How illuminati show “Lucifer” on TV (R$E)

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Inside Secret of illuminati Lucifer Propaganda Exposed (2017).

Look again at the Rolling Stone Magazine cover, it even has headlines on the side that use terms like “Her Father’s Pain”, “Radical Crusade”, “A New Battle Plan”. These are eerie when considering the true context of the cover as it relates to the Luciferian agenda.

Beyonce’s headwear looks like a fake version of the maine of a Lion, this symbolism is all in Blasphemy of the true King Jesus, the Lion of Judah. As someone pointed out below – we also have the 24 Elders in the Book of Revelation being represented. There are so many things being symbolized. The Bible is the core of all Truth! Turn to the real Messiah today!

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  1. The Bible states that even the elect will be deceived in end times, however; I know from personal experience the God of Abraham and Christ are merciful if you will only repent and ask, and the door will be opened to you regardless of what you have done.

  2. I doubt any of these people have never read the bible ,in the videos and pictures … you think your reading into it what is not there ?

  3. so beyonce is a queen?

  4. Ham's offspring were cursed by Noah, again cursed for trying to steal the promised land. Negros can never break the curse. Ever.

  5. But You, O LORD, laugh at them; You scoff at all the nations. Psalm 59:8

  6. Great Video! Thanks so much! 🙂

  7. How do we keep idolizeing these devil worshipers? Buy their music and videos. We need to never buy their shit i know i dont and nor do my kids

  8. WOW!

  9. Beyonce is one really ugly woman. People who find her to be some kind of beauty must be blind or sick in the head.

  10. The devil is a copy cat anyone or any organization that copies off of the word of God you know that’s the devils work because he’s just a dumbass copycat defeated foe for life Jesus our king is the ruler over all…..amen

  11. Dear Lord! This is so blasphemous!

  12. What i know is that Paris Jackson is not only beautiful but is very real…

  13. God gave us free will for a reason. Follow what you will because in the end he decides on what is good. Idolize what you want, pray to who believe, but know that judgement will come to us all. Just pray and live. Do good and good things follow.

  14. Thank you so much for exposure of this evil that has plagued our media. Could you possibly know why they want the same color of blue in all this? It's in the computers , television,smart phones, etc. Thanks again!

  15. Ariana Grande just made a song saying God is a woman too that's crazy

  16. Please do one about this video Ellen casted.

    "Adam Levine's new girlfriend" and it's a small child. This is a paedophilia promotion that need to be exposed!

    (And comments are disabled for some reason. Hmmm.)

  17. Muslims and Christians must unite against The Anti Christ or AL Dajjal. Both Bible and Quran warns about it.

  18. Why people mocked Jesus? Jesus never did something wrong to them…

  19. evil societies and things do exist but they capture the world and making people distract and believe the wrong …
    portraying lucifer to be a god where lucifer is an evil satan …

  20. Everyone is going back to God and Beyonce gonna be the first one

  21. "Symbology? … Symbolism, what is the ssSYmbolism." ;P

  22. exactly…lucyfer is thee mother as a man though…this eternal conflict is within him…

  23. The woman against the Dragon is isreal against the devil. This is counterfeit translations Beyonce did. Jesus will rule the nations with a ride of iron after his return he will pour out his wrath a pon people like this.

  24. bush bitch

  25. bush bitch

  26. Illuminati

  27. the zionistic jews are satens children

  28. Stay Vigilant,my Brothers and Sisters in Christ

  29. đź’ˇ

  30. this is the end of days

  31. Beyoncé is a nutcase I can’t stand her anymore

  32. okay this guys skitzofrenic

  33. first person is obviously a female get some glasses dumbass

  34. The New Testament,was wrote by the Romans,study up on it & how they are using it to take over the world.

  35. Your getting confused between mother earth sophia and the high pristest the whore of babylon. Do your self a favour and look into the Gnostics propley. O yeah and the war between enki and enlil. Satan is the God of the old testiment. Your the one who is fooled you should be ashamed of your self filling people's head with this crap. THE MASON'S WORSHIP THE WHORE OF BABYLON NOT SOPHIA MOTHER EARTH! Also the Gnostics were Christians and believed in jesus christ.. In fact jesus was a gnostic jew. Gheesh give me strength! GNOSTIC MEANS WISDOM. I would say ask the cathards o yeah the Christians killed them all that's rather godly of them. Yet more smiting plagues trashing towers locusts drouts death rings a bell? I won't even mention the witch trials in the name of jesus christ. You don't even realise it but I'm sure you don't mean too but you've just given your strength to satan which is a fictional man made character because the roman catholics needed an enemy but that's a different story for another time. If you want an evil character look towards the Archons there doing a good job with your mind lol.

  36. Insulting to Catholics.