world see Christ. I have now decided to dedicate all of my time to spreading the gospel through these endeavours. If you feel lead to help support this work in its expansion, for equipment and living costs please click the link below. (1 Corinthians 9)

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  2. What if I told you….

    This is entertainment and your “debate” is a load of bullshit!! I’m a Christian myself, I see this as entertainment, I just watch these movies and leave it at that, not once have I thought “I feel like sacrificing a child to Satan” just no. I love these types of movies and I don’t have an inkling to do “evil” shit, I very rarely get scared in these things because they are VERY HIGHLY predictable. I believe there is evil in the world, but saying that the movies are real, just goes to show how dumb this whole thing is

  3. Do not watch at night alone😅

  4. Also, don't forget Poltergeist (1982).

  5. I NEVER watch scary movies. I don’t like the feeling I get. Scared and anxious, it’s not entertaining to me. Great info in this video.👍🏼🥺

  6. On rare occasions it can manifest actuall entities.

  7. I think watching horror movie can awaken or destroy our inner metaphorical demons.

  8. All hollywood celebrites do know what is going on in the movies they make because they all are Freemasons

  9. Why does your video just stop when the entity's eye is focused on? Seems like it's just cut? Very disturbing
    …There should be a better conclusion for this filth to have been shown in the first place.

  10. this is painfully dumb

  11. Very true. I tried to watch the movie ‘God’s not dead ‘ and it morphed demons on the TV, skipped, stopped movie. I couldn’t even watch it. Took the pictures but unfortunately I cannot show you. Stay away from Tvs and your phone. Always say your prayers outloud. Get baptized if you haven’t already. Be a wonderful person and help all you can. God bless.

  12. Of course he falls onto a checkerboard floor, illuminate symbolism.

  13. What if I told you
    Television are brainwashing you

  14. You Christians are believing in pagan mythologies. Jesus would have never believed in the nonsense you Christians believe in. All made up by pagan satanic Rome.
    If you want to really follow jesus accept ISLAM and become a MUSLIM

  15. re: time stamp 8:53 the sun went black (eclipsed) when Crist was crucified — Passover happens Nissan 14, at or near the time of the Full Moon
    In a total eclipse, the disk of the Sun is fully obscured by the Moon. … However, since the Moon's orbit is tilted at more than 5 degrees to the Earth's orbit around the Sun, its shadow usually misses Earth. A solar eclipse can only occur when the moon is close enough to the ecliptic plane during a new moon .
    In a nut shell It became dark during Christ’s crucifixion , but it was NOT AN ECLIPSE not a solar eclipse as it was the wrong time of the month, not a lunar eclipse because it was the wrong time of the day, the sun that was obscured, not the moon. It was supernatural!

  16. Anytime they're doing any kind of Satanic ritual's or any kind of chanting or anything like that mute it you don't wanna be a part of it and that's what you're doing if you're listening to it In this video is exactly right because my grandson knows to mute thm

  17. Shared.

  18. What is this man's name? I love to listen to him.

  19. this dude is way too paranoid. almost comical you don't need to read into it so much…its evil ok. we get it

  20. Its heard to do this research and avoid having these demonic images burned into your mind.

  21. Great work, brother.

  22. Demons are the spirits of the dead giants of old … they cannot come thru your tv . This Christian FEAR MONGERING must STOP . Once you know what they are you can stop living in fear .READ the book of ENOCH . It explains how we and this planet where modified from the creators original plan.

  23. We are indeed moving rapidly into the OUTER. DARKNESS, which Jesus mentioned, a place of unenlightenment, chaos and absolute darkness of spirit and of everything outside of God who manifested himself as THE Light. ( John chapter 1 ).

  24. In all these dark movies..I noticed no one smashes there TV.. Its uncanny..
    If something dark came from my TV the first thing I'd do is smash it then run..
    But it doesn't come out with it but everything that holds a reflection is evil and can be manipulated..

  25. You forgot the checker board floors

  26. What about blind people btw…… if evil enters trough the eye……..?

  27. You should have watched the original Japanese Ringu……much creepier.

  28. People say there no god or devil I seen my picture frame movie upside down and know one was there that tell me there are demons and if there a demon there Angles and god .

  29. Believe in yourself people..everything will be ok..

  30. This is 100%true! I watched this movie in its entirety, and since then, I've grown titties! Boobies are evil.

  31. Time for . Anus 😂 anyone else catch that?

  32. Checkerboard floor freemason Egyptian symbol. OTO.

  33. Demons are pussies. That's why Hollywood tries so hard to make them seem all scary and powerful. But at the end of the day all they do is worship goats and harm children. They are just sick demented creatures. I mean even Satan has to convince hundreds of thousands of people to follow the agenda for a one world government just so Satan can accomplish what he wants. He basically has an army of child molesters to try to rule the world. The only power he really has is he's capable of bullshitting weak-minded sick people.

  34. Thank you. Ya really hit me with the rolling stone reference. Never been a fan of r stones (the band) and never put any meaning to the bands name. Thank you for the truth. May God in Heaven continue to bless you and yours. I pray I gain the eyes to see like you.

  35. These actors and actresses must not believe in what they are showing or they may be under mind control but the LORD says thier is no excuse to not repent and turn from thier wickedness. They will not enter into Jesus's rest but instead will enter into Hell. that was and is created for Satan and his angels. to be tornemented, Turn to Jesus he is the way the truth and the life! receive Jesus as your personal LORD and Savior he's is soon to come back to establish his Righteousness righteousness! read the book of Matthew and read read Micah 5:1,2 God has much mercy people no time to waste.

  36. This is true. There are many stars that worship the devil. There's people that doesn't know this and they idolize them. The producers do not care what they FILM as long as it brings in money. They promote more evil than good today by making violent movies, monster movies, war movies etc…God is good. His kingdom isn't of this world. His kingdom is pure love and His weapons is prayer, the Bible and everything good.

  37. Love your vids brother…thankz God bless in Jesus name

  38. No wonder I love Television so much 😈